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stainless steel wall mount bracket stainless steel wall mount brackets 1 18 x 250 x 250 chrome or black chrome fittings stainless steel wall shelves stainless steele wall shelves 30 30 model 340 18 gauge stainless steel sink 35 18 gauge stainless steel tubes 18 gauge stainless steel tube 18 gauge stainless steel tubes 18 gauge stainless steel wire wall mounted shelves wall mounted shelving steel wall shelves shelves stainless steel stainless steel wall shelf wall mount brackets wall mount bracket wall mounting bracket pots and pans wall mount brackets bottle pot and pans pots and pans organizer pots and pans storage pot and pan storage stainless steel wire markers aluminum square tubing 1 aluminum square tube stainless steel wire markers 103 53 stainless steel wire 18 gauge heavy duty 6 gauge stainless steel tubes 25 square tubing aluminum 9 gauge stainless steel wire create your own 11 gauge stainless steel tube 11 gauge stainless steel 16 gauge stainless steel 16 gauge stainless steel tube 21 gauge stainless steel wire 20 gauge stainless steel tube 16 gauge stainless steel wire 12 gauge stainless steel wire chrome plated steel square tubing 27 x 27 20 chrome plated steel made in usa sizes of stainless steel fittings end to end connector bolts and screws bolt and screw wire shelving rack pots pan rack drying rack

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january–june 2016 © central products llc shelving carts racks 175–183 shelving racks need help choosing your shelving shelving is available in a variety of different constructions for various storage environments throughout this section look for the following icons to find the construction that best fits your establishment many shelving systems include antimicrobial protection to protect against bacteria mold and mildew that causes odors and stains types constructions vented epoxy allows for greater circulation best for moist or humid areas chrome or brite zinc best for dry areas solid great for storing smaller items or containing spills need more help polymer metroseal 3 stainless steel great for wet available on metro or humid shelving this ideal for corrosive environments coating is corrosion environments walk-in coolers resistant with builit-in sterile areas or microban antimicrobial chemical storage protection aluminum won t rust ideal for coolers and freezers

shelving racks 175–183 shelving carts racks green epoxy chrome polymer medium duty wire shelving chrome prevent loss of valuable items chrome green epoxy shown with optional casters vented shelf double doors open 270° for easy access include a padlock hasp padlock not included 24 d stationary units are 68 h and mobile units are 74 h shipped flat some assembly required truck shipment required for stability intermediate shelves are recommended items shown with two intermediate shelves not included green epoxy chrome 12 year warranty against corrosion on green epoxy one year warranty on chrome model solid shelf polymer green shelf weight capacity model width wt solid vented epoxy chrome 48 and shorter 800 lbs 14 d shelves 60 and longer 600 lbs 835-066 24 5 $18.99 $14.99 for stationary shelving only 835-067 36 8 20.79 16.09 835-068 42 9 24.39 18.99 12 year warranty against corrosion on green epoxy 835-069 48 10 24.49 19.49 models one year warranty 835-070 60 14

january–june 2016 © central products llc shelving carts racks metroseal 3 175–183 shelving racks brite zinc stainless steel super erecta™ shelving versatile enough to adapt to your changing needs open wire design heavyduty gauge carbon steel construction super erecta pro shelves include shelf frame with polymer shelf mat and bag of split sleeves mats do not fit over existing shelves stainless steel brite zinc super erecta pro™ shelf weight capacity 48 w and shorter 800 lbs 60 w and longer 600 lbs heavy duty dunnage 1000 lbs for stationary shelving only stainless super metroseal steel erecta pro 3 brite zinc 14 d shelves 340-352 24 7 $94.99 — $29.99 $23.99 340-353 36 9 105.00 — 31.99 24.49 340-354 42 10 129.00 — 37.79 27.99 340-355 48 11 129.00 — 37.79 27.99 340-356 60 15 159.00 — 42.49 33.49 340-357 72 18 179.00 — 48.99 37.99 18 d shelves 340-358 24 8 125.00 41.99 34.99 27.59 340-329 36 10 135.00

