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2012 performance parts by gm parts direct hydra matic 4l65 e four speed automatic hydra matic 4l60 e four speed automatic 12480027 oldsmobile high performance manual chevy 350 small block crate engine parts chevrolet engine 6 liter engine hydra matic 4l60 e four speed ram jet 502 crate engines big block chevy gen vi block chevy big block tall deck block chevy small block crate engine 350 chevy 350 small block crate engine ls front distributor drive cover big block cylinder heads casting numbers used chevy 350 small block crate engine ls1 engine kit installation guide aluminum chevy small block valve covers big block cylinder heads casting numbers for gm chevy 350 small block crate engines and prices chevy big block short block orange powder coated valve covers distributor steel gear must be used chevy distributor steel gear must be used 350 small block chevy performance parts gm performance parts cast aluminum valve covers high performance parts for 350 small block high rise intake 454 cylinder head parts cast iron big block chevy performance cylinder heads 350 small block part number chevy 454 big block parts 350 olds high performance cylinder heads part number for spark plugs for gm 350 cylinder head bolt chevrolet 4 cylinder 1955 chevrolet bel air chevrolet small block cylinder heads ram jet intake manifold chevy small block crate engine ls7 intake manifold zz series high rise intake manifold small block chevy vortec intake manifold 572 cubic inch engine gm high rise intake manifold single plane intake manifold single plane intake manifolds chevy 502 big block crate engine chevy 350 crate engine chevy 454 big block crate engine chevy crate engine circle track big block 427 crate engine gen iv big block cylinder heads saturn ion red line high rise intake manifolds lt1 chevy small block crate engines 350 small block crate engine chevy small block crate engine

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performance center news new parts greater performance cnc-ported ls3 cylinder heads page 14 ls9 valvetrain kit page 15 zl1 fuel pump page 15 ls376/525 crate engine page 16 2 shop online at

crate engines crate engine quick reference chart chevy small-block v-8 part number 19244450 12499529 19210009 19210008 19210007 19201330 24502609 12561723 12499120 19201331 12496769 12499101 12499106 17800393 12498772 description 350/290 hp deluxe kit 350/290 hp economy performance engine 350 ho turn-key with iron vortec heads 350 ho deluxe with iron vortec heads 350 ho base with iron vortec heads zz4 350 turn-key with aluminum heads zz4 350 base with aluminum heads zz4 350 partial engine ram jet 350 pfi with iron vortec heads fast burn 385 turn-key with aluminum vortec heads fast burn 385 base with aluminum vortec heads ht383 base performance engine 383 partial engine ht383e zz383 with aluminum vortec heads engine size 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 350 cu in 383 cu in 383 cu in 383 cu in 383 cu in weight ­ 352 575 481 298 511 379 223 517 511 466 405 335 450 397 hp 290 290 330 330 330 355 355 n/a 350 385 385

crate engines small-block 12496769 12561723 fast burn 385 base it has the same forged crankshaft hydraulic roller cam and high-flow fast burn heads as the turn-key crate engine ­ but delivered without the carburetor fuel pump starter and other accessories zz4 partial engine the fast burn 385 is based on the popular zz4 engine and this partial engine assembly includes the forged steel crankshaft lt1-style high-silicon pistons and connecting rods select the parts below to finish off your crate engine and get running in less time 24216083 hydra-matic 4l60-e four-speed automatic transmission see page 154 for details 19212657 transmission controller see page 156 for details 12497985 chrome-finish aluminum valve covers center bolt design see page 187 for details 19210728 roller rocker arm set 1.5:1 ratio see page 185 for details 12342024 chrome water neck see page 206 for details 12480127 short aluminum valve covers see page 186 for details see page 162 for our complete line of small-block

crate engines ls-series ls7 7.0l 19244098 505 hp 6,300 rpm 470 lb ft 4,800 rpm a living legend with 427 classic cubic inches in annals of high-performance engines the corvette z06 s ls7 will be remembered as a benchmark in naturally aspirated power it will also go down as one of the most popular ls crate engines ever offered with 505 horsepower and 470 lb ft of torque within its classic 427-cu-in displacement engineers extracted big-block grunt from its high-revving small-block package it features a unique big-bore cylinder block that is anchored with a forged crankshaft featherweight titanium connecting rods and friction-coated pistons but it s the airflow capability of the cavernous cnc-ported heads that enables its tremendous power large-volume straight-passage intake runners channel air directly through 2.20-inch titanium intake valves chevrolet performance s ls7 7 crate engine package includes .0l a production-style engine with the dry sump oil pan you ll need to supply the

ct400 ct525 dependable horsepower that helps you win from the entry-level 350-horsepower ct350 small-block to the 525-horsepower ct525 ls-series engine our circle track crate engines are designed to match your performance needs with series requirements in fact many series specify the use of chevrolet performance sealed crate engines they re affordable too more than a ready-built racing engine our circle track crate engines deliver dependable performance meaning you ll spend less time under the hood that saves time and money allowing you to focus on the more important aspects of your racing program importantly chevrolet performance circle track crate engines are built with brand-new parts from the cylinder block and rotating assembly to the heads and all the supporting accessories in fact our 350 small-block engines feature blocks with four-bolt mains ­ a strength-enhancing design most used blocks simply won t offer nothing beats the thrill of taking the checkered flag with chevrolet

