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watercolor brushes dagger sable watercolor brushes kolinsky one stroke brushes winsor newton brushes robert simmons brushes sable watercolor brushes 16 kolinsky sable brush kolinsky sable hair brush dragons tongue 100 tajmir kolinsky winsor newton series 7 skip lawrence on watercolor isabey siberian blue squirrel cat tongue winsor newton series 995 arches watercolor paper winsor newton series 7 size 14 tight spot detailer pre stretched canvas kolinsky brushes grumbacher brushes watercolor brushes kolinsky kolinsky watercolor brushes watercolor brushes fritch scrubber watercolor brushes rigger sable rigger brushes sable hair mop brushes grumbacher brushes 10 sable oil brushes flat watercolor brushes sable artist brushes travel watercolor brushes silver watercolor brushes scroggy s watercolor paint brushes flat watercolor brush 8 flat watercolor brush 3 flat watercolor brush deerfoot stippler paint brush flat sable brush flat wash hake brush 12 richeson flat brush royal langnickel brushes black sable oil brush paint brush nylon ferrule winsor newton oil brushs large flat sable brush robert simmons sky flow wash brush white nylon filbert 4 brush 100 badger hair paint brush black sable oil brush set simmons short handle brushes wooden handles neck brush cheap watercolor paper sable brush 000 cheap cheap paint supplies grumbacher brush taklon brush

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new only new only at new new new low price new low price 100 kolinsky sable brushes stuff 95 cheap joe s watercolor brushes joe s 100 tajmir kolinsky joe s dragon s tongue joe s only joe s magic dragon watercolor brushes magic dragon brushes are exquisitely crafted made of only the very finest materials available at the lowest price you will find anywhere the kolinsky sable hair is so responsive and can carry so much color period it is the material that all watermedia artists crave and just think for this price you can have more than one trad wc handle brush materials bristles kolinsky sable ferrule nickel handle wood dark blue 12 item size length width price 6-11 12 only at watercolor brushes uniquely shaped kolinsky sable round unlike any you will see elsewhere same great full body as a regular round with a longer and finer point this brush will amaze you dragon s tongues have it all a beautiful long point nice full body exquisite handle with an amazing low price trad wc handle

c golden fleece flats item size length width price 6-11 12 c save golden fleece flats brush set item sizes list price 1 1/2 37.95 cjgf-flats 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 1 d golden fleece ovals item size length width price 42.15 6-11 12 cjgfo-50 cjgfo-75 cjgfo-1 1/2 1 3/4 1 -1/4 1 1 -1/2 1/2 3/4 1 7.39 7.02 6.67 11.39 10.82 10.28 16.89 16.05 15.24 d save golden fleece ovals brush set item sizes list price 1 cjgfo-set all ovals e golden fleece fans item size length width 35.67 31.99 3/4 price 6-11 12 cjgff-2 cjgff-4 cjgff-6 2 4 6 3/4 1 1 -1/4 1 -1/2 2 2 -1/2 5.99 5.69 7.29 6.93 9.39 8.92 5.41 6.58 8.47 1/2 save golden fleece fan brush set item sizes list price 6 cjfan-set all three fans f golden fleece riggers item size length width price 17.93 16.79 e 4 6-11 12 2 all golden fleece shown actual size 6 f cjgfr-1 cjgfr-2 cjgfr-3 cjgfr-4 cjgfr-5 cjgfr-6 1 2 3 4 5 6 6/8 13/16 7/8 15/16 1 1 1/16 3/32 7/64 1/8 1/8 5/32 3.39 3.89 3.99 4.19 4.39 4.79 3.22 3.70 3.79 3.98

