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1 x 2 porcelain tile p 521 colores bulldog 8 x 2 tile 1 x 6 tile 6 x 8 tile tile 6 x 3 tile 3 x 6 tile 1 x 2 tile 2 x 2 tile tiles patterns porcelain white tiles 6 x 8 white tile sae c size

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sãoluis inspired by the brazilian city of tiles san luis de maranhão the são luis collection presents bespoke designs of an important portuguese influence with colors from the ancient brazilian caribbean this type of designs can still be found nowadays in the facades of the historic center of this city built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries this 60x60cm porcelain tile collection is scored to a 10x20cm size to recreate the original smaller tiles são luis is ideal for any residential space indoor and outdoor due to a new technique that offers higher adherence with a smoother white mèrces neto finish that is just as convenient for public spaces inspirada en la ciudad de los azulejos brasileña san luis de maranhão – la colección são luis presenta unos diseños de gran influencia portuguesa con colores provenientes del antiguo brasil caribeño este tipo de diseños se pueden encontrar en las fachadas del centro histórico de la

wall são luis mix 20,2x59,5 cm floor são luis sacra natural 59,2x59,2

floor são luis neto natural 59,2x59,2

wall são luis mix natural 59,2x59,2 cm floor são luis mix natural_são luis white natural 59,2x59,2

wall glaciar white_glaciar white box_glimpse bulldog ornato 29,75x99,55 cm floor são luis mèrces natural 59,2x59,2

wall são luis white_azevedo 20,2x59,5 cm floor são luis azevedo natural 59,2x59,2

são luis wall white body double firing slight variation ligera variación bicocción pasta blanca wall tiles revestimiento são luis white 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-511 são luis mèrces 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-521 são luis neto 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-521 são luis azevedo 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-521 são luis sacra 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-521 são luis mix 20,2x59,5 cm 7,95”x23,44” c-521 tersa lista 1x59,5 cm 0,39”x23,44” c-201 moon gold silver copper lista 1x59,5 cm 0,39”x23,44” c-261 gaeta aqua grey black lista c-251 1x59,5 cm 0,39”x23,44” digital digital são luis mix consists of 18 different aleatory patterns são luis mix se componen de 18 decoraciones diferentes aleatorias são luis floor porcelain straight edge slight variation pre-scored porcelanico Ángulo recto ligera variación preincisión são

sãoluis sao luis