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thermal overload relay with automatic reset when normal carr lane jig and fixture handbook torque for 58 socket head cap screw m16 dimensions for socket head cap screw clr 1513 705b bc cl gbk 200 setof3 clr 1546 195 bcd clr 0460 725 tbc cl 33716 shr ct clr 1575 105 bc clr 3829 164 pm clr 8819 101 sp cl 13 blt 0 75 clrh 3523 12 vs slotted heel clamp straps flat washer cl 11 fw press fit spring plungers clamp straps aluminum straight 13mm socket head cap screw 22mm socket head cap screw 18mm socket head cap screw threaded 302 stainless steel balls 7mm socket head cap screw 16mm socket head cap screw 50mm socket head cap screw m20 socket head cap screw spherical socket head cap screw 4mm socket head cap screw m24 socket head cap screw 1 dia x 5 socket head cap screw grade 8 socket head cap screw tapered head m10 x 125 socket head cap screw socket head cap screw chart 14mm socket head cap screw 9mm socket head cap screw extra low socket head cap screw socket head cap screw brass tip left hand thread socket head cap screws metric button socket head cap screw self drilling socket head cap screw m8 stainless steel button socket head cap screws socket head cap screw left hand thread socket head cap screw left hand left hand socket head cap screw low head socket head cap screw 58 14 20 nylon socket head cap screw 12 28 flat socket head cap screws socket head cap screw rating socket head cap screw 916 socket head cap screw 316 183 socket head cap screw m8 socket head cap screw 210 rack and pinion jig tap drill for m6 x 75 metric thread dimensions for socket head cap screw holes dimensions

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steel steel with delrin plunger stainless stainless with delrin plunger key inserts additonal metric sizes including stainless steel key inserts are ideal for thread reinforcement especially when the mating stud or bolt will be removed frequently these inserts provide strong permanent threads in any parent material also well suited for quick repair of stripped damaged or worn threads locking keys positively prevent the insert from rotating page 234 short spring plungers with extended travel these spring plungers have the body length of a short spring plunger while providing the longer stroke of a standard spring plunger spring force is somewhat reduced page 125 threaded detent pins these new alignment pins have a threaded end that accepts virtually any type of standard knob handle steel stainless steel or a choice of several different plastics two locking balls hold the pin in place by spring force simply push to insert and pull to remove page 23 long-arm hook clamps now available in

page 45 rev 12-03 fast-loktm plate lifting system alloy steel heat treated black oxide finish ew n plate-lifting system with a weld-on base and totally removable shackle assembly allowing the plate surface to remain totally free of obstructions no tools required for installing or removing the shackle assembly to install first insert the two-piece clevis then attach the shackle with either the bolt provided or with a fast loktm detent pin forged alloy-steel shackle pivots a full 180 degrees but does not rotate install so that lifting force is applied in the pivoting direction patent pending the hoist ring s flat base should be permanently installed by cutting a hole in the plate and welding in place flush with the surface weld around the entire perimeter of the base certified welding see general hoist ring safety precautions on page 49 rated load capacity applies to the hoist-ring assembly only workpiece material must be capable of supporting the applicable weight 4.50 1.30 .65 1.25

page 114 rev 7-03 hand-retractable plungers ew n knob matte black fiber-reinforced nylon thermoplastic plunger steel heat treated body steel black oxide finish 5/8-11 5/8-11 1/2-13 1/2-13 3/8-24 knob handle locking type precision indexing plunger with a attractive knob handle for convenient retraction threaded-body version provides adjustment and can be secured with an optional jam nut high strength and durability in an extremely compact assembly catalog photos are actual size hardened and ground plunger tip has a slight taper for easy alignment available in two types locking and non-locking locking type has a spring-loaded plunger that locks in retracted position to lock pull knurled knob back and turn 90° body is notched at 90° to keep the knob in its retracted position non-locking type has a spring-loaded plunger that stays extended by spring force except when manually held in retracted position 3/8-24 knob handle non-locking type l e f dia j hex g d c optional jam nut retracted

