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a lot of things must go through your mind when designing a new car can you share some of your initial thoughts there are so many but they all start with a strong character line that leads to the beautiful sculptural fender and hood the character line bonds the bodyside surfaces the rear of cruze all the way to the decklid and into the taillamp

when a passion for artistic design meets the possibilities of interior dimensions you get cruze director of design crystal windham talks about the team s approach to creating a one-of-a-kind experience crystal windham director of design what s unique about designing for the chevy customer our customers want the perfect value a perfect balance i want them to feel like they re in a much more expensive vehicle than they thought they could own that means picking the right shapes that relate to the brand choosing the right materials and appointments that really complement the interior and selecting the different accents that make it feel more upscale let s talk about how cruze feels cruze is an example of an excellent chevrolet statement especially from the interior it embraces the dual-cockpit theme it s accented with great colors and materials on the instrument panel and the doors cruze has these wonderful two-toned fabric inserts that really just bring out what we call the surprise and

more interior room and cargo space than toyota corolla and ford focus sedan 60/40 split-folding rear seat with adjustable head restraints for outboard seating positions driver information center with oil life and tire pressure monitors1 available bluetooth® wireless technology 2 for select phones available keyless access and push-button start available usb port 3 siriusxm satellite 4 radio with three-month trial available rear park assist at a glance cruze ltz interior shown with jet black leather-appointed seats 1 excludes spare tire.2 go to gm.com/bluetooth to find out which phones are compatible with the vehicle.3 not compatible with all devices.4requires a subscription sold separately by siriusxm after three-month trial available only in the 48 contiguous united states and washington d.c visit siriusxm.com for

1 2 4 5 3 1 navigate with onstar .® arrive at your destination via the convenience of onstar turn-by-turn navigation,2 standard for six months simply tell a trained onstar advisor where you d like to go and directions are sent to the available color touch radio with navigation,1 displayed on a 7 diagonal screen download directions from mapquest® or google maps3 through enav and save even more time 2 plug in insert your ipod,®4 mp3 player or music-loaded f lash drive into the available usb port.5 your content will fully integrate with the audio system for a personal playlist 3 link to innovation download the onstar remotelink tm mobile app6 to your smartphone and enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking your doors and starting the engine,7 all remotely suppose you want to schedule a service appointment or create a reminder to help you remember where you parked your car cruze has its own app called mychevrolet.8 all the power you want in the palm of your hand 4 rock from coast

get ready the available ecotec 1.4l turbo delivers a surprising 148 lb ft of torque that comes in low and stays level throughout the power band how does it work the turbocharger increases engine power by compressing the air as it enters the cylinders this compression allows for a more robust air/fuel mixture in the cylinders creating more powerful combustion and for those seeking greater fuel economy with a fun-to-drive attitude there s the ecotec 1.8l 4-cylinder with 138 horses and a standard highway fuel economy of 36 mpg.1 with either a smile is never far off surprise attack 1 epa-estimated.2 epa-estimated ls 1.8l 36 mpg highway/25 city lt 1.4l 38 mpg highway/26 city eco 1.4l 42 mpg highway/28 city 3 amci-certified 2011 chevrolet cruze ltz vs bmw 328i sedan on dry pavement.4 standard only on lt ltz and eco with 6-speed automatic transmission cruze ltz shown in blue granite metallic manual or automatic each has its benefits what they both share is the unending grin you can only get

from working on his first car a 76 chevy vega to a position as manager quality engineering at the lordstown ohio plant darren ford is proof that you can make a career out of your passion darren ford manager quality engineering darren ford is very proud that his highly integrated team is dedicated to assembling cruze in fact every cruze sold in the united states comes out of lordstown.1 it s an accomplishment he sums up this way at lordstown we ve got the hands we ve got the brains we ve got the heart 1 assembled in lordstown ohio of u.s and globally sourced

ken bonello safety engineer ken bonello has a passion for safety engineering he and his colleagues have crashed hundreds of cars and designed thousands of complex computer models to help ensure that chevy vehicles are safe here bonello expounds on his experience helping to develop the first compact car to offer ten standard air bags.1 for cruze we crashed dozens of prototypes it s always exciting you re standing behind the safety glass heart pumping but those are the best days because you figure out if you got it right or you learn something that helps you make a safer car it s all worth it bonello says safety systems have many components cruze is the first car in its segment to offer ten standard air bags.1 most people are familiar with six cruze has additional knee air bags in the front seating positions which provide restraint to your lower body and lower legs in the rear we put in outboard rear-seat side air bags approximately sixty-four percent of the body structure of cruze

cruze 1lt shown in victory red with available rs appearance

maximum capacities epa-estimated fuel economy eco 1.4l manual eco 1.4l automatic 1.4l manual 1.4l automatic 1.8l manual 1.8l automatic 42 mpg highway 28 city 39 mpg highway 26 city 38 mpg highway 26 city 38 mpg highway 26 city 36 mpg highway 25 city 35 mpg highway 22 city fuel tank approximate passenger volume cargo volume 14 15.6 gallons ls lt ltz eco 6-speed automatic 12.6 gallons eco 6-speed manual 94.6 cubic feet /seats 5 15.4 cubic feet dimensions 58.1 60.7 70.7 105.7 181.0 61.3 select vehicle features cruze ls ecotec 1.8l dohc 4-cylinder with 138 hp and 125 lb ft of torque 6-speed manual transmission 10 standard air bags 4 stabilitrak electronic stability control system with traction control siriusxm satellite radio13 with three trial months onstar directions connections5 for six months including turn-by-turn navigation cruze ltz in addition to or replacing 2lt features ltz includes 6-speed automatic transmission remote vehicle starter system 18 split five-spoke

important information 100,000-mile/5-year transferable powertrain limited warranty e very 2012 chevy passenger car light-duty truck suv and crossover comes with a 100,000-mile/5-year whichever comes first transferable powertrain limited warranty plus you get 100,000 miles/5 years whichever comes first of the 24/7 roadside assistance program the courtesy transportation program and much more see dealer for details new vehicle limited warranty gm vehicles registered in the u.s.a are covered for 36,000 miles/3 years whichever comes first the complete vehicle is covered including tires towing to your nearest chevrolet dealership and cosmetic corrosion resulting from defects repairs will be made to correct any vehicle defect and most warranty repairs will be made at no charge in addition rust-through corrosion will be covered for 100,000 miles/6 years whichever comes first see dealer for details engines chevrolet products are equipped with engines produced by gm powertrain or other