chevy small-block v-8 aluminum racing cylinder heads thesamesuperiorchevroletperformancetechnologythatprofessional nascarandnhraracershaveusedtowinracesfordecadesisavailable foryoutouseinyourracecar.thechevroletperformancealuminumracing cylinderheadsarepartofanextensivefamilyofhigh-performanceinlinevalve heads designed specifically for race-winning engines chevroletperformancealuminumracingcylinderheadsstartwithcastings designedwiththickerdecksandmanifoldflangeareas.thecombustion chambersaredesignedforcompetitionandairpassagesaremaximizedfor high-velocityairflow.thesecylinderheadsthriveonhighcompressionand highrpm.usedinconjunctionwithoptimizedshort-block,intakeandvalvetrain combos these heads are part of an instant-on power plant ­ the kind of engine that will put you in the winner s circle chevrolet performance engineers dramatically altered the valve architecture toimproveairflowandmaximizeefficiency.thesealuminumracingcylinder heads are only available unported so you must have

chevy ls-series valvetrain ls-series valvetrain systems are very universal all production engines use investment-cast rockers with roller trunnions they attach to a bolt-down mountingbracketexceptforls7andlsxapplicationsthathavemachined pedestalsthatmakesinstallationfastandeasy.allproductionengines feature 1.7-ratio rockers except the ls7 which uses 1.8-ratio rockers rock ers are specific to their cylinder head families here s a look at the various applications cathedral-port heads use interchangeable rockers on the intake and exhaust sides p/n10214664 photo a l92 heads usespecific,offsetintakerockersp/n12569167andnon-offsetexhaust rockersp/n10214664 photo b a ls6 rockers ls7 heads usespecific,offsetintakerockersp/n12579615andnon-offsetexhaust rockersp/n12579617 photo c lsx-dr heads lsx-drheadsrequireracing-styleshaftmountrockersystems.chevrolet performanceoffersa1.90:1-ratiorockerarmkitp/n19201808 photo d b l92 rockers ls compatibility heads vs blocks blocks engine ls1/ls6 ls2/l76

b 19258433 lc9 5.3l accessory drive system the workhorse 5.3l lc9 engine assembly comes with an alternator bracket attached to complete the installation of your engine the parts listed below will complete the factory-installed fead assembly these components are engineered for heavy-duty work-truck use and will provide years of reliable service in your performance vehicle chevy ls-series the system includes part 12626222 12580771 20989651 11516360 20756714 12554032 11514597 11515764 12604004 lc9 5.3l accessory drive system qty 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 3 1 1 3 3 1 1 description drivebelt idlerpulleyw/bolt alternator alternatorbolts p/spump p/sbrace p/sbracenuts p/sbracebolt p/spumppulley stgpumpmtgbolt accompressor mtgbracket bracketbolts compbolts­long compbolt­short beltkitw/toolac b 11515767 25891791 12554026 11515767 11516109 11516503 19210691 note this kit is designed to include the necessary parts to install the complete kit on a chevrolet performance 5.3l crate engine if you do not

chevy big-block v-8 hardware and breathers 88962074 oil baffle tube not shown · · pushes easily into most valve covers that have an oil baffle requires breather p/n 25534355 used on zz572 engines a 25534355 zz572 breather · · · · special breathers for the zz572 valve covers chrome breathers are 1-3/8 hose-clamp-style with the bowtie logo on top use with oil baffle tube p/n 88962074 includes 2 breathers b 12341993 push-in oil filler cap · a zz572 breather for valve covers with 1.220 hole 19131218 chrome push-in breather not shown · · 2-3/4 o.d x 1-1/2 tall with 3/4 nipple use with rubber grommet p/n 3894337 3894337 rubber grommet bowtie valve covers not shown · · has 15/16 i.d x 17/32 o.d can be used to plug the oil filler hole in bowtie valve covers or to mount a push-in breather 14085759 valve cover gasket not shown · · steel-reinforced gasket fits all big-block chevy valve covers order 2 per engine valve cover badges designed to fit mounting area on valve covers

chrome fuel pump block-off plates e 12341998 small-block fuel pump block-off plate · platehasstampedbowtielogo · specialnon-asbestosgasketincluded f 12341999 big-block fuel pump block-off plate · platehasstampedbowtielogo · specialnon-asbestosgasketincluded fuel systems superchargers electric fuel pumps and components small-block fuel pump e block-off plate big-block fuel pump f block-off plate g 6472657 electric fuel pump · foruseonallcarburetedengines · flows30-40gphat6-9psi new h 19258436 new camaro zl1 fuel pump module · roductionfuelpumpmoduleforthe2012camarozl1with p superchargedlsaengine · supportsapproximately600horsepower · directreplacementfor2010+camarossfuelpumpmodules · 250litersperhourcapacityat65psi · pulse-widthmodulated,eliminatesneedforconventionalpressure regulator · kititincludesfuelpumpmodule/senderassemblytanksealand instruction sheet i 25115899 electric fuel pump high-output · heavy-duty12-voltelectricrotarypump · flows72gphat6-8psi electric fuel

www.gmperformanceparts.com mild to wild ls-based engines provide amazing power starting on page 80 the original small-block chevy still rules the road starting on page 62 the e-rod family grows ­ clean power only from chevrolet performance starting on page 82 nothing beats the power and torque of a big-block chevy starting on page 118 harness that bowtie power with supermatictm transmissions and controllers starting on page 152 from hobby stock to late model there s a bowtie circle track engine for you starting on page 142 your authorized chevrolet performance center pp-ca-0012-12 ©2012 general motors co all rights reserved chevytm gm® gm emblem® chevrolet