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beginners new get ready tonew paint cheap joe s instant artist sets each set of instant artist scenes includes ideas and instructions for getting started you pick your colors go outside the lines anything you want doing these ready drawn scenes will really enhance your artistic endeavors soon with a little effort and a lot of fun you will move on to doing your own sketches and painting them each scene is drawn for you on watercolor paper which resists buckling ready to apply paint new new stuff to paint on instant artist sets new new only at size new new new low item joe s only pastoral scenes 4 per set item ia8-1 ia11-1 joe s 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 seaside water 4 per set size price price 12.95 14.95 price new low price ia8-2 ia11-2 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 12.95 14.95 joe s only joe s only at don getz instant artist sets don getz is the artist behind our original instant artist sets they remain extremely popular to this day these sets come with light instructions and are ready to paint it s fun and incredibly easy a fantastic practice and training device full set of all sixteen item description full set of sixteen 8.5 x 11 full set of sixteen 11 x 15 price country building 4 per set item size price still life flowers 4 per set item size price ia8-set ia11-set 27.95 34.95 ia8-3 ia11-3 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 12.95 14.95 ia8-4 ia11-4 8.5 x 11 11 x 15 12.95 14.95 joe knows is watercolor the most difficult of all mediums no with our instant artist method of learning you ll think watercolor is the easiest of mediums is this too simple no the only difference is that the subjects are drawn on the watercolor paper for you later on as you grow artistically you will want to do your own drawings 146 we gave one of our instant artist sheets to a non-artist this painting is the first watercolor she has ever done she said it was so much fun it took her about an hour to complete using very few colors a size 8 golden fleece round brush you might recognize these from above they were so good we use them as examples of what any beginner can do cheap joe s art stuff call us 1-800-227-2788 fax us 1-800-257-0874