series 6421 wash brushes this bold wash brush made entirely of squirrel is a real treat the texture of the hair is extremely soft and forgiving for applying smooth layers of color trad wc handle item brush materials bristles squirrel ferrule nickel handle wood gray size length width list price is6421-1 1 is6421-150 1 -1/2 is6421-2 2 7/8 1 -1/8 1 -1/4 1 49.50 1 -1/2 70.10 2 126.70 24.79 34.99 60.39 series 6234 quill mops the full reservoir and long point make this brush ideal for all techniques from wash to detail work the ultimate watercolor brush it is also ideal for silk painting this is one brush you ll definitely need in your set trad wc handle note the wire and plastic binding actually holds the bristles in so please do not remove series 6202 blue squirrel travel brush a little bitty brush with maximum color holding capacity that you can slip into your pocket to take with you anywhere trad wc handle item size brush materials bristles siberian blue squirrel ferrule brass

watercolor brushes for durability and performance even on the toughest of surfaces try a white taklon brush taklon is one of the most popular synthetic filaments in the world and for good reason they are durable while also having great color capacity these brushes are ideal for work on rough watercolor paper because they bounce back and deliver predictable brush strokes time and time again trad wc handle white taklon brush materials bristles synthetic filament ferrule nickel handle wood dark brown item size length width list price chisel blender item size length width list price r159s-2 r159s-4 r159s-6 r159s-8 r159s-10 r159s-12 2 4 6 8 10 12 3/16 1/4 5/16 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/8 5/32 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 2.30 2.60 3.25 3.65 4.20 4.95 1.59 1.79 2.19 2.49 2.89 3.39 r179-2 r179-4 r179-6 r179-8 2 4 6 8 11/32 3/8 7/16 17/32 1/8 3/16 7/32 9/32 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.20 1.69 1.99 2.39 2.89 script liner item size length width list price angular item size length width list price r169-125

white sable brush materials bristles white nylon ferrule nickel handle wood copper colored item size length width list price rs755-50 rs755-75 rs755-1 1/2 3/4 1 5/8 3/4 1 1/2 3/4 1 12.80 17.30 22.50 7.69 9.99 12.99 robert simmons fans fan with a unique and very forgiving texture super soft white nylon hairs designed to create foliage branches or even the smoothest blended effects with color trad wc handle item size length width list price brushes tip there are a lot of different brush types out there rs748-2 rs748-4 rs748-6 2 4 6 5/8 7/8 1 3/4 8.90 1-1/2 10.90 2 13.60 5.69 6.89 8.29 the skyflow brush a healthy sized bold wash with a wonderful feel a favorite among many professionals and instructors loaded with lots of white nylon fiber for a smooth flowing application of color trad wc item size length width list price when choosing the brush tips you are going to need for your painting keep in mind what your subject matter will be for instance large expanses of sky or

jack richeson watercolor brushes these brushes are a superb mixture of varying thicknesses of synthetic fiber the rounds have a snappy point and an ability to carry great volumes of color which has kept it an industry leader the flats are made of the same synthetic filament as the rounds dry the brush edge is full and thick wet it has the most wonderful razor edge they are the perfect tool for the professional and the perfect price range for the student trad wc brush materials bristles synthetic blend ferrule nickel handle wood watercolor brushes stephen quiller watercolor brushes employ advanced technology to develop the most sable-like synthetic brush imaginable 7000 quiller rounds item size list price jr7000-0 jr7000-2 jr7000-4 jr7000-6 jr7000-8 jr7000-10 jr7000-12 jr7000-24 series 9010 flats item size list price 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 24 6.40 7.50 8.75 10.50 12.95 17.95 26.95 80.30 3.20 3.69 4.39 5.09 6.29 8.39 12.95 40.19 7000 quiller flats item size list price jr9010-25 jr9010-50

shown actual size serendipity oil acrylic brush sets serendipity 6 brush set not your average six pack these brushes have been selected as being just the assortment you ll need to paint up a storm you may be famous in no time includes sunchaser sable sz 4 serendipity bright sz 10 serendipity bright sz 12 serendipity filbert sz 12 serendipity filbert sz 14 serendipity filbert sz 18 serendipity 9 brush set six brush set not enough 12 brush set too many if thats the case this nine brush set should be just right includes serendipity flat sz 12 serendipity flat sz 20 serendipity bright sz 12 serendipity bright sz 20 serendipity filbert sz 12 serendipity filbert sz 20 serendipity round sz 12 serendipity round sz 20 serendipity fan sz 4 serendipity 12 brush set when the six or nine pack brush sets just arent enough the 12 brush set can round out your collection nicely includes happy stokes rigger sz 1 sunchaser sable sz 4 sunchaser sable sz 8 serendipity bright sz 10 serendipity bright sz

