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maximum capacities epa-estimated combined fuel economy fuel tank approximate 94 mpge/37 mpg gas 9.3 gallons passenger volume cargo volume 17 90.3 cubic feet/seats 4 10.6 cubic feet dimensions 56.6 61.2 70.4 105.7 177.1 62.1 dealer-installed accessories personalize your volt at chevy.com/accessories charging chevrolet s home charging provider spx offers volt owners a one-stop shopping experience for a variety of charging stations and installation options as well as information on special programs and incentives visit homecharging.spx.com/volt or call 877-805-evse 3873 for more information rear-seat closeout sill plate available 240-volt fast charging station for vehicle graphics specifically designed for volt visit chevroletgraphics.com door trim options ceramic white accompanies available jet black/ceramic white leather appointments 4 frosted nickel accompanies jet black cloth and available jet black leather appointments 4 green-patterned accompanies available jet black/green leather appointments 4 light neutral accompanies available light neutral leather appointments 4 spice red-patterned accompanies available jet black/spice red leather appointments 4