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on how to work with india ink acrylic watercolor and other r acid free cellulose paper winsor newton artist watercolor winsor newton artist watercolor paint kilimanjaro watercolor paper arches watercolor paper winsor newton watercolor paper pre stretched canvas wet canvas carrier oil primed linen portrait canvas watercolor paper rolls smooth paper for ink and watercolor winsor newton watercolor winsor newton artist watercolour strathmore photomount cards 50 pack winsor newton watercolor paint winsor newton watercolor paints crescent watercolor board watercolor painting outside the lines self healing mat cheap watercolor paper 300lb cheap watercolor paper cheap pads cotton paper primed duck canvas linen canvas roll canvas stretcher bars primed canvas 36 x 36 arches hot press watercolor paper staple free canvas watercolor paper block round canvas pre stretched oval hot press watercolor paper single canvas board gallery wrap canvas textured canvas not even weave canvas art totes oil primed paper multimedia board paper frames to stretch canvas gallery wrap canvas 34 300 lb paper rolls hot press water color paper winsor newton photomount cards kilimanjaro block personalized greeting cards winsor newton art don getz 12 oz primed cotton duck watercolor stretching boards winsor newton brush faber castell winsor newton brushes fredrix creative edge gallery 12 x 12 painting greeting cards in watercolor

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joe s joe s stuff to paint on kilimanjaro watercolor paper kilimanjaro white joe joe s joe s oe s only only whitest paper on earth joe s only at kilimanjaro white watercolor paintbook paintbook and sketchbook in one amidst each sheet of kilimanjaro watercolor paper there is a sheet of 70lb sketch paper 140lb cold pressed · 20 sheets item description price 12 kmsk1912 portrait 9 x 12 kmsk1129 landscape 12 x 9 kmsk15510 landscape 10 x 5-1/2 300lb cold pressed · 10 sheets item description 17.29 15.56 18.69 16.82 9.95 8.96 price 12 kmsk3912 portrait 9 x 12 kmsk3129 landscape 12 x 9 kmsk35510 landscape 10 x 5-1/2 18.65 16.79 18.95 17.06 10.95 9.86 painting by our own joe miller on our 18 x 9 140lb kilimanjaro block kilimanjaro white watercolor blocks the benefits of using blocks are relatively obvious blocks are more portable than standard watercolor sheets they are also ready for paint which means you won t have to stretch them before you paint what s more kilimanjaro

crescent watercolor board 100 rag acid-free premium watercolor paper mounted to a triple-thick board middle the surface sizing is uniform and level across the entire sheet and will produce smooth flat streak-less halftones the heavy 100 rag surface allows greater penetration of sizing for maximum durability under erasing or reworking conditions 114lb cold press 20 x 30 item price 5 10 watercolor sheet paper cotman watercolor paper is an inexpensive mould-made paper made exclusively to winsor newton s exacting specifications it is made from fine quality mould-made wood-free paper to ensure maximum stability and is acid-free for extensive life without deterioration cold-pressed surface and 140lb or 200lb weight 140lb cold pressed c6410 11 x 15 50 quarter sheets c6412 15 x 22 50 half sheets c8287 22 x 30 25 full sheets 200lb 22 x 30 cold pressed c8290 22 x 30 10 pk 39.50 77.50 77.50 47.50 20.00 38.79 38.79 21.39 cr114 115lb hot press 20 x 30 cr115 8.29 7.99 7.88 7.59 7.48

beginners new get ready tonew paint cheap joe s instant artist sets each set of instant artist scenes includes ideas and instructions for getting started you pick your colors go outside the lines anything you want doing these ready drawn scenes will really enhance your artistic endeavors soon with a little effort and a lot of fun you will move on to doing your own sketches and painting them each scene is drawn for you on watercolor paper which resists buckling ready to apply paint new new stuff to paint on instant artist sets new new only at size new new new low item joe s only pastoral scenes 4 per set item ia8-1 ia11-1 joe s 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 seaside water 4 per set size price price 12.95 14.95 price new low price ia8-2 ia11-2 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 12.95 14.95 joe s only joe s only at don getz instant artist sets don getz is the artist behind our original instant artist sets they remain extremely popular to this day these sets come with light instructions and are ready to

white item description price joe gab-1 16 x 23 gab-2 23 x 31 gab-3 22 x 30 brown/natural item description 13.39 40.99 25.69 price gab-1br gab-2br gab-3br 16 x 23 23 x 31 22 x 30 13.39 40.99 25.69 bull dog clips these heavy-duty nickel-plated steel clips hold papers charts reports etc for artists these clips are known and loved for clamping watercolor paper to watercolor board and gatorboard item price 6 artmate champion watercolor backing board use your champion watercolor board for a hard surface to sketch and paint on great for the field use tape or bulldog clips to secure your paper then sketch or paint away corrugated plastic 22 x 15 cwb2215 price 12.89 in the staircase of life art is the only stair that doesn t creak bdc 1.59 1.39 tom robbins sumi-e sketch paper unryu rice papers suitable for painting available either in a 12 x 18 pad of 48 sheets or an 11 x 60 roll both are a really great bargain item description list price watermedia polyester film use this

greeting cards joe s only joe s only at new low 177-194 new low item stuff to paint on goof-proof greeting cards arches price watercolor postcards the postcard pads are perfect for travel and outdoor painting made from ten sheets of arches 140 lb cold pressed surface 4 x 6 save more when you buy a carton description price 12 10 sheets 6.50 4.53 joe s only joe s only at price cheap joe s goof-proof greeting cards now you can make cards for friends and loved ones with total abandon how many times have you finished a card only to have your printer eat it how many times have you been totally disappointed with the very last card you have left with our cards you get a piece of kilimanjaro 140 lb paper plus a couple of extra samples of other fun papers paint draw and create until your heart s content if you mess up toss it or save it to see if you might want to salvage it for something else when you are finished creating your masterpiece use the enclosed stick-it-to em tape strips to

