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on how to work with india ink acrylic watercolor and other r oil painting for the serious beginner by steve allrich watercolors of dean mitchell beauty in the real painting nature in pen ink with watercolor vhs part 2 mastering atmosphere mood in watercolour by joseph zbukvic collage techniques a guide for artists and illustrators an acrylic journey from trash to treasure painting people in watercolor a design approach paint watercolors that dance with light painting greeting cards in watercolor watercolor painting outside the lines mastering atmosphere mood in watercolour atmosphere and mood in watercolor water soluble oil painting books used water soluble oil painting books american journey watercolor paints watercolor video by carlton plummer mary todd beam vhs mastering atmosphere and mood in watercolor joseph zbukvic jean drysdale green mastering atmosphere and mood in watercolor how to use oil pastel skip lawrence videos joseph zbukvic book watercolor paint dvd tom jones watercolor books skip lawrence artist books dvd greg allen watercolor video kinds of subjects painting kinds of subjects in painting kinds of subject in art painting cheap watercolor paper joseph zbukvic pat dews atomizer don getz pat dews loose watercolor skip lawrence claudia nice watercolor painters pocket palette watercolor painters pocket palette moira clinch watercolor pocket palette greg allen watercolor skip lawrence on watercolor palette robert wade oiler boilers incredible nib demonstration of watercolour techniques african violet shine the complete watercolor pencil set football player images mastering the atmosphere and mood of watercolor basic landscape techniques in all mediums picture of still lifes www borgeson com

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new new new new on watercolor new only new only at new new new low price new low price the big book of painting nature in watercolor by various authors watercolor landscape techniques by 23 international artists joe s this book combines the most popular medium with the most popular subject matter featured artists include tom nicholas vivienne ripley joseph zbukvic alvaro castagnet robert lovett greg allen lionel aggett the book combines practical step-by-step instruction illustrations and captures the essence of 23 diverse accomplished artists 32876 144 pgs hardback list 29.99 price 26.99 joe s joe s only the watercolorist s a-z only at trees foliage by adelene fletcher joe s create dramatic coastal scenes in watercolor by carlton plummer a comprehensive visual how-to of 25 popular species from tropical palms to the bold italian cypress from gnarled olive trees to lacy willows each four-page profile features outlines of the featured tree in full foliage and winte,r close-up details

stuff to read watch books on watercolor books simply watercolor by joe francis dowden on watercolor discover the solution to your watercolor woes joe francis dowden explains basic watercolor techniques clearly and simply step-by-step for the beginner he breaks down the essential methods into easily swallowed pieces helping you tackle the building blocks of watercolor everything from jargon chosing materials techniques and washes it s all in this book 48144 125 pgs softback list 24.95 price 20.89 watercolor made easy techniques for simplifying the painting process by janet walsh painting people in watercolor a design approach by alex powers learn how to achieve a variety of different effects with this fascinating medium from loose watercolor-like washes to precise airbrush looks step-by-step illustrations with 18 paintings from seven artists 145 color illustrations 56643 144 pgs softback list 19.97 price 16.99 this book is for all those who want to grow artistically and achieve a

new reference new new new books new only new only at new new new low price new low price joe s joe s virtual pose 2 3 by maro henri chakkour with either virtual pose book you can have you own personal models at your fingertips these books are a wonderful reference tool for the human form and are great for generating ideas too with each hardcopy comes a fantastic cd-rom which has each of the models posed and ready for a specific angle within 360 degrees literally there are thousands of angles to chose from just turn the models with a click of the mouse to find that angle that appeals most to your artistic eye item description list price the complete guide to perspective joe s joe s by john raynes only only at 31835 32968 virtual pose 2 80 pgs cd-rom hardback virtual pose 3 80 pgs cd-rom hardback everything you can imagine is real 34.99 34.99 31.49 31.49 pablo picasso the complete guide to perspective boils this daunting subject down to its simplest principles providing ยท

books arteffects by jean drysdale green stuff to read watch books on mixed media collage on mixed media how did you paint that from the best artists working in the world today covering a wide spectrum of popular topics this series provides beginning and advanced artist of all mediums with detailed examples of a myriad of ways in which to portray the featured subject each title includes 100 different interpretations of the topic readers will find suggestions and exercises from the painters allowing them to apply the lessons of masters to their own masterpieces item description list price this unique reference covers techniques for creating textures and painting effects in ink watercolor acrylic oils and pastels with precise discussions of the various techniques and dazzling color photos it is a library of painting techniques with use of conventional materials and ordinary household items 25292 208 pgs softback list 29.96 price 24.99 seeing the light by betty carr 33049 33050

