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upholstery finish samples 336 1 2 3 january–june 2019 © central products llc furniture choosing is as easy as 1 2 3 make note of the upholstery grades available for the furniture you’ve chosen not all grades are available for all products note the first three numbers of central’s model #s are the series numbers also referenced on these pages for your convenience some series available at an upcharge in grades other than those shown here ask for more details colors shown may not be an exact match to the true color of certain vinyls fabrics laminates or frame finishes before placing your order ask for sample swatches to verify the colors are what you expect most upholstered and laminated furniture is considered custom and is non-returnable certain states may require fire retardant materials for which there is an upcharge please check with your local officials ask your product consultant for more details standard laminates series 610 furniture by plymold series