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american journey watercolors pat dews atomizer holbein artists gouache madder lake deep rose madder deep alizarin brown madder frank webb palette sable round watercolor brush kilimanjaro watercolor paper scarlet red paint 23 17 pocket tool tote shoulder strap bag ob 1 hypo 200 and ob 2 490 prices winsor newton watercolors winsor newton watercolor paints copper kettle watercolor folding watercolor palettes watercolor pocket palette winsor and newton watercolors watercolor brushes fritch scrubber new sienna watercolor watercolor painters pocket palette metal watercolor palette watercolor painters pocket palette moira clinch chinese white watercolor flat watercolor brush 3 flat watercolor brush flat watercolor brushes 8 flat watercolor brush beginners watercolor sets golden fleece brushes for watercolor cheap watercolor paper daler rowney pencils daler rowney quin sienna winsor lemon winsor newton watercolour pencils quinacridone violet winsor yellow porcelain palette burnt sienna watercolor 5ml burnt umber madder lake winsor newton watercolor winsor newton brush winsor lemon yellow winsor red brown madder alizarin oiler boilers winsor newton palette incredible nib brown madder alizarin watercolor winsor newton ultramarine blue deep winsor newton brushes watercolor palettes round

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aj1115 raw umber w s st i pbr 7 lucky penny quin scarlet aj1072 w ns t ii pr 206 aj1094 permanent rose quin w s t ii pv 19 aj1106 quinacridone violet w s t ii pv 19 aj1112 raw sienna w ns st i pbr 7 old sienna quin sienna aj1078 w ns t ii pr 206 py 97 aj1140 ultramarine violet c ns t i pv 15 aj1173 manganese blue hue c ns t ii pb 33 pb 15 copper kettle quin burnt orange aj1045 w ns t i pr 206 pr 101 aj1121 rose madder quin w s t ii pv 19 pr 88 aj1037 cerulean blue genuine c ns st i pb 36 aj1004 andrews turquoise csoi pg 36 pg 7 pw 6 aj1096 poppy w ns t ii pr 188 royal amethyst dioxazine aj1122 w s st iii pv 23 aj1067 joe s blue phthalo c s t ii pb 15 aj1137 true green c s st i pg 7 py 43 taylor s flamingo pink quin aj1202 w s t ii pv 19 pw 6 aj1131 sky blue c ns so ii pb 15 pw 6 aj1058 hooker s green dark c s st i pg 7 py 42 spring green perm green aj1136 w ns st ii py 3 pg 7 aj1139 ultramarine blue c ns t i arctic ice pb 29 aj1005 c s t ii pb 15 pw 6 aj1059 hooker s green light c

watercolour winsor newton artists watercolour compact set set includes winsor lemon winsor yellow scarlet lake winsor red perm aliz crimson permanent rose french ultramarine winsor blue gs winsor green bs permanent sap green yellow ochre burnt sienna titanium white raw umber winsor newton this attractively styled box incorporates 14 half-pans and a mixing tray in the box lid which is detachable for ease of cleaning also includes a high quality series 16 size 5 sable brush and leaflet item list price winsor newton has a wide selection of watercolour mediums available for most any effect you may wish to achieve available in 75ml bottles watercolour medium a pale colored binder that when mixed with watercolours improves their flow this property can be beneficial when applying thin washes of colour this medium can be thinned with water 3222911 75ml list 11.50 price 8.79 granulation medium this medium will allow you to simulate a granular appearance with colours that do not granulate

holbein irodori antique watercolors unique high chroma watercolor made with lightfast pigments that reproduce the delicate hues and brush handling qualities that were typical of ancient oriental artistic use because of the high saturation of pigment in each color there s less gum arabic than most watercolors the result is that it will not adhere to a plastic palette like your regular watercolor therefore it is suggested one should only squeeze out what is needed for immediate use available in 15ml tubes item description list 15 ml prismacolor artists watercolors prismacolor now extends its product offering to include new artists quality watercolors prismacolor benchmarked their new watercolor against other top name manufacturers to insure you get a quality watercolor available in 16ml tubes item description list 16 ml irodori antique watercolors sets these terrific sets house a unique high chroma watercolor made with lightfast pigments that reproduce the delicate huaes and the

