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chevy or gmc truck parts pickup bed spare tire bed mount door hinge rebuild kit oil pan replacing small block chevy 64 gmc truck parts 67 72 gmc truck parts 64 65 chevy c 10 truck parts light truck spare tire mounting parts lower cowl patch panel for trucks truck gas tank strap 95 gm gas tank turn signal lever gm 67 72 gmc truck truck license plate bracket license plate bracket for chevy truck central wisconsin muscle car parts 4174 601 791r tailgate latching rods roof drip rail molding windshield reveal molding running board filler inner rear wheelhouse bed patch panel pickup spare tire bed mount bed patch panels door bottom patch panel rear windshield reveal molding bed floor assembly floor pan patch front windshield reveal molding r f fender eyebrow molding pickup truck gmc parts tail gate hinges tail gate hinge tailgate chain covers 73 inner fender brace 75 gallon tank sending unit door lock pawl 67 72 inner fender brace hood lip molding 55 chevy front bumper filler diesel tank sending unit fog light bulb retaining rings rear roll pan 65 model a left front door latch assembly left front door hinge pin inside hood release rubber cargo door seal pickup spare tire side mounts 47 53 chevy rear windshield reveal molding clips 47 53 gmc front door window track assembly 54 55 chevy left front fender olds rear window seal

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bumper bracket sets continued rear gravel deflectors edp coated steel panels fill between the rear bumper and the tailgate be sure to order both sides if needed 47-55 1st series pickup rear gravel shield 4140-808-47 $186.95 ea 67-72 c/k except 72 blazer jimmy left right 4143-875-672l r $12.05 ea 67-70 chevy 67-72 gmc c/k except 69-72 4wd front 4 pieces 4143-005-67s $54.95 set 69-70 chevy 4wd 69-72 gmc 4wd 4 pieces 4143-005-69s $65.95 set license plate brackets edp coated steel panel that mounts the front or rear license tag always replace this with a new bumper don t forget the license lamp assembly we include it on the early models and offer it separately on later models 71-72 chevy 2wd c front 4 pieces 4143-005-71s $54.95 set chevy 4wd k front 4 pieces 4143-005-711s $65.95 set 47-53 1st series front license bracket

headlamp adjusting parts all the parts you need to replace your headlamp adjusters kits include screws nuts and springs for one truck individual components are available separately in bulk park lamp parts continued 58-59 chevrolet 2nd series park lamp lens clear use 2 4141-070-58 $7.65 ea amber use 2 4141-070-581 $7.65 ea 62-68 chevrolet c/k adjuster kit 10 pieces 4010-069-62s $10.95 kit 58-59 2nd series headlamp adjuster assembly box of 10 hwb2121 $27.45 box 62-72 chevy c/k screw and nut box of 25 hwb2101 $16.45 box 75-86 c/k 87-88 r/v with 2 headlamps screw and nut box of 25 hwb2108 $14.25 box 81-86 c/k 87-88 r/v with 4 headlamps screw and nut box of 25 hwb2112 $14.25 box 89-91 r v truck screw and nut box of 10 hwb2173 $65.95 box 47-55 1st series 55-59 2nd series 60-72 c/k

cowl induction style hoods continued hood hinges new not rebuilt hinges used to raise and lower the hood 81-86 c/k 87-91 r/v 2 cowl induction style raised spine 4145-200-811 $499.95 ea sunken spine 4145-200-812a $499.95 ea hood insulation pad clips 47-55 1st series hinge and support link left right 4140-210-47l r 55-57 2nd series hinge w spring lh rh 4141-210-55l r 58-59 2nd series hinge w spring lh rh 4141-210-58l r 60-66 c/k hinge left right 4142-210-60l r $43.95 ea $87.95 ea $87.95 ea $65.95 ea new plastic discs that snap into the underside of the hood to hold up the insulation pad sold by the box 73-86 c/k 87-91 r/v box of 25 hwb2401 $6.55 box hood adjustment bumpers new rubber capped stud assemblies used to adjust the level of the front of the hood 67-72 c/k hinge left right 4143-210-67l r 73-80 c/k hinge

hood latch assembly continued 73-80 c/k hood latch 4144-319-73 $64.95 ea latch support brace w/o inside hood release 4144-321-771 $34.95 ea 81-86 c/k 87-91 r/v hood latch 4145-319-811 $16.45 ea hood lock bolt support 4145-319-812 $12.95 ea pop-up spring 4145-319-814 $6.95 ea hood latch cable 4145-319-821 $27.45 ea latch support brace 4145-321-85 $22.95 ea cowl panel firewall look clutch linkage and parts new parts designed to replace worn original clutch linkage 65-69 c/k bellcrank frame pivot stud 4010-951-651 $13.15 ea 63-69 c/k bellcrank pivot kit 4041-951-587s $7.65 kit bellcrank felt seals pair 4041-951-589p $6.55 pr firewall panels edp coated steel panels are complete firewall panels not just partial patches 47-55 1st

door glass assemblies new door glass assembly includes glass channel and frame on later models and is ready to install frames are sold separately on early models door frame parts complete assembled door frame for popular early pickup models why bother patching up old rusty sheetmetal when these parts are the best value for the dollar look 47-50 1st series door glass assembly painted frame clear glass left right 4140-404-471ls rs $142.95 ea chrome frame left right 4140-404-472ls rs $164.95 ea 51-55 1st series door glass assembly painted frame clear glass left right 4140-404-511ls rs $164.95 ea door glass track only use 2 4140-405-513 $109.95 ea 55-59 2nd series door glass assembly painted frame clear glass left right 4141-405-553l r $142.95 ea chrome frame left right 4141-405-554l r $164.95 ea 67-72 c/k pickup door glass assembly

