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grumbacher artists oil colours pre-tested is grumbacher s professional range of oil colours their time proven formulas are fine-tuned through independent laboratory tests as well as hands-on trial by professional artists they use the finest pigments milled in select alkali-refined linseed oil for the professional artist pre-tested stands for optimal colour development high chroma superior tinting strength excellent adhesion and archival quality availablein37mltubes item description list 37 ml item description list 37 ml da vinci artists oil colors da vinci s finest quality oil colors are made with the highest quality raw materials available and are under continuous laboratory control each production lot is carefully tested prior to being filled availablein40.6mltubes item description list 40.6 ml grp001 grp002 grp003 grp021 grp023 grp016 grp024 grp020 grp025 grp026 grp027 grp029 grp030 grp031 grp033 grp034 grp035 grp036 grp039 grp040 grp048 grp049 grp050 grp051 grp309 grp053

gamblin stuff to paint with dry pigments make your very own watercolors acrylics and even oil paints by mixing your own colors with the appropriate binders and mediums each bottle contains the finest pure pigments available anywhere availablein4oz.bottles item description list price ga8060 ga8080 ga8150 ga8180 ga8220 ga8330 ga8360 ga8410 ga8430 ga8560 ga8610 ga8620 ga8700 ga8740 ga8780 ga8810 ga8820 ga8830 burnt sienna burnt umber cadmium red medium cadmium yellow medium cobalt blue indian red ivory black manganese violet mars black prussian blue raw sienna raw umber ultramarine blue viridian yellow ochre titanium dioxide whiting zinc oxide 7.46 7.46 25.90 20.00 25.90 7.46 7.46 12.14 7.46 11.18 7.46 7.46 9.31 20.00 7.46 8.36 7.46 8.12 5.69 5.69 19.49 15.19 19.49 5.69 5.69 9.19 5.69 8.39 5.69 5.69 7.19 15.00 5.69 6.29 5.69 6.19 new new new gamblin accents accents on the figure 37ml colors included flake white replacement gold ochre transparent earth orange caucasian flesh tone venetian

stuff to paint with artists oil colors rembrandt artists oil colours it is not surprising that rembrandt oil colours are the world s most popular premium oil colours both artists and demanding amateurs choose the rembrandt oil colour range because of its unequalled quality a characteristic of all colours in the rembrandt oil colour range is their splendid brilliance such brilliance is only achievable by using the purest pigments and other raw materials the highest possible concentration of pigment and extremely fine grinding gives all colours maximum colour strength this ensures that colours retain their integrity even when heavily mixed with white availablein40or150mltubes item description list 40 ml 15o ml oil characteristics lightfast rembrandt oil colours are unique in their lightfastness every one of the 120 colours has the highest lightfastness rating as a result your paintings will keep their original brilliant colours and value purity all rembrandt oil colours can be mixed

the economical choice winton oil colours winsor newton has engineered its finest oils into a line especially for the student or just for those who are seeking a great bargain winton oils offer a smooth rich consistency with strong brilliant colour at a super economical price if you like low prices without compromising quality you must try winton availablein37or200mltubes georgian oil colours precision and care goes into the manufacture and testing of georgian oils -one of the world s favorite oils they are smooth not sticky with a soft consistency to maintain economically uniform prices in the georgian range high performance alternatives to some of the more expensive pigments have been used hue next to the name of the colour indicates it is based on an alternative pigment only the price goes down not the quality availablein38or225mltubes item description list 38 ml list 225 ml item description list 38 ml list 225 ml item description list 37 ml list 200 ml drg515 drg024 drg221

quick-dry oil solutions winsor newton griffin alkyd what are alkyds well they are like an oil paint but are made with pigments suspended in oil modified alkyd resin and solvent all these big words mean that your paints behave like oil but dry in about half the time of conventional oils availablein37mltubes item description list 37 ml winsor newton oilbars an artists quality colour in stick form oilbar provides a new and exciting way to intermix drawing and painting use oilbar like a giant crayon and draw directly onto the canvas or other ground of your choice to create a dynamic and expressive look you may also blend your colour with a brush and solvent to create a more painterly effect originalsize5-3/4 wob347 lemon yellow hue 11.75 8.29 item description list price wob004 alizarin crimson 11.75 8.29 wob382 manganese blue hue 14.10 9.69 wob009 antique white 8.75 6.19 wob392 mars red 8.75 6.19 wob060 buff titanium 8.75 6.19 wob394 mars violet 8.75 6.19 wob074 burnt sienna 8.75

old holland abcdef blair spray varnishes a blair® matte spray varnish this 100 pure damar varnish represents the ultimate in application methods and protection for oil paintings the fine mist of spray makes it possible to apply a thin uniform film matte finish contains no fluorocarbons lead-free non-yellowing qbl300 11oz list 8.26 price 4.69 b gloss spray varnish gloss finish contains no fluorocarbons leadfree non-yellowing qbl301 11oz list 8.26 price 4.69 c retouch spray varnish retouch spray varnish is not a final picture varnish but is a varnish to be used to isolate the layers of a painting and make them more receptive to additional paint before resuming work on a dry painting use retouch to bring out a uniform wet appearance on dull dried flat places of accurate comparison contains no fluorocarbons lead-free non-yellowing qbl400 10.75oz list 8.26 price 4.69 artists oil mediums varnishes these mediums are traditionally formulated to the highest standards of the old holland

