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turbocharged performance 1.6l turbo-diesel 40 available summer 2017 equinox premier in summit white with available 1.6l turbo-diesel engine late availability and other available features a maximum highway range of 588  up to gm-estimated mpg highway 1 miles per tank 2 a trio of turbos.  the exhilaration for all-new 1.6l turbo-diesel engine.  6-speed automatic transmission equinox comes with the power of three this engine is efficient fun to drive tuned for quick launch feel and fuel for 2018 we’re introducing a trifecta and quiet advanced features include efficient 1 cruising the 6-speed of turbos designed to bring you all the stop/start technology and the automatic perfectly complements power and torque you need for your daily turbocharger helps provide excellent the turbo-diesel engine adaptive drive or a weekend getaway low-end torque for smooth merging shift control with auto grade braking and passing power can help reduce the need to brake during a hill descent 1 gm-estimated 40 mpg highway for fwd models official epa estimates not yet available fuel economy estimate based on gm testing.  2 based on gm-estimated 40 mpg highway and fuel tank capacity official epa estimates not yet available your range may be less.