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1500 crew cab short box high country 4x4 in black with available features 1 requires 1500 4-door double cab standard box ltz 2wd or crew cab short box ltz 2wd with available 6.2l v8 engine and max trailering package.  2 before you buy a vehicle or use it for trailering carefully review the trailering section of the owner’s manual the weight of passengers cargo and options or accessories may reduce the amount you can tow.  3 requires 4-door double cab standard box 2wd with available 5.3l v8 engine and max trailering package trailer sway control.  this system steep grades no problem.  max trailering package.  with the recalibrated shock tuning for increased uses stabilitrak® electronic stability with hill start assist sensors detect available 6.2l v8 engine and the max control — you can tow up to 12,500 lbs.1 2 control sensors to detect a swaying when silverado is on a grade of 5 or trailering package — which includes a with the available 5.3l v8 engine and the trailer it then applies both the vehicle more it holds the brakes momentarily or heavy-duty axle and high-capacity max trailering package you can tow up and the trailer brakes if properly until the accelerator is pressed helping to rear springs integrated trailer brake to 11,100 lbs.2 3 equipped to help bring it back in line prevent rollback auto grade braking controller enhanced cooling system and senses when silverado is traveling on a downhill grade and engages a grade braking shift pattern to help maintain your desired speed.