cab lower rear panels door jamb vent louvers new plastic grilles that fit in the door jamb and allow air pressure to escape through the vent features correct rubber backing sold as pairs for one truck 71-72 c/k left right pair with rubber seals4021-612-70p $54.95 pr new edp coated steel panel that forms the lower back wall of the cab use whenever cab corners won t repair the rust cab corners look new edp coated patches that repair the lower rear corners of the cab commonly called the cab corner inner and outer patches are available for most models this is the most common rust area on a gm truck 47-55 1st series pickup upper panel with 3 windows outer 4140-490-473 $384.95 ea inner 4140-490-475 $362.95 ea 49-55 1st series pickup lower panel 4140-490-47 $384.95 ea reinforcement bar 4140-490-476 $54.95 ea 47-55 1st series pickup outer cab corner 19 w x

gas tanks continued gas caps new chrome or painted caps fit popular models be sure to order a new cap with your new tank 73-81 blazer jimmy 25 gallon 4174-750-731 $164.95 ea 82-91 blazer jimmy except 87-91 efi gas 25 gallon 4175-750-821 $164.95 ea 87-91 blazer jimmy with efi gas 25 gallon 4175-750-871 $175.95 ea 73-81 blazer jimmy suburban 31 gallon 4174-750-732 $164.95 ea 82-91 blazer jimmy suburban except 87-91 efi gas 31 gallon 4175-750-822 $164.95 ea 87-91 blazer jimmy suburban with efi gas 31 gallon 4175-750-872 $175.95 ea 60-71 c/k series 10 without eec 60-72 c/k series 20-30 chrome 4142-757-601 70-72 c/k series 10 with eec chrome 4143-757-711 72 c/k series 10 without eec chrome 4143-757-721 73-78 c/k stepside fenderside pickup

bedside quarter patch panels continued 73-86 c/k 87-91 r/v fleetside wideside pickup shortbed front lower bedside patch 23 w x 12-1/2 h left right 4144-610-731l r wheel arch patch 41-1/2 w x 12 h left right 4144-650-73l r extended wheel arch patch 60 w x 28 h left right 4144-655-73l r shortbed rear lower bedside patch 25 w x 12 h left right 4144-690-731l r bed floor assembly steel edp coated complete bed floor assembly with all steel braces welded in place ready to install $26.95 ea $21.95 ea $54.95 ea $41.75 ea longbed rear lower bedside patch 31 w x 12-3/4 h left right 4144-690-732l r $38.45 ea rear bedside corner 25 w x 22 h left right 4144-695-73l r $29.65 ea 67-72 c/k shortbed fleetside wideside pickup 4143-730-674s

tailgate hinges trunnions replacement trunnions used on pickup models this is what the tailgate pivots on and is usually worn from service tailgate bumpers excellent reproductions of rubber bumpers used to cushion the tailgate to the body when closed these really help keep a tailgate from rattling and are a common item to replace 47-53 stepside fenderside pickup pair 4140-823-471p $43.95 pr stainless steel pair 4140-823-471sp $76.95 pr 54-87 stepside fenderside pickup pair 4140-823-541p $21.95 pr 81-86 c/k 87-91 r/v fleetside wideside pickup left right 4145-823-81l r $16.45 ea tailgate linkage new parts needed to make the latch function on a tailgate links latch linkage rods and latches are available for complete replacement 67-86 c/k 87-91 r/v fleetside wideside pickup 69-81 blazer jimmy except 73-81 with removable hardtop 67-72 upper bumpers pair 4143-826-671p

hood to cowl seals new reproduction rubber seals that keep underhood fumes from entering the cowl air vents always a good item to replace as they deteriorate with age door weatherstrips this is probably the most replaced weatherstrip on a truck takes abuse every time the door is opened and slammed shut these are included in our weatherstrip kits but are available here for those who only need the door rubber 47-55 1st series mounts on door 4140-425-471p $76.95 pr 47-48 1st series mounts on cab 4140-425-472p $76.95 pr 55-59 2nd series mounts on door 4141-425-55p $54.95 pr 60-66 c/k mounts on door 4142-425-601p $76.95 pr c/k mounts on cab 4142-425-602p $54.95 pr 67-72 c/k pickup suburban front door mounts on cab 4143-425-671p $38.45 pr 69-72 blazer jimmy door and roof header left right 4173-425-69l r $109.95 ea 73-86 c/k

seat parts new reproduction parts for the seat photo not available 55-66 seat adjusting bar chrome 4141-922-551c $27.45 ea shock absorbers inside rear view mirrors new chrome steel inside rear view mirrors for models that mount the mirror to the bracket above the windshield not the windshield itself all mirrors feature the day night feature photo not available 47-59 standard mirror no day/night function4140-935-471 $16.45 ea 47-53 day night mirror 4140-935-472 $43.95 ea 54-59 day night mirror 4140-935-541 $43.95 ea 55-59 2nd series mirror bracket 4141-935-55 $21.95 ea reproduction shock absorbers correctly replace worn originals photo not available 50-55 1st series 1/2-ton can also fit 3/4-ton front shock use 2 4140-995-501 rear shock use 2 4140-995-502 55-59 2nd series 1/2-ton front shock use 2 4141-995-551