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greeting cards joe s only joe s only at new low 177-194 new low item stuff to paint on goof-proof greeting cards arches price watercolor postcards the postcard pads are perfect for travel and outdoor painting made from ten sheets of arches 140 lb cold pressed surface 4 x 6 save more when you buy a carton description price 12 10 sheets 6.50 4.53 joe s only joe s only at price cheap joe s goof-proof greeting cards now you can make cards for friends and loved ones with total abandon how many times have you finished a card only to have your printer eat it how many times have you been totally disappointed with the very last card you have left with our cards you get a piece of kilimanjaro 140 lb paper plus a couple of extra samples of other fun papers paint draw and create until your heart s content if you mess up toss it or save it to see if you might want to salvage it for something else when you are finished creating your masterpiece use the enclosed stick-it-to em tape strips to secure your painting to your finished card goof-proof cards are available in regular edge or deckle edge in packs of 20 and bulk packs of 50 suitable for laser ink jet or bubble jet printers canson watercolor postcards made with professional quality 140 lb cold pressed surface 4 x 6 acid-free preprinted address lines on back new new item description price 12 ne joe 702-675 15 sheets 4.50 2.88 each pack includes · 5 x 7 acid-free blank cards · envelopes · adhesive strips · sample of yupo paper deckled item description · 1 piece 4 x6 kilimanjaro 140 lb · sample of 300 lb kilimanjaro paper · instructions for goof-proof cards new 12 new only at ne price gpdc 25/pk gpdc-50 50/pk regular item description 18.75 16.88 27.95 25.16 price 12 replacement items for goof proof cards item description price 12 dahle gpc gpc-50 25 /pk 50/pk 16.99 15.29 27.25 24.53 gp002 gp004 gp005 km 4 x 6 140 300lb 25/pk arches 4 x 6 140 300lb 25/pk adhesive strips 50/pk 5.55 5.00 7.29 6.56 5.55 5.00 cheap joe s goof-proof greeting cards dvd or video new improved card maker trim ruler perfect for any cardmaker lightweight and portable you can take these cutters anywhere circular rolling blades in a plastic housing provides safe and easy to use cutting heads interchangeable cutters install and remove easily to provide endless creative possibilities includes a free self-healing mat only can capacity three sheets only available cutting heads at joe s joe s be purchased separately card maker trim ruler joe s only joe s card making tips and techniques from joe miller this 45 minute video is jam packed with a little bit of this a little bit of that and a ha ha here and there have fun watching joe create all kinds of different cards and find some great ideas to use on your own if you ve never used the goof proof system of greeting card making we strongly recommend this video item description price straight item scoring deckle straight wavy perforation price description gpv1 gpvd goof proof greeting card video 45 min goof proof greeting card dvd 45 min 13.99 13.99 people take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness just because they re not on your road doesn t mean they ve gotten lost 152 h jackson brwon jr da370 da360 da361 da362 da363 da364 da365 15 x 4 trim ruler 13 cut length 15 x 4 card maker 13 cut length straight cutting head perforation cutting head wavy cutting head deckle cutting head scoring cutting head 29.99 29.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 6.99 cheap joe s art stuff call us 1-800-227-2788 fax us 1-800-257-0874