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Carolinas Auto Supply House
2135 Tipton Drive, Charlotte, NC 28206

Business Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 5:30 pm eastern standard time.

Local number is: 704-334-4646
Our fax number is : 800-377-7016

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172 clearcoats european clearcoat high solids 2:1 best seller pro-5500 7995 available activators low temp pro-5030 med temp pro-5020 gal high temp pro-5010 ultra high temp pro-5000 most popular 3550 /each premium high gloss clearcoat 4:1 39 solids best seller an easy to spray water with low voc high quality clearcoat designed for panel repairs complete refinishing bodyshop collision kit includes 1 clear 1 activator ifc-900 4696 /kit available activators ifh-901 low temp ifh-902 med temp ifh-903 high temp kit price available with 2/or more high gloss euro clearcoat best seller 5 liter 2:1 tci-6700 9995 kit kit includes activator carolinas auto supply house m-f 8:00 am 5:30 pm call 1.800.438.4070 prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice please call a sales representative to confirm current pricing 24/7 fax

fiberglass fillers putties 181 fiberglass fillers long ‘n strong long strands with hardener all resin™ fiberglass body filler formulated for use on all smc fiberglass substrates usc-23010 fibral sandable glass fibre repair paste up0717 1.3 ltr 5125 5295 $4295 $2395 6095 gal application gun for fibral gal short strands with hardener pro•glas™ fiberglass reinforced body filler approved for fiberglass smc uses cream hardener usc-24030 putties 4795 pourable glazing putty 2k high viscosity polyester putty 3795 gal liquid gold™ high viscosity dolphin glaze usc-25050 1995 up0725 pk 2 per case duraglass fiberglass filler up0753 .6 ltr usc-58220 up0700 gal 15 oz bag 25 oz bag up0714 up0670 1595 1395 10.5 lbs putties polyester finishing putty usc pro-flex flexible finishing putty red glazing putty 30 fl oz pump 16 oz usc-26011 usc-26037 usc-32035 3095 2995 pro-glaze® maximum performance polyster finishing putty • ultra smooth finish •

190 abrasives mirka mirka products mirka velcro fileboard waterproof finishing sheet 50/box description grit part autonet roll 10m description grit part price 2.75”x10m” p80 ae-570-080 2.75”x10m p120 ae-570-120 2.75”x10m p180 ae-570-180 2.75”x10m p320 ae-570-320 $26.50 $22.75 $22.75 $22.75 price p800 21-104-p800 $33.50 p600 21-104-p600 $33.50 p500 21-104-p500 $33.50 p400 21-104-p400 $33.50 p320 21-104-p320 $33.50 p220 21-104-p220 $33.50 p180 21-104-p180 $33.50 9”x11” 9”x11” 9”x11” 9”x11” 9”x11” 9”x11” 9”x11” waterproof half sheet 50/box description grit part price p2000 21-118-p2000 $22.95 p1500 21-118-p1500 $22.95 p1200 21-118-p1200 $21.75 p1000 21-118-p1000 $21.75 5.5”x9” 5.5”x9” 5.5”x9” 5.5”x9” mirka basecut™ blue abrasives mirka 6” da mirka 8” da mirka 6” psa disc 100/roll mirka basecut

198 aerosols primers primers self etching primer adheres to steel aluminum and stainless steel for overall refinishing or spot repairs formulated for use under primer surfacers and with most paint systems hi-build primer surfacers forms a barrier coat that eliminates sand scratch swelling and lifting of feather edges on repairs use before priming or topcoating flexible parts to improve adhesion 15.5 oz sem-39673 black sem-39683 gray 1620 grey flexible primer sealer 16 oz sem-42003 sem-42013 black 12oz aerosol sem-39133 1245 gray 1579 2k aerosol rapid primer gray 2k aerosol epoxy primer beige 12.3oz spr-3680031 weld-thru primer 1595 high build gray 14.1oz 12.3oz spr-3680036 bodyshop collision 15 79 gray 16 fl oz sem-42013 1579 carolinas auto supply house general use primer dupli-color self-etching primer dap1690 sem-42003 12 oz black 16 fl oz 1191 1595 1895 high build primer surfacer 13oz sem-39783 spr-3680032 6 gray black red oxide 65 bt49 bt50 bt51 2 16 oz

spray guns satajet® 3000 affordable spray guns hvlp high performance spray gun from finex • finer atomization improved color match precision increased clear coat brilliance • higher work speed quicker wetting and film build • improved metallic effects less clouding • improved pressure flexibility of hvlp and rp paint spray guns hvlp gravity feed 1.4 tip w aluminum cup 15344 sha-288880 59900 ea hvlp 1.4 tip 1.5 tip w aluminum cup sat-170209 15104 288881 1.8 tip w aluminum cup 13701 fx308 sata rebuild kits lids replacement aluminum cups now available 2.5 mm polyester gun non-hvlp gravity feed can be use with upol reface polyester spray filler 1.8 tip sha288887 w aluminum cup 11417 see page 219 • finely adjustable air and material flow • fully adjustable wide or flat spray pattern • high quality ergonomic body • excellent transfer efficiency economy spray guns hvlp gravity feed up0313 14900 red blue

air tools filters welders supplies 215 6 pack recprocating saw blades 1/2” twin‐ hammer air impact wrench • 7,500 rpm • variable power settings • pressure feed lubrication • twin-hammer provdes up to 420ft lbs torque can be used with all standard 1/2 shank air reciprocating saws atd-2112 irc-p4fs-6 9889 1495 viskon-air spray booth filters tackified air intake filter w internal steel frame part number 865-006 472-100 872-001 size 20 x 20” 20 x 50” 20 x 25” exhaust pads fiberglass paint arrestor pads part number 028-202 017-203 size 20 x 20 x2” 20 x 25 x2” exhaust rolls part nuber 017-242 017-330 017-336 box 50 50 price $111.23 $134.95 $111.23 price $41.56 $63.17 grid not included fiberglass paint arrestor rolls size 24” x 200’ 30” x 300’ 36” x 300’ x-panel intake part number 4520-2020 box 20 10 16 price $130.34 $203.35 $261.05 bodyshop collision intake water borne

