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puebla mirror blocks sophistication through traditional motifs grey dune connect bondi encaustic tiles were developed over ten centuries ago reemerging across various mediterranean cities during the 19th century at aparici we recovered this concept with an elegant selection of individual designs which compose our bondi collection this porcelain collection will be an excellent choice for any area of your home due to a new technique developed by us that offers a smoother finish with a higher adherence and anti-slip rating thus making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as well as any other room in your home hace más de diez siglos que los hidráulicos fueron desarrollados resurgiendo a través de varias ciudades mediterráneas durante el siglo xix en aparici recuperamos este concepto con una elegante selección de diseños individuales incluidos en la colección bondi este porcelánico es una opción excelente para cualquier espacio del hogar debido a una novedosa

bondi connect natural 4 5 wall belour ivory_belour titanium fold 20,2x59,5 cm-moon gold lista floor bondi connect natural 59,2x59,2

bondi grey natural bondi dune natural 6 7 floor bondi grey_bondi dune natural 59,2x59,2

bondi blocks natural 8 9 wall bricket white matt_bricket black matt 7,3x30 cm floor bondi blocks natural 59,2x59,2

bondi puebla natural 10 11 wall terre ice paint 20x20 cm floor bondi puebla natural 59,2x59,2

bondi mirror natural 12 13 wall terre sand 20x20 cm floor bondi mirror natural 59,2x59,2

bondi clase 1 r10 dcof 0,42 ansi a 137.1-2012 bondi grey natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 bondi connect natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 bondi blocks natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 bondi puebla natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 bondi dune natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 bondi mirror natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3146 porcelain porcelánico 14 straight edge Ángulo recto slight variation ligera variación pre-incision preincisión 15 steps peldaños skirtings rodapiés bondi natural rodapié 8x59,2 cm 3,15”x23,3” bondi nat grad g-2559 bondi nat grad ang g-2609 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” floor bondi mirror natural 59,2x59,2 cm bondi nat peld g-2197 bondi nat peld ang g-2281 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3”

bondi please recycle when obsolete per favore riciclarlo quando vecchio por favor reciclar cuando quede obsoleto wenn nicht mehr aktuell recyceln s´il vous plait merci de recycler ceramicas aparici s.a does not take any responsibility of any printing mistakes within this folder check and confirm the data with ceramicas aparici s.a before placing any order all technical characteristics are based on the available information at the moment of printing they can suffer alterations without previous warning ceramicas aparici s.a has the right to modify them without any responsibility or any commitment bondi 40