takatsu synthetic brushes stuff cat s tongues size length width oil acrylic brushes takatsu is a synthetic filament with a feel that is almost identical to traditional sable but much more robust each brush has varying diameters of filament to simulate the responsiveness of natural hair you won t find a finer synthetic anywhere long handles brush materials bristles synthetic sable ferrule nickel handle wood red rounds item brights length width list price item size length width list price es3075-0 es3075-2 es3075-4 es3075-6 es3075-8 es3075-10 es3075-12 es3075-14 es3075-16 es3075-18 es3075-20 es3075-22 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 1/4 3/8 1/2 11/16 3/4 15/16 1-1/16 1-1/8 1-3/8 1-1/2 1-5/8 1-3/4 8.80 10.80 11.95 14.08 15.32 18.15 21.95 26.45 31.95 40.80 51.15 11/16 61.25 1/16 1/16 3/16 3/16 1/4 1/8 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 5/8 list price item size 4.89 5.89 6.39 7.69 8.49 9.99 11.99 14.49 17.49 22.29 27.99 33.39 es3060-0 es3060-2 es3060-4 es3060-6 es3060-8 es3060-10

bristlon oil acrylic brushes the bristlon from silver brush company has unmatched color control when compared to any other synthetic oil and acrylic brush in its class the synthetic bristle is designed such that the tips never lose their shape or snap resisting everything you do to wear it out long handles brush materials bristles synthetic ferrule nickel handle wood blue rounds item size length width list price royal sable oil acrylic brushes looking for more control than a standard sable brush not looking for something quite as stiff as a synthetic or a hog bristle find control color holding capacity and durability all in one natural hair brush these are uniquely crafted to perform like nothing you have tried before they are perfect for the artist who is starting out and needs something durable that will stand up to some abuse but can also be appreciated by the most seasoned artist for the amount of control they provide one of a kind long handles brush materials bristles natural

bamboo pen and brush convenience and creativity can all be found with this little gem of an artist paint brush not only is it a paintbrush but also a sketching pen making for two additions to your art materials in one one end is a bamboo sketching pen for ink drawing and the other is a brush for painting with ink gouache watercolor or sumi techniques the brush tip pops out flips around and fits in the handle when not in use list yatp235 9.70 price 8.99 haboku stroke brushes this orthodox sumi painting brush is made of fine quality horse hair and synthetics to increase water holding capacity and strengthen the tip beautiful and very practical sumi or watercolor brush item description list price ya6060s ya6060l 9/32 x 1-1/4 11/32 x 1-5/8 20.00 29.00 15.99 19.99 sumi-e sketch paper these are unryu rice papers suitable for painting available either in a 12 x 18 pad of 48 sheets or an 11 x 60 roll both are a really great bargain item description list price all purpose brushes made

new new new new silicone brush cleaner an odorless economical silicone brush cleaner for cleaning oil color immediately after use safe for use in most cleaning devices completely non-caustic and will not remove natural oils from sable or bristle brushes also good for removing fresh paint from all accessories and clothing item description list power towels the really works power towels multi-purpose hand cleaning system combines a highly effective product with 10 x 12 industrial strength towel with a dual-texture the multi-purpose towel is super absorbent and features a textured side for scrubbing and a smooth side for gentler applications scrub with the textured side then wipe clean with the smooth side 90 count mfw1762 mfw1763 236 ml 473 ml 9.66 14.55 joe s 5.69 price only 8.59 joe s only at new low price price brush cleaner and restorer this brush cleaner can remove dried oil and even acrylics from your brushes and make them useful once again it can be used on both synthetic and