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silverado see all that silverado has to offer at chevy.com/silverado climbers know the right equipment keeps them connected to the mountain and truck drivers know the right equipment keeps them connected to the road the available gm segmentexclusive1 automatic locking rear differential allows additional traction on slippery surfaces when rear-wheel slippage is detected at lower speeds it s simple silverado grips when you need it proven technology complete capability 01 smooth ride and responsive handling silverado 1500 comes with a standard coil-over-shock front suspension and a wide front track which provide great on-center feel smooth out minor road irregularities and supply excellent handling and stability on nearly all road surfaces you ll also get an unexpectedly smooth and controlled ride with durable fade-resistant front and rear shocks 04 flexfuel capability every non-hybrid v8 engine available on silverado 1500 can operate on either regular unleaded gasoline e853 a blend of 85 ethanol and 15 gasoline or any combination of both because ethanol is made from primarily organic domestic resources e85 is a mostly renewable fuel that can help reduce our dependence on petroleum e85 is a cleaner-burning fuel source which helps reduce smog-forming emissions plus e85 generally has a higher octane rating than regular unleaded gasoline which can result in slightly higher horsepower and torque levels in fact when running on e85 the vortec 5.3l v8 flexfuel engine generates 326 horsepower and 348 lb ft of torque 02 vortec v8 engines power and efficiency are trademarks of vortec engines the available vortec 5.3l v8 offers an impressive combination of 315 horsepower and an epa estimated 21 mpg highway when running on gasoline or if you crave the 403 hp and 417 lb ft of torque generated by the most powerful half-ton engine on the planet,1 go for the vortec 6.2l v8 this engine employs highflow cast-aluminum cylinder heads and variable valve timing vvt technology which enhance low-end torque and high-end power for 2010 the vortec 4.8l v8 and 5.3l v8 engines also have vvt 03 hydra-matic six-speed automatic transmission the six-speed automatic transmission is included with the available vortec 5.3l v8 and 6.2l v8 engines it has a sophisticated 32-bit control module that optimizes shift quality a steep first gear and tall overdrive gears for lively acceleration and quiet low-rpm highway cruising and a tap-up/tap-down driver shift control feature plus it s lubricated by durable and stable dexron-vi transmission fluid which is validated up to 100,000 miles.2 07 frame technology the cornerstone of silverado 1500 is its strong stiff frame the front portion of this advanced design is fully boxed and utilizes hydroforming technology hydroforming allows for fewer welds which provide clean attachment points with a better fit to the frame this smart combination supplies immense overall frame strength and durability plus excellent road isolation and ride performance the rear frame is fully boxed back to the spare tire cross member where it becomes a c-channel this ingenious strong design boosts payload capacity without adding unnecessary mass silverado 1500 powertrain choices 4 e ngi ne vortec 4.3l v6 vortec 4.8l v8 vortec 5.3l v8 vortec 6.2l v8 hp rpm 195 4600 302 5600 315 5200 326 53005 403 5700 torque rpm 260 2800 305 4600 335 4000 348 44005 417 4300 standard tr a n smission hydra-matic 4-speed automatic overdrive hydra-matic 4-speed automatic overdrive hydra-matic 6-speed automatic overdrive hydra-matic 6-speed automatic overdrive 05 active fuel management with this technology the available vortec 5.3l v8 engine delivers power when you need it in situations where extra power is not needed such as cruising down the highway on level roads active fuel management deactivates four of the eight cylinders with seamless precision when load demands increase such as when the vehicle accelerates or travels uphill cylinders are reactivated to provide eight-cylinder power 06 quiet ride hydraulic engine mounts and an underhood blanket standard on select 1500 models exhaust and induction tuning optimization thick front and engine-side dash mats a back-of-cab acoustic mat small exterior gaps and impressive aerodynamics all help to provide a quiet ride by isolating noise and vibration 05 04 03 01 07 02 01 06 10 silverado 1500 crew cab short box ltz 4x4 in victory red with available features 1 based on gm large pickup segment excludes other gm vehicles 2 maintenance needs vary with different uses and driving conditions see the owner s manual for more information 3 go to chevy.com/biofuels to see if there is an e85 fuel station near you when running on e85 silverado 1500 with 4.8l v8 engine offers an epa estimated 10 mpg city 14 highway silverado 1500 with 5.3l v8 engine offers an epa estimated 11 mpg city 16 highway and silverado 1500 with 6.2l v8 engine offers an epa estimated 10 mpg city 14 highway 4 see pages 33 35 and 37 for specific engine availability 5 when running on e85 flexfuel.