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performance turbocharge your life trax premier in storm blue metallic powerful performance 33 mpg highway 1 with front-wheel available all-wheel drive automatically when accelerating the power to merge and pass with drive efficient and exciting are not responsive and agile trax makes it from a standing start this system confidence comes standard courtesy mutually exclusive ideas fwd offers easy to navigate city streets front automatically shifts to fwd mode when of the ecotec® 1.4l turbocharged engine a remarkable 25 mpg city 1 and 33 mpg wheel drive fwd with electronic the system detects there is no wheel paired with an electronically controlled highway this can mean fewer stops at traction control is standard when slip helping to enhance efficiency 6-speed automatic transmission the gas station and really don’t you needed for road conditions the available trax awd also offers a smooth-going have more interesting places to go all-wheel-drive awd system engages 30 mpg highway.1 1 1 epa-estimated 25 mpg city/33 highway with fwd 24 mpg city/30 highway with available awd.