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jacquard ivory grey vison jacquard is a style of weaving that is defined by the fact that its process raises independent warp threads to create a textured pattern named after its creator joseph marie jacquard a french weaver and merchant who lived during the late 1700s and early 1800s this technique is the inspiration of our collection harnessing the natural softness and delicateness of textile enhanced with a subtly created textured pattern jacquard collection creates a contradiction by combining it with a concrete effect to conceive an elegantly modern collection in our new striking 45x120cm wall tile format an ideal combination that will prove equally stunning in residential as well as hospitality projects ivory forbo grey forbo vison forbo jacquard es un estilo de tejido basado en una técnica que eleva hilos de urdimbre independientes para crear un diseño con textura esta técnica es la inspiración de nuestra nueva colección la cual recibió el nombre de su creador

4 5 floor jacquard grey natural 89,46x89,46

6 7 wall jacquard ivory forbo_vison 44,63x119,3 cm-altair gold lista floor jacquard vison natural 59,55x59,55

8 9 wall jacquard grey_grey forbo 44,63x119,3 cm-markham silver forbo 44,63x119,3 cm-altair silver lista floor jacquard grey natural 89,46x89,46

10 11 wall jacquard grey_grey forbo_ivory forbo 44,63x119,3 cm-altair silver lista-jacquard grey mosaico 2,5x2,5 cm floor jacquard grey natural 59,55x59,55 cm-jacquard grey natural mosaico

12 13 wall jacquard ivory_ivory surf 44,63x119,3 cm floor jacquard ivory natural 59,55x59,55 cm wall jacquard decor 44,63x119,3

jacquard wall jacquard ivory 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” jacquard ivory surf 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” jacquard ivory forbo 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” 0,78 cm wall tiles revestimiento g-3234 white body pasta blanca double firing bicocción jacquard grey 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3264 jacquard grey surf 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” g-3264 jacquard grey forbo 44,63x119,3 cm 17,57”x46,97” rectified rectificado slight variation ligera variación thickness espesor jacquard 0,74 cm porcelain porcelánico double firing bicocción rectified rectificado slight variation ligera variación thickness espesor jacquard ivory nat.mos broken 2,1x2,1 g-3756 29,75x29,75 cm 11,71”x11,71” g-3234 jacquard ivory natural 89,46x89,46 cm 35,22”x35,22” g-3372 jacquard ivory natural 59,55x59,55 cm g-3194 23,45”x23,45” g-3264 jacquard ivory natural damasco 59,55x59,55 cm

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