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commercial truck model selector begin here to choose the chevy commercial truck for your business needs ask your chevy dealer about financing options chevy accessories and special offers just for commercial buyers colorado regular cab chevy co mmer cial truck models s e rie s c argo box length wheelbase w b c a b-to -axle length maximum pay loa d 1 l bs 2 w d/4 x 4 standard engines standard hp rpm torque lb ft rpm op tional engines r colorado regular cab colorado extended cab ab colorado crew ca s colorado chassis cab silverado regular cab colorado extended cab 1500 1500 2500hd 6 6 5 6 6 8 8 3 4 111.3 126.0 126.0 126.0 119.0 133.0 133.0 133.0 133.0 143.5 157.5 143.5 157.5 157.5 157.5 143.5 143.5 153.0 167.0 167.0 167.0 137.0 161.5 33.9 34.2 22.6 49.0 41.9 55.9 55.9 55.9 55.9 41.9 55.9 41.9 55.9 55.9 55.9 32.5 32.5 41.9 55.9 55.9 55.9 60.4 84.9 1484/1465 1603/1422 1480/1275 2179/1982 1957/1705 1818/1802 3872/3594

10chct00022 silverado 3500hd chassis cab silverado chassis cab provides the strong base necessary for upfitting by an independent supplier,1 starting with gvwrs 2 up to 11,400 lbs 2wd or 12,000 lbs 4x4 to generate all the muscle you ll need on the job two engines are available the standard vortec 6.0l v8 and the available duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 that offers best-in-class3 hd diesel horsepower and overall torque heavy-duty automatic transmission choices include the hydra-matic six-speed paired with the vortec powerplant and the allison 1000 series six-speed paired with the duramax diesel each transmission includes tap-up/tap-down driver shift control tow/haul mode and auto grade braking auto grade braking allows the transmission to automatically downshift to help slow the truck when the driver applies the brakes while descending long steep grades silverado chassis cab comes with standard four-wheel ventilated disc brakes with abs and dynamic rear proportioning 1 see the back

silverado hybrid silverado hybrid limited availability offers better city fuel economy than a six-cylinder toyota camry or honda accord2 and also offers an epa estimated 22 mpg we stand behind silverado hybrid and that s why we re offering a 100,000 mile 8-year 1 limited warranty on certain hybrid components in addition to the 100,000 mile/5-year 1 transferable powertrain limited warranty plus roadside assistance and courtesy transportation programs highway so it should come as no surprise that america s first two-mode hybrid full-size pickup offers up to 40 better city fuel economy than toyota tundra and ford f-150 and up to 50 better than dodge ram.3 and because it s a chevy truck silverado hybrid delivers the power and performance you demand 332 horsepower 367 lb ft of torque up to 6,100 lbs of towing capacity 4 2wd and a payload capacity of up to 1,511 lbs 2wd 5 the two-mode hybrid system delivers seamless dependable power on demand by using a combination of electric and gas

tahoe and suburban tahoe and suburban provide a lot of flexibility for the commercial market tahoe is available with police special service and fleet packages and has the versatility to be used in standard patrol hazmat k9 medical first responder or tactical operations the vortec 5.3l v8 engine is e85 flexfuelcapable 1 and is paired with a standard six-speed automatic transmission to help provide a trailering capacity of up 2 to 8,400 lbs there s also the availability of tahoe hybrid,3 tahoe and suburban select specific ations s standard o optional ­ not available e n gi n e ava ilability hp rp m to rque lb ft rpm tahoe suburban vortec 5.3l flexfuel1 v8 half-ton vortec 6.0l v8 three-quarter-ton 320 5400 352 5400 335 4000 382 4200 s ­ s ­ s2 o4 ­ s s o9 s ­ s s ­ s ­ s s ­ s s3 o5 s6 o7 s ­ s10 s6 s s10 s6 s10 s6 tr ansmission tr ansfer c ase avail abilit y hydra-matic six-speed automatic electronically controlled with overdrive and tow/haul mode hydra-matic

commercial van model selector begin here to choose the 2010 hhr panel or full-size express commercial van model that s right for your business needs then visit a chevy dealer to shop and learn more about financing options chevy accessories and special offers just for commercial customers hhr panel chev y commercial van models hhr panel t r im/ser ies d r ive wheelbase wb standard engines standard hp rpm to rque lb ft rpm op tional engines maximum payload lbs 1 c argo space cu ft 2 standard s e ati n g optional s e ati n g ls/1lt 2lt fwd fwd rwd awd rwd rwd rwd rwd rwd rwd rwd rwd rwd awd rwd rwd rwd 103.6 103.6 135 135 135 155 135 155 139 159 139 159 177 159 135 135 135 135 155 2.2l 4-cyl 2.4l 4-cyl vortec 4.3l v6 vortec 5.3l v8 vortec 4.8l v8 vortec 4.8l v8 vortec 4.8l v8 vortec 4.8l v8 vortec 4.8l v83 vortec 4.8l v84 vortec 6.0l v8 vortec 6.0l v8 vortec 5.3l v8 vortec 5.3l v8 vortec 6.0l v8 vortec 6.0l v8 vortec 6.0l v8 155 6100/150 4800 172 5800/167 4500

