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waste containers 201–206 floor care 206–213 sanitation anti-fatigue ca prop 65 warning cancer/reproductive harm www.p65warnings.ca.gov grease resistant anti-fatigue smokers pole features screw off top for easy emptying intended for outdoor use only 31/2 diam pole 15 diam.x40 h overall 18 lbs superfoam® mats wall-mounted cigarette disposal stations stainless steel by alpine black steel construction is weather and fire resistant easy to remove inner receptacle for cleaning restricted opening prevents noncigarette waste disposal mounting hardware included 10 lbs black model 125-677 model 13v-022 13v-023 your cost $92.99 wxdxh 51/2 x21/3 x121/5 101/2 x31/2 x13 your cost $39.99 47.99 super lightweight construction for convenient handling impervious to grease and oil one piece construction—no edges or corner pieces needed ~upsable ~made in the usa • 5/8 thick • drain holes • beveled edges • black model 158-078 158-079 158-089 158-080

january-june 2019 © central products llc sanitation need help alleviates foot and lower back choosing • pressure while stimulating blood circulation your floor • helps to reduce stress on lower leg joints and major muscle mat back groups anti-fatigue grease resistant indoor/outdoor • suitable for use in kitchens bars • conceals dirt and debris and other foodservice areas • ideal for any medium traffic where durability grease resistance areas including lobbies and drainage are priority anti-fatigue anti-fatigue 206–213 floor care entrance grease resistant • • heavy duty defends against tracked-in dirt by scraping debris and moisture from shoes anti-fatigue grease resistant phoenix mats hugo heavy duty mats lighter weight makes handling easy three mat connectors required for each connection optional ramp recommended ~made in the usa • 7/8 thick • drain holes • black prorated two year warranty model 158-072 158-017

floor care 206–213 sanitation january-june 2019 © central products llc indoor/outdoor indoor/outdoor ace olefin mats madison scraper mats easy to vacuum bold colored patterns camouflage dirt and leave floors looking clean custom cut sizes available please ask for details ~made in the usa • 5/16 thick • stain and slip resistant removes moisture while scraping off shoes backing will not stain floor custom cut sizes available please ask for details prorated one year warranty against manufacturing defects model 172-022 172-023 • 5/16 thick • slip resistant 172-024 172-025 172-026 forest green cardinal red coffee brown midnight black slate blue 172-027 172-028 model wxd wt your cost 158-061 2 x3 5 $23.49 158-062 3 x4 9 35.29 158-063 3 x5 11 46.59 prorated one year 158-064 3 x6 14 51.39 warranty against manufacturing 158-065 3 x10 23 83.99 defects 158-066 4 x6 18 71.49 158-067 4 x8 24 98.49 ~made in the usa wxd 2 x3 3 x4 3 x5 3 x6 3 x10 4 x6

january-june 2019 © central products llc 206–213 floor care sanitation deluxe sweepers by hoky self-cleaning rotorblades designed to work on commercial carpet as well as hard floors and will not allow strings to wrap around lightweight sturdy aluminum handle with easy height adjustment cushionbumper model 412-002 412-003 sweep path 91/2 121/2 wt 3 4 your cost 412-004 412-005 for #412-002 for #412-003 1 2 19.99 24.99 rotoblade® horsehair solid and edge cleaning soft rubber two large wipers dust pans brushes wheels $56.99 84.99 replacement blades executive series sweepers model #972-858 sweeps hard floors or low pile carpets 40 l handle folds to clean under furniture pan opens for dumping 61/2 w sweep path 4 lbs model #972-969 picks up debris from dirt to larger trash two debris canisters 71/2 w sweep path 5 lbs model #972-970 rubber blade for wet or dry pick up tinted window shows when canister needs to be emptied 71/2 w sweep path 5 lbs limited lifetime warranty on

floor care 206–213 sanitation january-june 2019 © central products llc two position broom use the upright hole for routine jobs and the angled hole for corners and hard to reach spots 7 /8 diam.x4 h metal handle three clip mop/broom holder features three tool holders on a fully adjustable 18 mounting bar horizontal or vertical placement model 576-041 length 191/2 dxh 21/5 x31/4 $16.69 ca prop 65 medium bristle lacquered wood handle 58 overall height metal 48 long handles • model #529-016 flagged bristles to pick up the finest debris • model #529-003 unflagged bristles prevents the ends from matting together from grease in food areas sweep path 11 14 closet organizer and tool holder use “s” hooks and double hooks for mops and brooms from 5/8 diam to 11/4 diam double hooks also hold carry slings for hanging of extension cords hoses etc wall mounting hardware included 41/4 dx31/4 h yellow and gray 100 corn fiber broom angle brooms model 529-016

ca prop 65 warning cancer/reproductive harm www.p65warnings.ca.gov 206–213 floor care sanitation economy floor mop sinks floor squeegees black moss rubber blades are resistant to fats and oils metal channel resists corrosion metal locking collar keeps handle tight model #972-852 has a heavy duty reinforced frame and thicker blade for tough jobs one year warranty model 972-850 972-851 972-852 length 18 22 30 your cost $7 10 19 neoprene floor squeegee flexible neoprene squeegee leaves the floor dry and streak free resistant to oils chemicals and cold plastic frame use with handles #972-108 #972-109 or #972-584 sold separately 22 l model 529-021 your cost one piece fiberglass construction removable stainless steel strainer 1 wide rim drain connector included to make sink leak proof drain accepts 2 or 3 pipe size please specify 24 dx10 h check your local state requirements before installing one year warranty model 829-001 829-002 description 24 mop sink 36 mop sink wt 46

floor care 206–213 sanitation ca prop 65 warning cancer/reproductive harm www.p65warnings.ca.gov wavebrake 2.0 mop bucket wringer combos ® specialty mops lightweight microfiber on #529-018 and #529-019 picks up more dirt than traditional mops and requires less chemicals headbands resist breakage and streaking 35 qt capacity mop buckets feature “caution” logo 3 nonmarking casters mop wringer available with side press for small to medium jobs or down press for heavy duty jobs specify yellow or brown for combos and wringers • reduces wave motion resulting in up to 80 less splashing • built-in foot-operated drain helps empty heavy mop buckets into floor drains • wringer is designed to last 5 years or 200,000 cycles • integrated handles sink ledge and pour spout provide control while lifting and emptying • buckets stack even with casters 972-7j1 attached • optional 18 qt red dirty water bucket five year warranty on wringers model

january-june 2019 © central products llc sanitation 206–213 floor care 213–217 restroom supplies xlerator® hand dryers mop heads mop handles color mop heads looped ends and tailband provide greater coverage with each stroke also reduces fraying and excessive linting machine washable for 5 headband mop heads 54 long “jaws” hold mop head firmly in place contains microban “b” to prevent bacteria growth polymer holder hardwood handle model 972-540 your cost $12 green blue for 1 and 5 headband mop heads model 972-739 972-740 54 long thumb wheel clamps mop head in place hinged side gate allows mop head to slide easily off and on contains microban “b” to prevent bacteria growth polymer holder hardwood handle model 972-078 model 972-741 972-742 $12 headband green red your cost mop capacity 16-20 oz 24 oz headband green red $8 9 your cost $9 11 cut end mop heads straight ends with 1 orange headband blue yarn up to 75 recycled