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New Vehicle Purchase Information - 1-800-950-CHEV
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chevrolet centennial edition zr1carbon flash metallicavailable pde high performance package for zr1 science creates art want to know what corvette is all about we asked five corvette experts to gather in bowling green kentucky site of the corvette assembly facility and home to the national corvette museum listen in on the conversation as they share their unique perspectives on how the current generation of corvette the c6 shares its performance and design directly with the corvette racing c6.r then join in on

coupeblade silver metallicavailable chrome

milford proving ground milford mi z06torch redavailable cfz carbon fiber packageavailable z07 ultimate performance packageavailable carbon fiber hoodavailable red

5 adding to the ways you can personalize your corvette when you look at the options you can get different wheels different stitching colors different brake caliper colors it really adds to the corvette experience harlan we ask ourselves what can we do to excite the corvette enthusiasts and make a more desirable sports car doug when the customer tells you what he wants he wants it now you have to have that integration to be able to do this thing not in years but in months 1settle in and enjoy your specially equipped corvette a new race-inspired leather and sueded microfiber-appointed seat features supportive bolsters to keep you comfortably planted.2dial in precise damping characteristics for your driving style and road conditions thanks to the magnetic selective ride control.3a new nine-speaker bose premium audio system with a twelve-month subscription of siriusxm satellite radio 1 produces sound as powerful and refined as the car.4why do racers love sueded microfiber accents they are

grand sport coupecarlisle blue metallicavailable grand sport heritage packageavailable gray brake calipersavailable competition gray

a single skilled craftsman moves the engine from station to station hand-fitting the exotic components the forged steel crank forged titanium connecting rods flat-top aluminum pistons titanium intake valves hollow stem sodium-filled exhaust valves and dry-sump oiling system all stuff that was inspired by racing where lightweight yet strong components are essential tadge at one station the forged crankshaft is lowered into the engine block at another the camshaft is installed the crank and cam are torque-tested a computer-controlled torque wrench tightens nearly every nut and bolt on the engine and every torque is recorded so you ve got very tight control over the assembly an engine cannot proceed to the next station if it fails a computer test and the builder can pull an engine off the line if he spots something that s not perfect.the completed engine is briefly run through a portion of its rpm range with horsepower and torque values recorded for quality control a computer determines

grand sport convertible z06 zr1 engine ls3 6.2l v8 type 90-degree pushrod 16-valve v8 aluminum block and heads hydraulic lifters bore and stroke 4.06 x 3.62 compression ratio 10.7:1 horsepower 430 5900 rpm 436 w/dual-mode exhaust torque 424 lb ft 4600 rpm 428 w/dual-mode exhaust redline 6500 rpm axle ratio 3.42:1 manual 2.73:1 automatic o to 60 3.95 seconds quarter mile 12.3 seconds 117 mph skid pad max lateral acceleration 1.0g braking system 4-wheel ventilated cross-drilled cast iron rotors with 6-piston front calipers and 4-piston rear calipers with bosch abs braking distance 60 to 0 in 113 ft curb weight 3,311 lbs power-to-weight 7.6:1 curb weight/hp weight distribution 51/49 epa-estimated fuel economy mpg city/hwy 16/26 manual 15/25 auto maximum highway cruising range manual/auto 468/450 miles engine ls7 7.0l 427 cid v8 type 90-degree pushrod 16-valve v8 aluminum block and heads hydraulic lifters with dry-sump oil system bore and stroke 4.125 x 4.0 compression ratio 11.0:1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 exterior paint 1 carbon flash metallic1 2 cyber gray metallic2 3 supersonic blue metallic 3 4 crystal red tintcoat 2,3 5 torch red 6 inferno orange metallic 3 11 12 13 14 7 velocity yellow tintcoat 3 8 carlisle blue metallic 9 blade silver metallic 10 arctic white interior appointments 11 ebony leather 12 titanium gray leather 13 cashmere-color leather 15 14 red leather 15 dark titanium-color

wheels1five-spoke aluminum wheel for grand sport coupe and convertible shown in silver finish also available in chrome and competition gray.2black cup wheel for z06 with z07 and zr1 with pde package also available in machined finish.320-spoke aluminum wheel for zr1 shown in available chrome also available in silver finish and competition gray.4cup wheel in black with red stripe included with z06 and zr1 with chevrolet centennial special edition.5five-spoke aluminum wheel for grand sport coupe and convertible shown in competition gray also available in silver finish and chrome.6machined-finish cup wheel available on z06 with magnetic selective ride control z06 with z07 package zr1 with pde package z06 and zr1 chevrolet centennial special edition.7five-spoke aluminum wheel for coupe and convertible shown in machined finish also available in silver finish chrome and competition gray.color calipers18larger cross-drilled brake rotors with silver calipers.9larger cross-drilled brake rotors