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32 mpg 1.5l 170 highway 1 epa estimated turbo engine horsepower equinox premier in cajun red tintcoat extra-cost color with available features 1 epa-estimated 26 mpg city/32 highway for 1.5l fwd models 2 epa-estimated 26 mpg city for 1.5l fwd models 24 mpg city for 1.5l awd models 22 mpg city for 2.0l fwd models and 22 mpg city for 2.0l awd models gm-estimated 28 mpg city for 1.6l turbo-diesel fwd models and 27 mpg city for 1.6l turbo-diesel awd models 1.5l turbo engine.  this new higher level the turbo generates 9-speed automatic transmission new capless fuel system turbocharged 4-cylinder engine up to 20 pounds of boost for the available exclusively with the 2.0l an ingenious capless fuel system uses the technologies of continuously torque you’d normally expect from turbocharged engine the highly advanced is something you’ll appreciate every variable valve timing and direct injection a larger-displacement engine 9-speed automatic is designed to help time you fill up behind the fuel-filler to deliver responsive performance epa-estimated fuel economy is keep the engine operating at near peak door a small spring-loaded door replaces with unexpected efficiency it puts 22 mpg city/29 highway fwd efficiency shifts are ultra-smooth the traditional screw-on gas cap since ratio steps are smaller it’s a included on models with 1.5l and 2.0l world-class combination engines only 170 horsepower at your command along with 203 lb ft of torque epa-estimated stop/start engine technology.  fuel economy is 26 mpg city/32 highway standard on every equinox this fuel fwd and 24 mpg city/30 highway awd saving2 technology automatically shuts more maneuverability.  the all-new down the engine as you come to a stop equinox has a smaller turning radius than 2.0l turbo engine.  the available under certain driving conditions such as at the previous model providing greater 252-horsepower 2.0l turbocharged a stoplight the engine seamlessly restarts maneuverability while making it easier engine takes performance to an even when you take your foot off the brake to get in and out of parking spots.