strathmore watercolor pad popular with watercolorists of all levels this versatile felt-finished paper is ideal for mastering watercolor techniques or finished pieces acid-free 140 lb paper top spiral bound blended woodpulp sheets 12 sheets per pad item description list price case strathmore aquarius ii watercolor pad curious about aquarius here s the pad for you this cotton/synthetic blend will resist warping so you need not worry about stretching your paper while trekking across the countryside 12 sheets per pad 80 lb cold-pressed and acid-free item description list price item description list price sm4109 sm4111 sm4118 9 x 12 11 x 15 18 x 24 9.95 13.95 27.95 5.95 8.50 15.95 sm4401 sm4402 9 x 12 12/cs 11 x 15 12/cs 7.95 10.50 5.50 4.36 6.90 5.73 sm203 sm205 11-1/4 x 15 15 x 22-1/4 13.95 24.95 8.75 14.95 adam network ninja new moleskine new notebooks new new new new only at new new new low price new low price canson montval watercolor pads a french-made fine quality

sa wallis belgianmist wallis white nd for pastels gra y ampersand pastelbord a panel for pastels a handmade clay-coated rigid hardboard panel with a granular marble dust finish the coating is ph neutral and non-yellowing making it a truly permanent museum quality surface the fine grain tooth grips pigment so that layer after layer of pastels can be applied it s also ideal for use with acrylics tryournewpastelbordsamplerpack­ oneofeachcolor pb405 item description color list price wallis archival sanded paper for pastel and oil most people think of sanded paper for use with pastel and wallis paper is great for that but have you ever tried oil painting on sanded paper it s the next best newest most fabulous thing it s available in two colors only white or belgian mist and in two thicknesses either professional or museum quality white only in museum quality the difference is the paper the professional quality is a 240g acid-free buffered paper while the museum quality is a 300g

new only new only at new joe s only new joe miller joe s sturdy 12 oz canvas signature canvas only at new low price new low price stuff to paint on joe miller signature canvas joe s joe s new low only price joe s triple-primed back stapled extra long only at canvas for joe s re-stretching joe miller signature joe miller signature standard depth canvas extra deep gallery wrap joe miller s newest addition to the joe did not want to stop with a stansignature collection canvas availdard depth canvas so he offers you only only at able in 31 sizes triple-primed with extra joe s joe s pricedeep available in 31 sizes tripleacid-free acrylic gesso 12 oz backprimed with acid-free acrylic gesso 12 stapled canvas is attached to kilnoz back-stapled canvas is attached to dried 3/4 stretcher bars we went kiln-dried 1-1/2 stretcher bars extra out of our way to develop a product canvas provided for restretching joe you are sure to love extra canvas miller approved availableinsingles provided for

fredrix red label cotton duck acrylic primed medium textured uniform-weave cotton duck stretched with stapled edges sixpercase item description list single case fredrix blue label ultra smooth blended polyflax/cotton with fine texture ideal for portraits and fine detail work triple-primed with acidfree acrylic gesso sixpercase fredrix gallerywrap stuff to paint on pre-stretched canvas mounted on double thick stretcher frames with 1-1/2 deep staple-free edges perfect for frameless contemporary paintings threepercase item description list single case item description list single case fs810 fs912 fs1114 fs1212 fs1216 fs1224 fs1418 fs1620 fs1824 fs2024 fs2030 fs2430 fs2436 fs2448 fs3036 8 x 10 9 x 12 11 x 14 12 x 12 12 x 16 12 x 24 14 x 18 16 x 20 18 x 24 20 x 24 20 x 30 24 x 30 24 x 36 24 x 48 30 x 36 5.45 6.20 7.25 8.00 8.50 10.90 9.50 10.25 13.00 14.45 17.45 19.50 21.75 32.25 30.50 3.59 4.09 4.79 5.29 5.59 7.19 6.29 6.79 8.59 9.49 11.49 12.79 14.29 21.19

canvas rolls stuff to paint on canvas rolls universal a popular medium weight cotton duck with an even texture 7 oz claessens oil primed linen rolls imported from belgium hand primed fredrix canvas rolls alabama very popular economical duck with a pronounced weave universal media primed 5 oz item description list price feel like even with your best efforts your paintings are still missing that something that you can t put your finger on do you feel like you need something to push them over the edge into true greatness well have we got the thing for you claessens canvas is the best available anywhere we ve had scads of positive comments not only about its durability but also its wonderful consistent oil-primed surface f1076 f1072 53 x 6 yd 59 x 6 yd 72.00 77.00 49.79 56.69 atlanta medium weight 100 cotton duck preferred as an all purpose canvas universal media primed 7 oz f1068 52 x 6 yd list 72.00 price 55.29 item description list price f1080-3 f1080-6 52 x 3 yd 52 x 6 yd

joe s only joe s only at claybordtm ink set claybord blacktm the ultimate scratchboard a clay-coated hardboard panel sprayed with an even layer of black india ink to use for white on black scratchboard art the scratchboard tools make it extremely easy and fun use the claybord inks to add a rainbow of colors to the white scratched out areas and the claybord fixative to seal and protect your finished artwork claybordblackflat1/8 item description list price colored inks for scratchboard claybord inks are formulated for adding color to claybord black paper scratchboards they are also great for painting on the claybord smooth or for use in technical pens silk painting and more set includes six 1/2 oz pigmented ink permanent and transparent includes:sepia carmine red ultramarine blue yellow light green black cinkset list 14.99 price 12.50 the new scratchboard book only by charles ewing joe s joe s only at charles ewing provides inspiring demonstrations on how to work with india ink