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collage techniques a guide for artists and illustrators t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 paint watercolors that dance with light 37 ml 50 ml oil painting for the serious beginner by steve allrich art stuff and eyes and stuff watercolor painting outside the lines square heavy gauge steel tube 3 inch square 16 gauge steel tube what are the different card found in the card catalog christmas to remember the color of the christmas vitrea 160 glass paint daylight professional artists easel lamp mastering atmosphere mood in watercolour by joseph zbukvic winsor newton deep edge 12 x 12 water soluble oil paints mastering atmosphere mood in watercolour http bit ly rozy7i single edge razor blade oil and acrylic brushes wall mounted drying rack micron filters for bed filters american journey watercolor paints hangers wood to wood temporary celebrate your creative self highest quality solid wood furniture mastering the atmosphere and mood of watercolor how to sell on ebay brushes and stuff kolinsky sable brush pat dews atomizer kolinsky sable hair brush sable watercolor brushes winsor newton brush atg tape dispensers arches watercolor paper linen canvas roll plein aire easels madder lake deep kilimanjaro watercolor paper winsor newton watercolors transparent gold ochre wet canvas carrier pre stretched canvas fletcher fleximaster point driver winsor newton bristol sketching easel winsor newton oil brushs derwent drawing pencil sets oil primed linen portrait canvas isabey siberian blue squirrel cat tongue winsor newton brush holder winsor newton artist oil frank webb liner sable watercolor brushes 16 table top easel

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celebrating years for years i would open the cheap joe s art stuff catalog to read the handwritten notes recommending artist material antecdotes for living painting and just loving life joe miller s words inspired me to paint without fear and stand proud with that finished piece of artwork i learned that laughter perseverance and confidence would reflect in my brush strokes never give up paint as though there is no tomorrow and not to take it all so seriously joe miller will forever be my hero his words taught me to invest into myself i will forever smile remembering the day i met the legendary mr joe miller happy anniversary 25 years touching so many of our lives joyce faulknor cjas workshop instructor 25 a few years back as far as something funny about joe ya he is still avoiding me on the golf course many years ago he also promised to take me marks wonderful fishing but i think he s painting graced the cover afraid i ll catch all his fish of our `99 catalog and birdie all

artists watercolor item description list 15 ml item description list 15 ml stuff to paint with artists watercolors handmade with pure honey gum arabic glycerine and the most lightfast pigments available each color is individually crafted to develop its own unique character because of its love of moisture honey absorbs water from the atmosphere colors made with honey do not dry up in the tube or on the palette and always dilute easily often after months or years of disuse honey has been used extensively throughout the history of art as an ingredient in water-based colors of all types available in 15 ml tubes artists watercolors artists watercolor sets unique sets for today s watercolorist alive with strength and intensity these colors are created with exceptional amounts of pigment pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey they are easily diluted for smooth controlled washes and deeper darks the quintet set consists of quinacridone red rose violet rust and nickel

item description list 400 ml stuff to paint with montana gold acrylic montana gold spray acrylic professional spray paint $7.75 list 10.50 only each paint at the push of a button never before has a spray can provided color of such high quality the only genuine dual pressure can on the market allowing you to cover two times more area with six different caps available it s easy to achieve a pencil thin line with a slow pressure to a very wide 13 spray with high pressure from the same can there is very little atomized spray and the paint is nearly odor-free paint dries extremely quickly while providing extraordinary opacity mixes readily with standard acrylics and resists drips and runs available in 400 ml cans item description list 400 ml use the variety of six special spray caps to achieve different spray widths for different purposes item description avg spray width price choose your spray width mgcap-21 mgcap-22 mgcap-23 mgcap-24 mgcap-25 mgcap-26 mgt5100 item ultra skinny cap

potter s choice pc-1 saturation metallic pc-2 saturation gold pc-4 palladium stuff to glaze with amaco pottery glazes pc-12 blue midnight pc-20 blue rutile pc-23 indigo float pc-25 textured turquoise pc-27 tourmaline pc-28 frosted turquoise more stuff online at cone 5-6 a collection of potters favorite glazes made easy these glazes are fired in an oxidation kiln they are made for anyone who would like to achieve the cone 10 reduction effects without having to have a reduction gas kiln or firing at that high temperature the potter s choice series glazes look beautiful and authentic they work well over any of the amaco stoneware or porcelain clays potter s choice series glazes are supplied in liquid ready-to-use form in pint or drop ships ups gallon containers dinnerware safe potter s choice high fire glazes pc-29 deep olive speckled pc-30 temmoku pc-32 albany slip brown pc-33 iron luster pc-34 light sepia pc-35 oil spot lead-free high fire pc potter s choice glazes

see it all stuff to draw with viewing aids cheap joe stm value sketch and composition finder i am very excited to offer the cheap joe s value sketch and composition finder this helpful accessory shows us the lights and darks of our subject matter and begins the creative painting process ask any professional artist about the steps to a successful painting and you ll hear the words value study time and again for me value is what holds a painting together and once understood helps us to move on to composition and the other elements the cheap joe s value sketch is a wonderful tool and includes a composition finder and grey scale chart keep one in your studio and one in your travel case measures 6 x 8 joe cjvf price viewcatcher the artist tool that teaches this little 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 tool is great in the studio and also in the field adjust the opening to create all sorts of compositional shapes the neutral grey color allows you to see value and color relationships more clearly

