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markham montblanc

teide surf square shade forbo fizz 2

markham montblanc texture is the sensation created by surfaces found on objects and it is the foundation of our collections markham and montblanc which are based on a pure white colour available in two finishes – satin and gloss – in our new premium 45x120cm white body wall tile 4 white creates a canvas for one todecorate in different ways all year around by making subtle changes to the decoration designed for those seeking to make each room unique contemporary and luxurious the three existing textures will suggest new perspectives by creating dynamic spaces that will manage to make them open and inviting no matter the size or layout 5 la textura es la sensación creada por las superficies de los objetos y el fundamento de nuestras colecciones markham y montblanc basadas en un color blanco puro disponible en dos acabados satinado y brillo en nuestro nuevo formato exclusivo de revestimiento 45x120cm en pasta blanca el color blanco crea un lienzo que permite

6 7 wall markham white_white fizz 44,63x119,3

8 9 wall montblanc white_white surf_silver surf 44,63x119,3 cm floor norway ash non-slip 16x99,55

10 11 wall markham white forbo 44,63x119,3 cm floor recover grey natural 99,55x99,55

12 13 wall markham white_white teide 44,63x119,3 cm_altair gold lista floor kilim nain natural 59,55x59,55

14 15 wall montblanc white teide-markham white square_nature green 44,63x119,3

16 17 wall montblanc white_white square_paisley a-b 44,63x119,3 cm-altair gold lista floor neutral blanco natural 59,55x59,55

18 19 wall montblanc white surf 44,63x119,3 cm wall markham white_white shade 44,63x119,3 cm-altair silver

markham 0,78 cm matt mate wall tiles revestimiento white body pasta blanca double firing bicocción rectified uniform appearance thickness rectificado aspecto uniforme espesor montblanc 0,78 cm matt mate wall tiles revestimiento white body pasta blanca double firing bicocción rectified uniform appearance thickness rectificado aspecto uniforme espesor a markham white 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3220 markham nature pink 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” montblanc white 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-2585 b g-3220 montblanc paisley a-b 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-2585 price per piece precio por pieza markham white shade 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3264 markham nature blue 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-2585 montblanc white shade 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3264 markham white surf 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3264 markham nature green 44,63x119,3 cm

markham montblanc pvd g-2655 montblanc silver nova g-2655 montblanc gold diva markham gold shade g-2655 markham silver shade g-2655 montblanc gold shade g-2655 montblanc silver shade g-2655 markham gold surf markham silver surf montblanc gold surf montblanc silver surf montblanc gold nova g-2655 g-2655 g-2655 g-2655 montblanc silver diva g-2655 g-2655 22 23 markham gold fizz g-2655 markham silver fizz g-2655 montblanc gold fizz g-2655 montblanc silver fizz g-2655 markham gold square g-2655 markham silver square g-2655 montblanc gold square g-2655 montblanc silver square g-2655 markham gold forbo g-2655 markham silver forbo g-2655 montblanc gold forbo g-2655 montblanc silver forbo g-2655 markham gold teide g-2655 markham silver teide g-2655 montblanc gold teide montblanc silver teide g-2655 g-2655 wall montblanc gold nova 44,63x119,3 cm-magma ivory nova 44,63x119,3 cm floor magma emerald pulido 59,55x59,55

markham montblanc markham_montblanc