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wall tiles wall tiles 6 x 2 2 x 8 wall tiles 2 x 6 wall tiles 2 x 6 tiles white non slip non slip 60 x 60 2 x 6 tiles 3 x 6 tiles tiles commercial tiles porcelain white tiles 60 x 60 tiles 4 x 4 ceramic tiles 6 x 12 tiles 12 x 6 tiles 3 12 x 5 tiles ceramic floor tiles ceramic wall floor tiles 12 14 x 12 14 tiles wall tiles 8 x 13 v cube 5 cube decor paredes comercial integra m2 handmade wall decor pottery porcelain floor grey white shade available colours product list ceramic wall and floor size 60 5 cm to mm

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baffin with 7,4 mm of thickness baffin collection is born a porcelain and white body ceramic of the highest quality with a concrete optic intended both to big surfaces and to private environments baffin integrates to the perfection into all kinds of contemporary ambiences its unstructured and innovative reliefs award a unique and original character in walls 2 con 7.4 mm de espesor y porcelanico de altísima calidad nace con apariencia cementada baffin destinado tanto a grandes superficies como a entornos privados baffin se integra a la perfección en todo tipo de ambientes contemporáneos sus relieves desestructurados e innovadores confieren un carácter único y original en muros y paredes 3 floor baffin grey natural 59,55x119,3 cm wall baffin grey mud 29,75x89,46

4 5 floor baffin grey natural 59,55x119,3 cm wall baffin grey mud 29,75x89,46

6 7 floor baffin ivory natural 59,55x119,3 cm_baffin ivory non-slip 59,55x59,55 cm_baffin ivory nat gradone 59,55x119,3 cm wall baffin ivory mud 29,75x89,46

8 9 floor baffin ivory natural 59,55x59,55 cm wall baffin ivory 29,75x89,46 cm baffin ivory mud 29,75x89,46

10 11 wall baffin beige mud_baffin ivory_pottery decor a-b 29,75x89,46

12 13 floor baffin beige natural 59,55x59,55 cm wall baffin beige mud_baffin ivory_pottery decor a-b 29,75x89,46

baffin 60x120_60x60 cm porcelain porcelanico double fired bicocción rectified rectificado thickness espesor 48 0,74 cm aprox baffin 30x90 cm wall tiles white body double rectified revestimiento pasta blanca firing bicoc rectificado thickness espesor 64 0,75 cm aprox clase 1 r9 natural finish clase 3 r11 non-slip finish for projects check technical information with our commercial network para proyectos obtenga información técnica a través de nuestra red comercial baffin ivory 29,75x89,46 cm g-3230 baffin grey 29,75x89,46 cm g-3230 baffin beige 29,75x89,46 cm g-3230 baffin ivory mud 1 29,75x89,46 cm g-3258 baffin grey mud 1 29,75x89,46 cm g-3258 baffin beige mud 1 29,75x89,46 cm g-3258 commercial formats formatos comerciales baffin ivory natural 59,55x119,3 cm g-3372 baffin ivory natural g-3220 59,55x59,55 cm baffin ivory non-slip g-3240 59,55x59,55 cm baffin ivory nat mosaico 5x5 29,75x29,75 cm g-3638 baffin mix nat mos cube 26,5x50 cm g-2243 baffin ivory nat mosaico 3d

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