winsor newton winsor newton artists oil mediums varnishes mediums allow you to alter the characteristics of your tube colour eg consistency gloss drying rate or texture there are two main types oil based and alkyd based the former are traditional and combine oils and solvents while the latter combine synthetic alkyd resins with solvents to produce faster drying mediums the most famous being liquin the addition of a medium while painting ensures the artist does not over-thin his/her paint refined linseed oil an alkali refined oil of pale colour that reduces oil colour consistency increases gloss and transparency while slowing the drying rate item description list price stuff to paint with oil mediums and varnishes 3222956 75ml 6.15 5.79 3240956 250ml 11.95 8.69 3250956 500ml 19.65 13.69 stand linseed oil a pale viscous oil that can be mixed with turpentine or white mineral spirits to improve the flow of oil colour item description list price english distilled turpentine a highly

new new new new shiva new only at new oil mediums and varnishes oil varnishes winsor newton oil varnishes varnishes provide a transparent coating which protects the finished painting from dirt picture varnishes are removable enabling the painting to be cleaned in the future varnishes should not be used as mediums for adding to the colour oil paintings should not be varnished until thoroughly dry at least 6 months artists original matte varnish a traditional wax based varnish which creates a superior protective film for oil or alkyd paintings with a matte finish this varnish is removable if needed note bottle should be warmed in hot water before use until varnish becomes clear item description list price dammar varnish a pale yellow varnish that dries quickly to a protective clear layer with a high gloss for use on paintings prints or drawings darkens with age prevents damage by protecting against exposure to dust and dirt item description list price artists oil mediums rectified

water soluble duo aqua oil water soluble oil colors water-soluble oils duoaquaoilisanartistqualitypigmentin water-solublelinseedoilwithallthehandlingcharacteristicsoftraditionaloilandsomuchmore·duoisa wonderfullyversatileproductmanufacturedtoholbein standardsofproductioncontrol,reliability,light fastness,colorvigorandtechniquehandlingcontrol ·duoreproducesthecharacteristicsoftraditional oilcolor.itfinisheswiththesametextureandbrush strokes·duoeliminatestheodorofsolventfromthe studioandbrushes.stainlessknivesandpalettesclean upwithwater.availablein40mltubes item description list 40ml duo aqua oil water-soluble oil mediums alinseedoilandbrushcleanerespeciallyforuse withholbeinduoaquaoils item description list price hd402 hd502 hd456 linseedoil200ml linseedoil55ml brushcleaner300ml 19.95 6.75 10.95 12.19 4.29 6.89 don t forget holbein also offers conventional oils on pg 34 no matter how sophisticated you may be a huge granite mountain cannot be denied-it speaks in silence to the very

water soluble stuff to paint with oil colors max grumbacher water-soluble oils maxoilcolorrepresentssixyearsofresearchandanewpatent.that swhatittooktodevelopmax grumbacher,thefirstfinequalityoilpainttocleanupwithsoapandwater,meaningyounolongerneedharsh toxicsolventstocleanyourbrushes,thussimplifyingoilpaintingbeyondyourwildestdreams!youcaneven mixmaxwithyourfavoritemediumstoglaze,speeddryingtimeandimproveflow.availablein37mltubes item description list 37ml item description list 37ml water soluble oil colors van gogh h2oils nowyoucanpaintwithoil­withoutusingtoxic solventsorexpensivemediums!vangoghh2oil canbemixedandthinnedwithplainwater,yet deliversallofthelook,textureandintensityofyour favoritetraditionaloils.availablein40mltubes item description list 40ml grm001 grm023 grm024 grm025 grm026 grm027 grm029 grm030 grm031 grm033 grm034 grm035 grm036 grm040 grm048 grm049 grm059 grm309 grm060 grm061 grm071 grm076 grm080 grm085 grm095 grm109 grm110 grm115 grm116 grm134 grm146

artisan painting with water-soluble oils by sean dye artisan water-soluble oils artisancoloursgiveyouthehighestpigment strengthandthesoftbutteryconsistencyyoucan expectfromawinsor&newtonoilcolour.trulya genuineoilcolourwhichcanbethinnedwithwater andcleanedwithsoapandwater.40colorsto choosefrom!availablein37mltubes item description list 37ml curious about water-soluble oils or scared to give ematry?don tbe thisbookcananswerallyour questions about this new and exciting medium packed with hints tips techniques step-by-step demonstrations and an entire section filled with works from 15 different artists you ll find yourself referringtoittimeandtimeagain.235colorillus 31676 143pgs,hardback list 28.99 price 25.99 new new new new only new only at new joe s joe s palette knife landscape with water-soluble oils mixed media by sean dye water-soluble oil mediums mediumsallowtheartisttoalterthecharacteristics andworkingpropertiesofartisantubecolours enablingalloilcolourtechniquestobeachieved