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remote technology measures energy usage and gives you total control two apps double the connectivity curious about your charging status with the onstarĀ® remotelink tm app1 you can see the battery level and charge mode 120v or optional 240v right on your smartphone you ll be able to remotely verify that the car is plugged in and even schedule a future charging time text or email alerts tell you when the battery is fully charged but the really cool or hot thing about onstar remotelink is the ability to power up your plugged-in volt and precool or preheat the interior from anywhere you get cell service volt is available to order at participating dealers quantities limited iphone is a registered trademark of apple inc registered in the u.s and other countries 1 requires iphone or android platform and active onstar subscription which is standard for three years.2 requires iphone or android platform of course you can also access onstar services standard for three years like remote door unlock horn and lights and a tire pressure monitoring system excludes spare tire what s more an onstar advisor is available 24/7 but suppose you want to schedule a service appointment online download an abbreviated owner s manual or create a photo reminder to help you remember where you parked your car chevy has an app called mychevrolet.2 together with onstar remotelink you ll have all the power you want in the palm of your hand.