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Contacts for Chevrolet

From inside the U.S.
P.O. Box 33170
Detroit, MI 48232-5170
From inside Canada
GM of Canada
1908 Colonel Sam
Oshawa, Ontario
L1H 8P7, Canada
Mail Code 163-005

New Vehicle Purchase Information - 1-800-950-CHEV
Customer Assistance - 1.800-222-1020
From inside Canada
1-800-263-3777 (English)
1-800-263-7854 (Fran├žais)

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volt in viridian joule tricoat extra-cost color with available polished-aluminum wheels 145547_03b_4.indd 3 1/14/11 8:28

06_07 volt 145547_06d_2.indd 6 1/8/11 2:26

unprecedented control in the palm of your hand owning a volt is going to change what you expect from a car both in and out of the driver seat communicate with volt 24/7 via two new mobile apps mychevrolet and the onstar®1 mobile app.2 these apps bring you unparalleled connectivity 3 with mychevrolet you can complete tasks such as downloading an abbreviated owner s manual scheduling service appointments online and remembering where you parked with photo parking reminders the onstar mobile app takes connectivity a step further and provides specific information about volt operations curious about charging just check your phone to see the battery level and charge mode whether it s charging on 120v or 240v and it verifies that the car is plugged in then schedule a charging time epa estimates actual range will vary with conditions 145547_08e_3.indd 8 1/24/11 7:28

one of car and driver s 2011 10best cars volt in viridian joule tricoat with available park assist package and polished-aluminum wheels 145547_11f_1.indd 11 12/28/10 1:50

volt in viridian joule tricoat with available park assist package and polished-aluminum wheels 145547_13g_2.indd 13 1/14/11 2:00

innovation everywhere to squeeze the most out of every kilowatt volt s design and engineering are as highly specialized as its revolutionary powertrain here s how it works when volt accelerates it uses electric battery power or gasoline-generated electricity it then converts this electrical energy into mechanical energy but when you apply the brakes the electric hundreds of hours in the wind tunnel resulted in a shape that is 30 more aerodynamic than the original concept car designers and engineers tweaked mirrors and sheet metal rocker panels and spoilers to make sure volt sliced through the air as easily as possible since we rethought everything when creating volt it makes sense that we rethought testing as well of because chevrolet volt was designed as an energy pioneer it actually recycles some of its energy it uses regenerative braking to capture energy that would otherwise be lost when the car slows or stops since this energy is too precious to lose the braking system recaptures

145547_18j_3.indd 18 1/14/11 12:37

volt interior shown with available jet black leather appointments 145547_20k_1.indd 20 12/28/10 2:17

145547_23l_1.indd 23 12/28/10 2:38

white diamond tricoat1 black viridian joule tricoat1 jet black leather appointments with dark accents light neutral leather appointments with dark accents 145547_25m_2.indd 25 1/8/11 3:09

important information 100,000-mile/5-year transferable powertrain limited warranty every 2011 chevrolet passenger car light-duty truck suv and crossover comes with a 100,000-mile/5-year whichever comes first transferable powertrain limited warranty plus you get 100,000 miles/5 years whichever comes first of the 24/7 roadside assistance program and the courtesy transportation program and much more see dealer for details new vehicle limited warranty gm vehicles registered in the u.s.a are covered for 3 years/36,000 miles whichever comes first the complete vehicle is covered including tires towing to your nearest chevrolet dealership and cosmetic corrosion resulting from defects repairs will be made to correct any vehicle defect and most warranty repairs will be made at no charge in addition rust-through corrosion will be covered for 6 years/100,000 miles whichever comes first see dealer for details battery limited warranty volt batteries and voltec components are covered for 8