page 183 rev 7-02 guide blocks 1018 steel carburized-hardened black oxide finish gb p e guide block 2gb rear slide block for tapped-heel clamp straps guides clamp strap straight back for loading part no cl-2-gb cl-4-gb cl-6-gb cl-8-gb cl-11-gb fits stud size 1/4-20 or m6 3/8-16 or m10 1/2-13 or m12 5/8-11 or m16 3/4-10 or m20 a .198 .265 .390 .515 .640 b .10 .20 .25 .37 c 1/4 1/2 5/8 3/4 d e 3/4 13/64 1-1/8 7/32 1-1/2 1-3/4 1/4 fghj 1-3/16 #6-32 or m4 15/32 25/32 2 #10-32 or m5 3/4 1-9/16 1-11/16 1 1-3/16 1-5/8 1/4-20 or m6 1-1/8 2-13/32 1-1/4 1-29/32 clamp springs steel spring steel black oxide finish stainless steel 300-series springs p e 23407 55pg ibp c a b ibp clamp spring steel fits stud part no size cl-5-spg 1/4-20 or m6 cl-6-spg 5/16-18 or m8 cl-7-spg 3/8-16 or m10 cl-9-spg 1/2-13 or m12 cl-11-spg 5/8-11 or m16 cl-13-spg 3/4-10 or m20 cl-2430.7 cl-2440.7 cl-2450.7 cl-2461.0 #10-32 or m5 1/4-20 or m6 5/16-18 or m8 3/8-16 or m10 no a of c dia b dia coils 19/64 1-1/8 7 23/64

page 252 rev 7-05 new four-sided rotary tooling blocks a713 tenzaloy aluminum alloy aged to t-6 condition machined base with mounting holes and machined faces inch sizes part no cl-ncb-3216rb-bs cl-ncb-4124rb-bs cl-ncb-4204rb-bs cl-ncb-4284rb-bs cl-ncb-6206rb-bs cl-ncb-6376rb-bs cl-ncb-6756-9rb-bs block size 3x6 4x4 6x6 a dia 6.5 6 12 15 12 12 9 b 21 12 20 28 20 37 75 c d 030 030 t 3.000 6.000 1.5 1 4.000 4.000 1.5 6.000 v 18 11 18 26 18 6.000 1.5 34 73 weight lbs 48 27 45 87 90 170 345 machined base with mounting holes and machined faces metric sizes custom blank choice of three configurations 1 machined base with mounting holes and machined faces inch or metric 2 machined base with mounting holes and unmachined faces 3 unmachined blank casting this four-sided tooling block is ideal for rotary indexers and rotary machine tables these economical custom blank tooling blocks are stocked as unmachined blank castings then quickly machined to your specifications one-piece cast aluminum

page 5mf rev 8-98 technical information grid address system mini standard the grid pattern of multipurpose holes on every tooling plate and tooling block face is labelled with letters in one direction and numbers in the perpendicular direction tooling-block faces are numbered counterclockwise with roman numerals this allows recording the mounting-hole location of each component e.g a2 b3 d7 etc as part of permanent documentation see the bill-of-material sheet on page 9 as a sample multipurpose holes are spaced within ±.0008 inches of true position on all tooling plates and blocks the mini system is even more accurate with all holes spaced within ±.0004 inches heavy custom tooling plates to build your own custom tooling plates with multipurpose mounting holes we offer precision bushings and threaded inserts separately see hole locations and tolerances above holes must be jig bored and page 4 for proper counterbore depth to install bushings the threaded insert s locking keys can be

toggle clamp conversion chart reference part no ao-100 ao-1200 ao-200 ao-2000hd ao-400 ao-800 c-800 glbu1 glbu1-aw-hw glbu3 glbu3-aw-hw glbu5 glbu5-aw-hw glbu6 glbu6-aw-hw gu1 gu1-b gu3 gu3-b gu5 gu5-b gu6 gu6-b h-100 h-200 h-200ss h-400 h-400b h-400ss h-600 h-600ss lup-1203 lup-800 lup-800-2s p-1200 p-1203 p-400 p-400-1 p-400-2 p-400-2s p-800 p-800-2s pch-101 pch-101ss pch-200 ph pl-1600 s-100 s-200 s-400 t-100 t-200 t-400 v-100 v-100ss v-1200 v-200 v-200ss v-400 v-400ss vc-200 vc-400 102111 102208 102911 105106 105203 105208 105906 110122 201 201-b 201-ss 201-t 201208 201943 202 202-b carr lane part no cl-1000-ptc cl-3000-ptc cl-1000-ptc cl-3000-ptc cl-2000-ptc cl-2000-ptc cl-850-vtc cl-111-hvtc cl-101-hvtc cl-311-hvtc cl-301-hvtc cl-511-hvtc cl-501-hvtc cl-611-hvtc cl-601-hvtc cl-120-hvtc cl-110-hvtc cl-320-hvtc cl-310-hvtc cl-520-hvtc cl-510-hvtc cl-620-hvtc cl-610-hvtc cl-250-htc cl-350-htc cl-350-htc-s cl-450-htc cl-450-htc cl-450-htc-s cl-550-htc cl-550-htc-s cl-450-pl