224 hd replacement truck lights heavy duty oem replacement truck light assemblies call with your specific application today we stock a huge assortment including lamps for freightliner gmc w series isuzu volvo many more applications available bodyshop collision 04/08-2011 freightliner columbia 96-2003 freightliner columbia 02-2011 freightliner m2 rh 340-1110r-as lh 340-1110l-as rh 340-1103r-asn lh 340-1103l-asn rh 33g-1101r-as lh 33g-1101l-as 03-2006 freightliner sprinter 03-2009 international 88-1997 volvo wiaes/wia integral 12400 12275 w/out fog light 4100/4200/4300/4400/8500/8600 rh ch2503172 lh ch2502172 rh 33a-1101r-as lh 33a-1101l-as 12887 carolinas auto supply house 18900 100/106/112mdl 15100 hl sl combo assembly rh 373-1103r-ascy lh 373-1103l-ascy 22850 m-f 8:00 am 5:30 pm call 1.800.438.4070 prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice please call a sales representative to confirm current pricing 24/7 fax

fender extensions bumper fillers 233 buick • cadillac • chevrolet gm • oldsmobile • pontiac • weatherproof • flexible • lightweight • easy to paint • easy to sand • pre-drilled holes • easy to install • made in u.s.a before buick • already primed • will not crumble • super tough abs plastic • satisfaction guaranteed after cadillac deville fleetwood rwd 74-76 rear set 77-79 rear set sds 2 pc 77-79 rear center 3 pc 80-91 rear set 2 pc 80-91 front headlamp filler 80-91 rear mld license 77-92 rear flat license 80-89 front set 80-91 rear 2pc trunk filler eldorado 74-76 rear set 5 pc 73-74 front set 6 pc 75-76 front set 4 pc 77-78 front set 2 pc cadillac con’t le8f le8r $171.43 $220.00 bk7f bk7r bk8f1-3 bk8r bk8f4-7 $137.14 $202.86 $140.00 $220.00 $140.00 rv7f rv7r $197.14 $251.43 79-85 79-85 seville 76-79 80-85 80-85 front set 6 pc rear set 7 pc el7f el7r $153.97 $220.00 rear set 5 pc

detail supplies 241 cleaners meguiar’s leather cleaner conditioner meguiar’s glass cleaner concentrate expressly formulated to enhance the appearance of interior leather and vinyl surfaces specialized cleaning and conditioning agents are designed to safely clean and restore leather’s original look and suppleness ready to use easily and consistently removes tough vinyl fog residue road grime smoker’s film and bug splatter producing crystal clear streak-free glass concentrate 10:1 strong and fast acting for the toughest jobs residue-free performance pleasant fragrance gallon d-12001 gallon d-10801 2674 duragloss chrome wheel cleaner cleans chrome wire wheels without rubbing simply spray on wait 2-3 minutes and rinse 803dg 22 oz 6 25 duragloss 1313 1580 meguiar’s wheel brightener d-10805 5 gal $59.97 meguiar’s all purpose cleaner quickly and effectively removes tough brake dust there is a thin line between effective cleaning and dangerous

250 fastener kits import fender flare assortment 8109kit 170 pieces $37.29 10750pk hole size 8.2mm top head dia 10 x13mm stem length 11mm toyota yellow nylon fender flare retainers 10744pk hole size 8.8mm top head dia 13mm stem length 10mm hyundai natural nylon trim panel retainers 10687pk hole size 8.5mm top head dia 13mm stem length 14mm toyota turquoise nylon door trim panel retainers 10573pk hole size 8.5mm top head dia 13mm stem length 13mm honda blue nylon door trim panel retainers 10751pk hole size 8.75mm top head dia 13mm stem length 11mm toyota white nylon garnish moulding retainers 10752pk hole size 9.1mm stem length 14mm honda orange nylon cowl vent radiator support retainers 2145pk hole size 9mm top head dia 13mm stem length 11mm toyota natural nylon nylon door trim garnish retainers 10576pk hole size 8mm top head dia 12.8mm stem length 14mm nissan orange nylon w sealer door trim panel retainers 10405pk hole size 9mm top head dia 14mm stem length 14mm mazda white nylon

2013 • ac • accessories • body shop • chemicals • collision • hard parts • paint • shop more the original 1915 1954 carolinas auto supply house inc 2135 tipton drive charlotte nc 28206 1984 7355 10 11 12112 95 50 1 gallon 1 gallon 50/50 antifreeze coolant ra1290 ra1682 92-98 civic 91-95 wrangler ra1826 96-04 s/t series pu/blazer 99-04 grand cherokee 6067 ra2311 01-04 town country pre-diluted conventional green pre-diluted extended life protects your engine from temperature extremes 6 6 12812 12212 95 98 1 gallon synthetic blend motor oil hd 15w-40 synthetic blend sae 5w-30 sae 10w-30 01901 02001 1 quart 1 quart your choice domestic import condensers evaporators heater cores also available 1 gallon 11 05903 00 1 gallon 2 88 each fax 24/7 1-800-377-7016 hours mon-fri 8am-5:30pm est as much as we try to guarantee our prices prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice please call a sales