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traverse puts safety first the same way you do protection is good but prevention is low speed forward automatic rear cross traffic alert better offering up to 14 advanced safety braking camera-based low speed using radar sensors this feature alerts technologies traverse uses cameras forward automatic braking can help you to crossing traffic behind your ultrasonic sensors and radar to detect prevent or mitigate collisions at speeds traverse when backing up audible potential hazards to help you avoid below 50 mph available on premier warnings as well as visual alerts on the collisions before they happen rear vision camera screen are triggered forward collision alert with if approaching vehicles are detected adaptive cruise control following distance indicator standard on lt awd models and above this standard feature on high country this available feature continually maintains your selected cruise speed and monitors how close your vehicle is to rear vision camera this standard following-gap distance automatically the vehicle in front of you if the system feature displays a view of the area braking when necessary even in stop determines that a front-end collision immediately behind the vehicle on the and-go traffic with a detected vehicle is imminent touch-screen — making it easier to see it alerts the driver to a potential crash what’s behind you while backing up front pedestrian braking it also warns the driver if their traverse at speeds up to 50 mph a forward is following a detected vehicle much too rear park assist this available looking camera surveys the road ahead closely standard on high country and feature helps you when backing up by flashing a warning signal and a series available on premier sounding an audible alert and providing of eight beeps when the vehicle is visual indication on the rear vision approaching a pedestrian ahead too fast lane keep assist with lane camera display when it detects certain if necessary the available system will departure warning at speeds above stationary objects in close proximity even automatically apply last-second 37 mph this available camera-based behind the vehicle standard on lt awd braking standard on high country and system monitors road lines and will models and above available on premier gently turn the steering wheel if the vehicle begins changing lanes without intellibeam headlamps forward automatic braking the use of a turn signal standard on when oncoming headlamps are sensed using the same radar sensors as high country and available on premier or when taillamps are detected in front of you the available intellibeam® high adaptive cruise control forward lane change alert with side blind beam assist intuitively adjusts between collisions or even prevent them at very zone alert radar sensors in the rear low and high beams standard on high low speeds the system alerts the driver corners of the vehicle help detect country and available on premier if a detected vehicle slows unexpectedly fast-approaching vehicles in the adjacent standard on high country lanes as well as vehicles in the side mirror automatic braking can help mitigate blind zones amber icons in the exterior mirrors indicate a vehicle’s presence standard on lt awd models and above.