oil acrylic natural isabey one of my most prized memories at cheap joe stm was the day we were visited by my good friends from the escoda brush company ricard escoda and his nephew ricard they were in the process of working on some special brushes for us and during their stay our staff was given a demonstration in brush making the escoda way i learned more in that hour about the brushes i had been using for years than i would have thought possible the escoda brush factory has been producing artist brushes since 1933 it is a family run business with 2nd and 3rd generation escoda family members actively involved in the day to day business of making brushes their objective is to make the very best possible brush for fine artists the passion for making brushes that perform at the highest level for artists is evident in every brush that leaves their factory each brush is handmade using only the very best raw materials they combine traditional brush making skills with new and unique

watermedia pads stuff to paint on strathmore 400 series watercolor pads strathmore an intermediate grade acid-free watercolor paper that s popular with watercolorists of all levels this versatile felt finished paper is ideal for mastering watercolor techniques or finished pieces 12 sheets of 140 lb cold pressed acid-free paper per pad 12 x 12 is tape-bound at top the rest are spiral bound 12 pads per case item description list price 12 400 series wet media pads 15 sheets of 90 lb heavy weight multi-purpose paper that can be used with wet media such as watercolor acrylic gouache and ink textured surface can even be used with pastel small pads are bound on the side larger 18 x 24 pads are bound at the top item description list price sm44012 sm44018 sm4401 sm4402 sm298112 6 x 12 6 x 18 9 x 12 11 x 15 12 x 12 5.39 8.09 9.99 13.29 11.19 2.69 3.99 4.99 6.59 5.59 1.99 2.99 3.69 4.89 4.19 sm4109 sm4111 sm4118 9 x 12 11 x 15 18 x 24 12.55 17.69 36.49 6.29 8.79 18.19 hand

2-3/4 rustic creations 1 barnwood frames 3/8 rabbet b whitewashed barnwood a ba rn c a rnbo b 15/16 rabbet 1-1/2 7/8 rabbet a rd joe miller gallery barnboard joe miller gallery country a textured frame that is highly reminiscent of the weathered barns that used to dot the landscape of rural america c grey with deep rake texture size c a blend of contemporary and classic styles with the popular look of driftwood this frame combines a polished surface that borders the rough driftwood grain d grey size list price d 1-3/8 co un tr y d framing stuff 228 if bold and old timey is what you need then these frames will more than fit the bill until you see them hanging in your living room or den you will not be able to fully appreciate their quality a-barnwood b-whitewashed barnwood size od a list price 8 x 10 9 x 12 11 x 14 12 x 16 14 x 18 16 x 20 18 x 24 20 x 24 24 x 30 24 x 36 size b rcbw810 rcbw912 rcbw1114 rcbw1216 rcbw1418 rcbw1620 rcbw1824 rcbw2024 rcbw2430

joe miller s signature series equipment stuff joe s signature studio easels more easels online at joe miller signature studio easel joe miller signature studio taboret joe miller signature an exciting addition to our popular signature series line the small footprint 26 x 28 american ash easel with nickel-plated hardware holds up to a 65 canvas tilts forward for the pastel artist and features a large storage shelf as standard equipment weighing in at 19 lbs this medium sized easel is the one you have been waiting for some assembly required studio a-frame my heavy-duty studio easel takes the art of easel making to the next level with its wide 30-1/2 x 26-1/2 footprint big tray and nickel-plated hardware holds a canvas up to 89 great big locking casters will tilt forward for pastel or lay flat for watercolor over all it s a workhorse and a beautiful piece of furniture that will enhance your art and your studio made of american ash joe 50 lbs some assembly

colored pencil basic colored pencil techniques by bet borgeson if you have always been interested in trying colored pencil but didn t know where to start then this book is for you it is time to stop being intimidated and try something new as you get started you will learn how to layer blend lift and use color to create drawings and have a wonderful time making them features 173 color illustrations 128 pages softback bk015-30870 list stuff to read books on collage colored pencil 17.99 price 15.29 bonus dvd the ultimate guide to colored pencil by gary greene with this easy-to-use handbook best-selling author gary greene provides you with instant access to his best tips tricks and techniques for creating exceptionally realistic colored pencil artwork whether you re new to colored pencils or perfecting advanced techniques you ll find the answers you need here in dozens of complete step-by-step demonstrations it s all here the solutions and secrets you need for your own colored pencil

tm make more art spend less money catalog #27 prices supersede all previous catalogs and flyers tm prsrt std u.s postage paid cheap joe s art stuff to printed in the u.s.a $5.00 cheap joe s art stufftm 374 industrial park drive boone nc 28607 promotion code customer id or current resident call us 1.800.227.2788 fax us 1.800.257.0874 visit us online best customer service low low prices artists who know their stuff friendliest staff in the business great selection of the supplies you need cheap joe s art stuff tm gift cards joe if you want that special artist in your life to feel appreciated then give them a cheap joe stm gift card we know that artists can be pretty hard to buy for because there are so many different kinds of art supplies this is the perfect solution you choose the amount they choose the gift each card can be re-loaded with more as needed may be used towards any purchase from our catalog sales flyers website or retail locations thank s for 25