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white body wall tile 2 x 6 wall tiles white wall and floor tiles porcelain wall and floor ceramic wall and floor todos los productos new point of view the number of production floor tiles black and white blue and white floor tile porcelain tile 1 x 2 porcelain tile porcelain tiles ceramic tile ceramic u tile 4 x 4 ceramic tile 6 x 8 ceramic tile porcelain stoneware 1 x 2 ceramic tile 9 x 9 ceramic tile 2 x 2 ceramic tile v ceramic tile 2 x 6 ceramic tile 8 x 8 ceramic tile 3 x 8 ceramic tile 6 x 6 ceramic tile 3 x 2 ceramic tile 2 x 3 ceramic tile porcelain tile maintenance porcelain stoneware tile ceramic floor tile ceramic tile floor 2 x 2 ceramic floor tile 6 ceramic wall tile ceramic wall tile 6 x 8 ceramic wall tile 6 x 9 ceramic wall tile metallic ceramic tile ceramic wall tiles 6 x 8 white ceramic tile 8 x 8 white ceramic tile 6 x 6 white ceramic tile 8 x white ceramic tile 4 x 4 white ceramic tile 2 x 2 white ceramic floor tile 8 x 8 white ceramic floor tile porcelain floor tiles decorative 6 x 8 white ceramic tile white ceramic wall tile 6 x 8 white ceramic wall tile 6 x 6 white ceramic wall tile 6 x 8 ceramic wall tile white 4 in ceramic tile 6 x 8 white wall tiles white wall tiles

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isen grey natural 100x100 cm 39,37”x39,37” g-3220 isen grey natural 50x100 cm 16,69”x39,37” g-3140 isen grey natural mosaico 5x5 29,75x29,75 cm 11,71”x11,71” g-3558 skirtings rodapiés isen natural rodapié 8x50 cm 3,15”x19,69” isen natural rodapié g-2071 8x100 cm 3,15”x39,37” g-2115 available in all colours of collection disponibles en todos los colores de la colección steps peldaños isen nat.gradone 100 g 2541 isen nat.peldaño 100 g 2337 isen nat.tipo l-100 g 2723 g 2609 isen nat.tipo l-1 00 g 2503 isen nat.peldaño isen nat.gradone ang g 2815 isen nat.tipo l ang isen nat.peldaño ang g 2623 isen nat.peldaño ang g 2585 g 2375 isen nat.tipo l ang g 2779 100x100 cm 39,37”x39,37” 100x100 cm 39,37”x39,37” 44x100 cm 17,32”x39,37” 50x100 cm 19,69”x39,37” 94x100 cm 37,01”x39,37” isen nat.gradone 100 g 2655 isen nat.gradone ang g 2723

modern floor floor retro dark natural_ivory natural_random natural 29,75x29,75

xplode xplode nacar lappato 59,55x119,3 cm 23,45”x46,97” xplode copper lappato 59,55x119,3 cm 23,45”x46,97” 168 g-3466 g-3506 xplode nacar lappato 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” g-3330 xplode nacar lappato 29,75x59,55 cm 11,71”x23,45” g-3258 xplode copper lappato 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” g-3410 xplode copper lappato 29,75x59,55 cm 11,71”x23,45”

modern wall wall imarble bahia_bahia crest 29,75x89,46 cm floor imarble bahia lappato 59,55x59,5

modern wall wall nordic blanco_blanco effect_negro effect 29,75x89,46 cm effect silver lista 3x89,46

carpet carpet sand natural 100x100 cm 39,37”x39,37” carpet sand natural 59,2x59,2 cm 23,3”x23,3” g-3234 g-3154 carpet sand hexagon 25x29 cm 9,84”x11,42” carpet sand natural 50x100 cm 19,69”x39,37” g-3154 g-3230 carpet natural 100x100 consists of 12 different random patterns carpet natural 100x100 se compone de 12 diseños diferentes aleatorios carpet natural 50x100 consists of 16 different random patterns carpet natural 50x100 se compone de 16 diseños diferentes aleatorios carpet natural 60x60 consists of 26 different random patterns carpet natural 60x60 se compone de 26 diseños diferentes aleatorios carpet hexagon consists of 72 different aleatory patterns carpet hexagon se compone de 72 decoraciones diferentes aleatorias carpet decor 100x100 50x100 consists of 4 different aleatory patterns carpet decor 100x100 50x100 se compone de 4 decoraciones diferentes aleatorias natural finish clase 1 r9 une-env 12633 48 292 dcof

shagreen porcelain porcelánico double firing bicocción slight variation rectified rectificado ligera variación shagreen blue lappato 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” g-3392 shagreen coffee lappato shagreen white lappato 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” g-3392 shagreen grey lappato g-3392 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” g-3392 59,55x59,55 cm 23,45”x23,45” matching wall tiles revestimiento coordinado see full wall tiles collection on page 370 ver colecciÓn completa de revestimiento en pÁgina 370 lappato finish clase 2 r11 une-env 12633 41 dcof 0,42 ansi a 137.1-2012 content of recycled material contenido de material reciclado series shagreen lappato 334 format&thickness 59,55x59,55x1,03 cm unit m2 boxes/pallet 30 m²/pallet 31,89 m²/box pieces/box kg/pallet kg/box 1,06 3 779

mosaics astro brick cassini center chess code context daily doce egypt eiffel eliptic etnia faun last little motion nitro out over ozono pole radical ray rem rhodes rich roll round royal sail skin sun talent tram vip page 382 380 380 377 377 377 382 377 377 377 380 378 382 382 382 382 384 380 382 383 378 383 384

www.aparici.com quality_calidad high technical porcelain _porcelÁnico tÉcnico double fired_bicocciÓn service_servicio delivery within 0,5 days_0,5 dÍas plazo suministro permanent stock 8.000.000 m2 _stock permanente 8.000.000 m2 production_producciÓn 14.500.000 m2/year_14.500.000 m2/año innovation_innovaciÓn digital technology_tecnologÍa digital international_internacional 140 countries_140 paÍses ecology_ecologÍa 53 recycled material_53 material reciclado cerámicas aparici sa does not take any responsability of printing mistakes in any data of this catalogue check and confirm the data with cerÁmicas aparici s.a before any order all technical characteristics and specifications are based on the available information at the printing moment they can suffer alterations without warning according to changes in markets in technological innovations or any other factor cerÁmicas aparici s.a has the right to modifiy them without any responsability or