da vinci artists watercolors a wonderful line of professional watercolors that have a creamy soft consistency they are first quality and a great bargain available in 21 and 37ml tubes d235 cobalt green hue 12.60 7.19 16.40 8.29 i description list 21 ml list 37 ml cobalt violet 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 i d201 aureolin 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 ii d236 d237 cobalt violet deep 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 i d202 alizarin crim quin 12.60 7.19 16.40 8.29 ii d238 cobalt turquoise 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 i d203 arylide yellow 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 ii d2381 davy s grey 13.50 6.79 i d2031 arylide yellow dp 16.40 8.29 ii d2382 emerald perm 16.40 8.29 i d204 benzimida orange 19.80 10.99 24.95 12.49 i d2383 french ultram rs 13.50 6.79 i d2041 benz orange dp 24.95 12.49 i d239 gamboge hue 12.60 7.19 16.40 8.29 ii d2042 bright red 16.40 8.29 ii d242 hansa yel lt lemon 12.60 7.19 16.40 8.29 ii d205 burnt sienna 8.75 5.19 10.05 4.99 i d243 hooker s green dk 12.60 7.19 16.40 8.29 i d2051

sennelier sennelier artists watercolours these french watercolours are vibrant yet delicate in transparency subtle in tonality and extraordinarily intense they dry to a satin luminosity giving them distinctive character several unique hues are offered in the selection of eighty colours available in 10 or 21ml tubes item description list 10 ml list 21 ml item description list 10 ml list 21 ml watercolour pan set set includes aureolin cad.yel lt french vermillion cobalt blue red orange yellow ochre rose madder lake hooker s green viridian cinerous blue aliz crimson ultramarine deep burnt sienna paynes grey 131651 14 1/2 pan set list 92.50 price 52.39 watercolour tube set set includes sennelier yellow lt indian yellow burnt sienna french vermillion ultramarine deep cinerous blue hooker s green quin purple 131641 8 10ml tube set list 81.50 price 49.19 sen689 sen940 sen559 sen903 sen619 sen471 sen211 sen202 sen823 sen605 sen609 sen611 sen533 sen535 sen529 sen537 sen635 sen637 sen305

the economical grumbacher academy watercolors academy a student grade watercolor from grumbacher is a user-friendly affordable watercolor availablein7.5mltubes 6ormoresamecolor only$1.89each cotman watercolours winsor newton takes pride in the production of their wide range of artist supplies their student grade products are no different cotman is the one of the highest-grade student watercolours on the market availablein8or21mltubes 6ormore samecolor&samesize -save10 item description 8 ml 21 ml item description list 7.5 ml van gogh watercolours same professional pigments as rembrandt watercolour excellent lightfastness and a 10ml tube that s 30 more than most student grade tubes vincent would have been proud to use these availablein10mltubes 5ormoresamecolor only$1.87each item description list 10 ml vg14110 vg14090 vg15350 vg11080 vg15120 vg12380 vg16450 vg16440 vg15330 vg17010 vg13390 vg13310 vg13270 vg12240 vg16200 vg17080 vg15680 vg12540 vg13710 vg13700 vg15670 vg16330

perfect for the outdoors joe s only joe s a only at joe s only joe s only at joe s only joe s only at b travel bag its compact and lightweight design makes lugging the travel bag a snap attaches easily via an adjustable waist strap comes with a cotman watercolour compact set containing 14 half-pans two cotman brushes series 111 sizes 2 and 6 one cotman tape bound watercolour pad 5 x 8 one derwent sketch pencil 2b one kneaded eraser one water bottle and one folding bucket setincludes lemon yellow ultramarine cad yellow sap green cad red pale viridian hue cad red hue yellow ochre aliz crim hue burnt sienna purple lake burnt umber ceru blue hue chinese white 0394183 list 105.00 price 70.89 watercolor survival kit it s loaded with all kinds of great stuff you ll need when you happen upon that perfect painting -plus it has tons of extra pockets for you to fill completesetincludes · full original st petersburg watercolor set · cjas golden fleece sz 6 round brush · 1/2oz bottle of