shelving racks 175–183 shelving carts racks january–june 2016 © central products llc shelving accessories fully customize your shelving units for complete organization fit both 340 and 835 series shelving on pages 175-179 except as noted below none of these accessories will fit the metromax iq® shelving units wall mount brackets 835-093 green supports 14 d or 18 d post shelving of any length mounting plate is welded to the bracket for increased strength additional hardware not included please specify chrome or green epoxy use single support at shelf ends use double support for adjoining shelves sold only by the case pack listed priced by the each model 835-091 835-092 835-093 835-094 shelf depth case pack green epoxy single bracket 14 2 ea per pack $14.49 18 2 ea per pack 14.99 double bracket 14 1 ea per pack 20.49 18 1 ea per pack 22.99 wire shelving “s” hook used to “add on” a shelf when using common posts two “s” hooks

january–june 2016 © central products llc shelving carts racks 175–183 shelving racks polymer epoxy heavy duty dunnage metromax iq shelving ® promotes improved food safety and product organization get the best of both worlds with metromaxiq shelving metromax i® and metromax q® shelves posts and accessories are uniquely interchangeable making it a completely customizable storage system to fit your needs and budget built-in microban® antimicrobial protection shelves include removable easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe polymer mats posts available in your choice of stationary includes adjustable leveling foot for uneven floors or open ended ready to attach to casters sold separately shelf weight capacity q® shelf 48 w and shorter 800 lbs 60 w and longer 600 lbs i® solid i® slotted i® dunnage dunnage shelf weight capacity 48 w and shorter 1200 lbs 60 w and longer 900 lbs for stationary shelving only metromax i® shelves polymer construction

shelving racks 175–183 shelving carts racks january–june 2016 © central products llc polymer polymer elements stationary shelving kits strong technology hygienic design up to 60 lighter in weight but as strong as steel easy to setup and adjust individual shelving allows you to build any configuration to fit any size space freezer proof down one year workmanship to -36°f ~made in the usa lifetime rust and shelf weight capacity corrosion warranty stationary shelving 48 and shorter 800 lbs stationary shelving 60 and longer 600 lbs mobile shelf kits 900 lbs.polymer composite looking for more need your cambro elements shelving on casters we now offer four shelf mobile kits that include casters also find more mobile elements options shelf kits post kits accessories on our website cambro elements stationary shelf kits camguard antimicrobial protection is permanently embedded in shelf plates shelf plates remove easily for dishwasher cleaning includes shelf plates 2

january–june 2016 © central products llc shelving carts racks heavy duty stainless steel wall shelving wall storage system customizable and one of the most secure on the market 18 gauge polished stainless steel 11/2 sanitary downward rolled rim shelf has a 1 turned up edge on sides and rear easily assembled using the slip fit tab-lok design shelf and brackets are die stamped and formed 111/2 d model 685-290 680-035 680-036 680-037 width 24 36 48 60 wall mount sorting shelves wt 10 12 14 16 your cost $93.89 94.79 100.00 129.00 tubular model dish rack not included keep glasses available for easy use choose from open tubular or solid stainless steel solid end brackets for wall mounting tubular models ship unassembled for freight savings holds racks flat or at a slant.solid models ship fully assembled holds racks at a slant model 685-061 685-062 685-063 685-270 rack capacity 1 2 3 4 175–183 shelving racks tubular width 22 42 62 82 solid width 21 42 —

shelving racks 175–183 shelving carts racks january–june 2016 © central products llc mobile storage unit for glassware racks model wall shelves ships knocked down for added freight savings 18 gauge stainless steel with satin polished finish 11/2 backsplash nsf listed 671-680 671-681 671-682 671-683 671-684 671-685 671-686 model 671-687 671-688 671-689 671-690 671-691 671-692 671-693 width wt your cost 12 d 24 9 $65.99 36 12 76.49 48 16 99.99 60 21 115 72 25 135 84 29 149 96 33 159 width wt your cost 16 d 24 10 $77.99 36 14 99.99 48 18 115.00 60 24 135.00 72 30 159.00 84 35 185.00 96 38 205.00 economy can rack transport glasses safely every time cans automatically roll forward to keep cans in reach a sturdy aluminum rack designed for 20 wx20 d dish racks will store up to ten racks adjustable runners allow variable spacing 5 casters 38 lbs ships unassembled ~upsable fully welded aluminum construction inclined can slides allowing for automatic stock