express 1500 2500 and 3500 cargo vans express cargo van brings dedication and strength to any job an unmatched selection of engines1 ranges from the fuel-sipping vortec 4.3l v6 with an epa estimated 20 mpg highway to an extensive lineup of vortec v8 powerplants to the duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 the most powerful diesel in its class new 1 e xpress c argo van select specific ations s standard o optional ­ not available eng i ne ava ilability hp rp m torque lb ft rpm 1500 1 500 aw d 2 5 00 2 5 00 e x t 35 00 35 00 e x t vortec 4.3l v6 vortec 4.8l flexfuel1 v8 vortec 5.3l flexfuel1 v8 vortec 6.0l flexfuel1 v8 duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 tr ansmission avail abilit y 195 4600 280 5200 310 5200 323 4600 250 3200 260 2800 295 4600 334 4500 373 4400 460 1600 s ­ o ­ ­ ­ ­ s ­ ­ ­ s ­ o o ­ s ­ o o ­ s ­ o o ­ s ­ o o hydra-matic four-speed automatic overdrive with tow/haul mode hydra-matic six-speed automatic overdrive with tap-up/tap-down driver shift

express passenger van chevy express passenger van offers space and flexibility with 8 12 and 15-passenger seating configurations standard safety features include head-curtain side-impact air bags,1 stabilitrak electronic stability control system a tire pressure monitor excludes spare tire and antilock brakes enhanced technology glass etg 2 is standard on 12 and 15-passenger models new for 2010 is an available remote vehicle starter system.3 available all-wheel-drive awd on 1500 is a gm segment exclusive.4 the 2010 engine lineup includes the vortec 5.3l v8 and vortec 6.0l v8 both e85 flexfuel-capable.5 a six-speed automatic transmission is standard on 2500 and 3500 models express passenger van is available in 1500 1500 all-wheel-drive awd 2500 3500 and 3500 extended wheelbase models 1 always use safety belts and the correct restraint for your child s age and size even in vehicles equipped with the passenger sensing system children are safer when properly secured in a rear

hhr panel for many small businesses hhr panel is the ideal commercial vehicle there s plenty of room in the back up to 62.7 cu ft.1 of cargo space including lockable underfloor storage areas to secure valuable items the ecotec 2.2l dohc engine on ls and 1lt offers better fuel economy than any competitor 2 an epa estimated 32 mpg highway when running on gas both the 2.2l engine and the ecotec 2.4l powerplant standard on 2lt are e85 flexfuel-capable.3 standard safety features include the onstar 4 safe sound plan for the first year stabilitrak electronic stability control system head-curtain side-impact air bags5 and four-wheel antilock brakes plus 2010 hhr panel received five-star frontal and side-impact crash test ratings.6 1 cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution 2 based on gm compact mpv segment hhr panel with manual transmission has an epa estimated 22 mpg city 32 highway automatic has 22 mpg city 30 highway 3 e85 is a combination of 85 ethanol and 15

ball-hitch t r a il er ing s ilv erado 15 0 0 ball hi tchtra il e r in g weight-carrying hitch limit 5,000-lb trailer with 600-lb tongue weight z85 handling/trailering suspension or z71 off-road suspension 4x4 only and a weight-distributing hitch with sway control required over 5,000-lb trailer weight please read the trailering basics on page 29 before towing with any chevy truck vortec 5.3l v8 cont 1500 extended cab 4x4 6-speed auto trans 1500 crew cab 4x4 6-speed auto trans vortec 4.3l v6 1500 regular cab 2wd 1500 regular cab 4x4 1500 extended cab 2wd box length 6 6 8 6 6 8 6 6 8 6 6 max tr ailer weight 1 lbs 5400/5200 4800/4700 5100/4900 4400 required axle r atio 3.73 3.23 3.73 3.23 gcwr lbs 10,000 9500 10,000 9500 2 box length 6 6 8 6 6 8 6 6 8 5 8 5 8 5 8 max tr ailer weight 1 lbs 96003/92003 68003/65003 61003/5700 95003 67003 6000 required axle r atio 3.42 3.08 3.08 3.42 3.08 3.08 gcwr2 lbs 15,0003 12,2003 11,500 15,0003 12,2003 11,500 vortec 6.0l v8

ball-hitch t r a iler ing con t inued chevyexpresspassenger va nball hitchtrailering weight-carrying hitch limit 4,000-lb trailer with 400-lb tongue weight a weight-distributing hitch and sway control are not required please read the trailering basics on page 29 before towing with any chevy truck fifth-wheel t r a il er ing s i lv erado 1 5 0 0 f if t h -w heeltra il e r in g fifth-wheel trailering with a silverado 1500 requires z85 handling/trailering suspension or z71 off-road suspension please read the trailering basics on page 29 before towing a trailer with any chevy truck chassis cab t r a il er ing vortec 6.0l v8 cont 3500hd srw crew cab 2wd 3500hd srw crew cab 4x4 3500hd drw regular cab 4x4 3500hd drw extended cab 2wd 3500hd drw extended cab 4x4 3500hd drw crew cab 2wd 3500hd drw crew cab 4x4 gcwr 2 lbs 15,000 12,200 15,000 14,000/15,000 12,200 15,000 16,000 15,000 16,000 15,000 box length 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 m a x trailerr eq uir ed w eigh t 1 lbs