joe knows i love highlights and spatterings in my painting it adds so much interest to any work of art just a few pages away you will find my spatter screens which work perfectly to create highlights and spatterings it s just so easy simply take your spatter screen apply a little watercolor and blow tada instant spattering that will make your painting that much more interesting davinci artists gouache da vinci s gouache is professional quality artists gouache designers and professional artists alike seek out the smooth consistency and beautiful matte when dried finish that this brand of gouache delivers blends beautifully with all types of watercolor and acrylics to create dramatic effects availablein37mltubes item description list 37 ml pebeo studio gouache opaque gouache that dries in perfectly flat even coats that retain their vividness it s suitable for all types of paper and are you ready for this it comes in giant220mltubes so you can play and have fun and hardly run

f ehjikl watercolor palettes price e tom lynch palette specially designed sturdy plastic palette by tom lynch for use with watercolor uniquely shaped 16 color wells with low front walls for easy mixing with big brushes 12 x 16 x 3/4 430 list 18.59 price 16.19 f skip lawrence palette the skip lawrence palette has 20 color wells but no dam so color mixing with large brushes is a snap one end open for easy cleaning designed by my good friend skip lawrence perfectly fits a french easel includes cover 9-1/4 x 13-1/2 x 3/4 330 price 17.59 g h stephen quiller palettes watercolor painter s pocket palette by moira clinch stephen quiller s specially designed plastic palette includes pans for primary secondary and intermediate color along with a large mixing area and cover item description list price you re painting on location but you just can t seem to capture that vivid green in the landscape what do you do flip to the french ultramarine blue page of this book and note that when

w ew joe s nly at joe s nly at watercolor 18.99 24.95 r.40 g f porcelain palettesg palettescheap p b e3-1/2 d cj18454 a orcelain cj18457 6.69 6.99 7 7stephen 7.99cj18455 5.20cj18456 5.99 8 palette 4.59dia.dia 4.99 wc wellpalettes joe s flower7 wellquiller palette .65 c 6 .50 .75 rl1122 7 paletteftom lynch andc3eu-4sigypltoxfi.hv,brwfzm1520 pcin new new new new porcelain palettes are the best palettes you can use for watercolor but we all know how pricey they can be so here s some for the small specialty jobs these little things are great i use them when i need a color that i don t have in my everyday palette everything you could possibly need is here we have stackables small palettes palette cups even flower palettes all at a great price tom lynch s porcelain palette design is similar to that of his original palette a 12 x 16 surface with 19 wells a large mixing area and two areas for holding brushes includes a plastic cover 9lbs jr420750 price 64.95 new low price new low price

watercolor m l accessories new new new new urpst new only at new o new new q joe s new new joe sy xvnw oiler boilers l ob2-hypo-490 18 gauge needle -thicker use this one for your masking fluid `cause it has a thicker needle see pg 8 of jerry griffith s using masking fluid available on page 30 m ob1-hypo-200 25 gauge needle -thinner fill with watercolor and water solution for making twigs branches little fine lines and squiggles remember to keep a spare filled with water for cleaning out the tip don t allow your oiler to sit without cleaning because these needles are small and will clog if left to dry both hold 1-1/4oz and have 1 long needles only new new q cheap joe s new new new low joe s u v wjoe s jacquard bottles droppers only at wet n wild is all you need to liven that painting right up burst out of your shell and get crazy with these item description list price item description joe s only spatter screen most of us have tried the toothbrush technique but that gets on