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the ecotec 2.2l dohc engine on hhr panel ls and 1lt includes variable valve timing and offers better fuel economy when running on gasoline than any competitor 1 an epa estimated 32 mpg highway and up to 512 highway miles between fill-ups chevy commercial powertrains the engines that power chevy commercial vehicles were designed with one purpose to help you take on nearly any task choices range from the ecotec 2.2l four-cylinder on hhr panel to vortec v8s available on select vehicles including colorado to the duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 available on silverado and express there s also a vortec 6.0l v8 on silverado a hydra-matic sixspeed automatic transmission is available on select silverado and express models it includes a tapup/tap-down driver shift control that allows the driver to manually select upshifts and downshifts hybrid limited availability that generates 332 horsepower and 367 lb ft of torque active fuel management available with the vortec 5.3l v8 on select models and the vortec 6.0l v8 on silverado hybrid smoothly shifts the engine from eight cylinders to four and back to deliver power when you need it and efficiency when you don t available on select vehicles an expanded lineup of vortec light-duty v8 engines operate on either gasoline or e853 a blend of 85 ethanol and 15 gasoline or a combination of both fuels the duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 engine meets the environmental protection agency s clean air requirements making it the cleanest diesel ever offered by chevy 1 based on gm compact mpv segment hhr panel with manual transmission has an epa estimated 22 mpg city 32 highway automatic has 22 mpg city 30 highway and 16 mpg city 23 highway when running on e85 2 based on 3/4and 1-ton vehicles in the gm large pickup segment excludes other gm vehicles 3 go to chevy.com/biofuels to see if there is an e85 fuel station near you the available duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 offers 365 hp and 660 lb ft of torque on silverado hd mate it with the available allisonĀ® 1000 series six-speed automatic transmission and you have the most powerful heavy-duty diesel pickup on the planet.2 select express vans can also be equipped with the duramax 250 hp and 460 lb ft of torque vortec 5.3l v8 with active fuel management.