10 factors for creating marketable artwork by sue viders art marketing 101 by constance smith art fear by david bayles ted orland art fear explores the way art gets made the reasons it often doesn t and the nature of difficulties that cause so many artists to give up along the way it is about committing your future to your own hands placing free will above predestination and choice above chance what is your art really about where is it going what stands in the way of getting it there 1392121 118 pgs softback price 12.95 get your name out there the right way this book s got information on what you need to know to get your work out there like a pro chapter discussions include legal protection pricing planning an exhibit resumes navigating the art market sales techniques reps and galleries it s sure to answer all your questions and set you in the right direction to becoming a professional artist 31231 336 pgs softback list 24.95 price 22.45 the business of being an artist by

new new secrets to drawing heads by alan kraayranger joe s only joe s only at new low new low price pricethe artist s complete guide to figure drawing within these pages you will find more info than you knew was out there on the subject of figure drawing each chapter is loaded with tips and studies which are designed to help you learn how to interpret the human figure flawlessly it has all kinds of tricks that will improve your accuracy and reduce frustration that s when drawing is really fun 200 b&w illus 03035 160 pgs softback list 24.96 price 20.89 how to draw what you see by rudy de reyna by anthony ryder from sketch to painting by wendy jelbert joe s only joe s only at from the watercolor tips techniques series everything you need to know about transforming a rough sketch into a painting you can be proud of a complete inspirational course for all those who love to sketch and paint everything is covered from capturing detail composition and texture to making the most of your

stuff to read watch watercolor videos bringing light to your landscapes this video reveals the secret to creating that beautiful glowing atmospheric effect we all want in our landscape paintings through a system of sequential wet-into-wet glazes no waiting time for washes to dry your paintings will look and feel like you are gazing into a landscape filled with real atmosphere item description list price videos dvds skip lawrence skip lawrence christopher schink videos jellybean figures if you are hesitant fearful or just unpracticed at putting figures in your paintings this is the video for you skip lawrence demonstrates a simple surefire never fail method of painting expressive figures that add excitement to your landscapes meaning to your greeting cards or life to a sketchbook item description list price a b sl4 sl4d vhs 45 min dvd 45 min 23.99 23.99 21.99 21.99 c d a using color as value learn how to bring vibrant color and strong values to your paintings with this exciting

videos dvds videos new new new new original watercolor video series starting out in watercolor and want to know all the tricks learn from one of the most sought after workshop instructors around these videos are designed with the beginner in mind but are also great for those who have worked with watercolor for a while and are looking to brush up a little each of the videos is subject specific which can help you tune in on just what you want to know vhs only item description list price simplified watercolor technique dvd series tom jones presents eight subject-specific short but very informative lessons so if you are starting out in watercolor start with one of its masters from snow capped mountains to tropical palms jones covers all things nature learn from one of joe s favorite workshop instructors available in dvd list price joe s tj10d painting snowcapped mountains/15 min joe s 9.99 8.99 item description new new m fun with figures new m n new o only only at afraid to add

new new joe s nly stuff to read watch watercolor videos capturing limited light with expressive brushwork by betty carr susan bourdet video bold beautiful backyard wildlife in watercolor this video compresses an extended process into 75 information-packed minutes with short cuts product tips and safe guards susan demonstrates tips on photographing wildlife how to create luminous wet-into-wet backgrounds dry brush weathered wood knot holes and nails use of gouache to add sunlit sparkle spattering how to achieve depth while maintaining the illusion of soft feathering and a cascade of delicate vibrant flowers sb88 vhs 75 min price 39.95 you will get close-up views as betty shows her techniques for painting darks first to create depth and energy thinking like an oil painter and sculptor she will teach you how she carves depth out of her painting and uses expressive dancing brushwork for all levels of watercolor bc1 vhs 110 min price 39.95 new new new stills from backyard wldlife new

experimental painting with maxine masterfield an acrylic journey from trash to treasure by mary todd beam painting nature in pen ink with watercolor by claudia nice in video1 claudia begins by showing you the basic techniques involved with watercolor starting with a simple shell and progressing to painting leaves birds and landscapes by video2 claudia introduces various techniques to improve on your paintings such as the use of masking fluid and the addition of texturizing mediums item description list new price new new new item moving colors includes four demonstrations in experimental water-media the clothesline sand painting water enamel and the evaporation process each demo shows maxine creating the fluid-shaped paintings she is known for also available the heat gun atomizer bottle and pipettes maxine uses in her video moving colors description price nl539 part 1 vhs 70 min nl540 part 2 vhs 60 min nl539-set set both 1 2 29.99 29.99 59.98 26.99 26.99 50.99 new new new new new

joe s abcd only james sulkowski videos at only joe s a success with oils by melanie cambridge in this film melanie sets out to show that oil painting does not have to be a difficult or messy medium she looks at which materials to use color mixing tones composition perspective and much more item description list price tim demonstrates four different approaches to painting landscapes showing how to create focal points with his loose spontaneous style through his practical easy-to-follow demonstrations tim will show you how to use the four key elements of painting shapes values colors and edges item description list price joe s only joe s only at mc1 mc1d vhs 70 min dvd 70 min 36.95 36.95 32.99 32.99 nl853 nl854d vhs 83 min dvd 83 min 29.99 29.99 26.99 26.99 e f e let s paint painting the still life b inspired by light painting in oils by ken howard if you want to re-learn how to think about light and how to convey light shape in oil ken howard has all you need to know in this fun