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08 silverado check out more heavy-duty gear at if only every toolbox were this packed 03 fast glow plug light-up glow plugs in the duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 warm up quickly by efficiently converting electricity into heat helping to start the truck in low temperatures 07 enhanced braking system proportioning a feature that optimizes braking performance under varying cargo load conditions as part of the system corrosionresistant brake linings help silverado hd score high on the brake feel index bfi gm created the bfi which provides a composite score using weighted variables such as pedal feel and brake pedal effort to ensure that silverado hd brakes are held to stringent design and performance standards 04 05 02 01 03 06 04 impressive configurability between silverado and silverado hd there are seven engine choices four transmission choices a selection of three cab sizes and three box length options so there s a silverado or silverado hd ready to tackle the rigors of your everyday life 05 suspension packages whatever the task there s an available silverado hd suspension option ready to take it on a 34mm front stabilizer bar all hd models 08 heavy-duty trailering equipment available heavyreceiver with 2-inch adapter seven-wire harness mated to a seven-way sealed connector trailer brake control jumper harness conveniently integrated under the instrument panel and one-way sealed connector for center high-mounted brake lamp 01 duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 engine with 365 hp and a staggering 660 lb ft of torque the available duramax diesel is the most powerful heavy-duty diesel on the planet.1 all this strength comes from features such as a smart variable-geometry turbocharger which optimizes boost performance the duramax also operates quietly and is b5 biodiesel-compatible 36mm front stabilizer bar hd single rear wheel models 06 advanced common rail fuel direct-injection system silverado hd equipped with the available duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 engine features a common rail fuel direct-injection system that delivers fuel via a high-pressure pump and reinforced fuel rails and distribution lines allowing a maximum injection pressure of 26,000 psi combined with six-hole fuel injectors that provide optimal fuel vaporization this overall system allows superior fuel delivery and complete combustion silverado hd powertrain choices 2 e ngi ne vortec 6.0l v8 322 4400 duramax 6.6l turbo-diesel v8 hp rpm 3 4 the vortec 6.0l v8 on hd models generates 360 6 horses6 and 380 lb ft of torque this engine employs variable valve timing vvt technology that optimizes combustion and enhances low-end torque and high-end power plus it incorporates durable features such as extendedlife spark plugs and engine coolant smart components include electronic throttle control which provides outstanding response and excellent efficiency 07 to rque rpm 380 42003 4 standard transmission hydra-matic 6-speed automatic overdrive allison 6-speed automatic overdrive 02 allison six-speed automatic transmission this available transmission uses many of the same load-carrying components found in some medium-duty transmissions it also employs advanced technology such as a tap-up/tap-down driver shift control feature that you won t find on ford full-size pickups shift stabilization that helps reduce shift busyness when driving on mountainous terrain and auto grade braking which automatically downshifts when the driver applies the brakes while descending long steep grades 380 4200 silverado 3500hd big dooley extended cab long box lt 4x4 in black with available features and dealer-installed chevy accessories 1 based on 3/4 and 1-ton vehicles in the gm large pickup segment excludes other gm vehicles 2 see pages 33 35 and 37 for specific engine availability 3 single rear wheel 4 hd models with box delete and incomplete chassis cab vehicles 5 dual rear wheel 6 trucks less than 10,000 lbs gvwr 7 maintenance needs vary with different uses and driving conditions see the owner s manual for more information 13