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maximizing creativity for energy efficiency enhance efficiency do more with less battery power doesn t have to be f inite just ask a volt engineer where others saw limits our engineers saw opportunities and built in ways to get more out of your vehicle little wonder it s become the most eff icient compact car you can buy.1 have a ball volt s efficiency gauge is located in the configurable instrument cluster right in front of the driver keep the ball green and in the center of the gauge to enjoy optimal efficiency inset photo pocket the change you can fully charge your volt for about $1.50 a day on average.2 that s an epa-estimated 35-mile gas-free range for less than the cost of a latte reduce friction goodyear ® assurance® fuel max® tires are classified as low rolling resistance tires and allow volt to get up to one more all-electric mile when compared to ordinary tires hear this the available bose ® energy efficient series speaker system is 30 smaller 40 lighter and uses 50 less energy than comparable bose systems the sound however is 100 crystal clear volt shown in silver ice metallic with available features volt is available to order at participating dealers quantities limited 1 epa-estimated 35-mile range based on 94 mpge electric 340-mile range based on 35 mpg city/40 highway gas actual range varies with conditions 2 based on national average 12 cents per kilowatt-hour and 12.9 kwh for a full charge 1.55 electricity costs vary check with your provider for your rates.