precision drill jig bushings authorized distributor authorized distributor manufacturing co 4200 carr lane ct p.o box 191970 st louis missouri 63119-7970 usa phone 314-647-6200 fax 314-647-5736 web site prices effective july 15 2002 printed in u.s.a © copyright 2003 carr lane manufacturing co

a a id range tip assembly b od c length standard type part no coolant type part no air feed 23000 series cont shank only standard standard type type price part no coolant type part no collar only coolant standard type type part no price standard standard type type price part no air-feed lock liner part no p 74 lock liner lock nut part no part no p 74 p 74 air-feed lockscrew part no p 75 lock liner screw part no part no p 75 p 75 3/4 7/8 1 1-1/8 1-1/4 1-3/8 1-7/16 1-1/2 1-5/8 1-3/4 1-7/8 .2500 6562 2 7/8 1/4-21/32 6.30-16.50mm .8748 8745 2-1/8 2-1/4 2-3/8 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 3-1/4 3-1/2 3-3/4 4 5 6 1 1-1/8 1-1/4 1-3/8 1-1/2 1-5/8 1-3/4 1-7/8 2 .2500 7188 1 1/4-23/32 .9998 9995 2-1/8 2-1/4 6.30-18.00mm 2-3/8 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 3-1/4 3-1/2 3-3/4 4 5 6 1 1-1/8 1-1/4 1-3/8 1-1/2 1-5/8 1-3/4 1-7/8 1-15/16 2 .2500 7188 1-1/8 2-1/8 5/16-23/32 1.1248-1.1245 2-1/4 6.30-18.00mm 2-3/8 2-1/2 2-3/4 3 3-1/4 3-1/2 3-3/4 4 5 6 a-23304 a-23305 a-23306 a-23308 a-23310 a-23311 a-16503 a-23313 a-23314 a-23315

power vises and universal fixtures precision machine vises clamp with the exact force desired every time for improved part quality use individually or in multiples to reduce machine tool load unload time also an excellent alternative to manual bench vises in assembly operations when frequent clamping and unclamping are required finest quality construction for accuracy and long life machining-center vises are precisely qualified in all three axes top surfaces of both the fixed and sliding jaws are precision ground for excellent height accuracy to allow using top step jaws or custom fixturing to hold difficult parts double vises clamp two workpieces against a fixed central locator in about the same space as a normal vise standard machine vises pages 60-61 machining-center vises pages 61.1-61.2 machining-center universal vises page 61.3 machining-center double vises page 61.4 concentric clamping concentric clamping elements are used to simultaneously locate and clamp on internal

contact bolts · radius contact bolt for most applications · pointed contact bolt for clamping in holes and point clamping · swivel contact bolt distributes clamping force to prevent marring · 1144 steel hardened 50-60 rc radius pointed swivel radius part no a clr-401-cb 1/4-20 clr-400-cb clr-404-cb 5/16-18 clr-402-cb clr-403-cb 3/8-16 clr-405-cb 1/2-13 clr-406-cb 5/8-11 clr-408-cb 3/4-10 clr-409-cb 1-8 clr-3614-027-cb m5 clr-3614-039-cb m6 clr-3614-016-cb clr-3614-038-cb m8 clr-3614-001-cb clr-3614-002-cb m10 clr-3614-028-cb m12 clr-3614-015-cb m20 clr-3614-018-cb m30 clr-3614-019-cb m42 clr-3614-020-cb m48 these sizes are not heat treated b 1/4 3/8 5/16 3/8 1/2 1/2 25/32 1 1-3/16 .35 .24 .39 .31 .39 .47 .47 .98 1.38 1.77 2.36 c 3/8 25/32 1/2 25/32 7/8 7/8 1-3/16 1-3/8 1-27/32 .75 .37 .79 .51 .79 .87 .87 1.38 2.13 2.80 3.54 d hex 7/16 1/2 9/16 3/4 15/16 1-1/8 1-1/2 8mm 10mm 13mm 11mm 17mm 19mm 30mm 46mm 65mm 75mm r radius 25/32 1 25/32 1-3/8 1-3/4 2-3/8 2-3/8 3-15/16 .79 .79 .98