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exterior design volt premier in kinetic blue metallic extra-cost color a classic beauty the athletic shape dynamically aerodynamic the complete package with volt the electric vehicle with a backup along with dramatic upper and lower deliberate contours and expressive you get a sporty look without sacrificing plan with its 1.5l direct injected high grille pads gives volt an identity all its proportions form a bold confident intelligent features advanced ev efficiency engine there’s no stopping own from the finely tuned exterior to stance and offer optimal efficiency technologies include regen on demand you from chasing your next adventure the led signature daytime running so staring is understandable but get which helps convert energy into more when the battery runs low on electric lamps there’s brilliance in every detail inside and you’ll find the journey is electricity and transfers it back to the charge volt seamlessly engages the even more rewarding battery

performance “ the extended-range electric chevrolet volt has set a standard other plug-in hybrids have yet to match” — hybridcars.com 53 420 up to 53 pure electric miles.1 up to 420 miles on a full charge and a full tank of gas.1 1,100 the majority of new volt owners2 achieve 1,100 miles or more between fill-ups with regular charging volt premier in green mist metallic 1 epa-estimated 53-mile ev range based on 106 mpge combined city/highway electric 367-mile extended range based on 42 mpg combined city/highway gas your actual range may vary based on several factors including temperature terrain and driving technique 2 for 2016 and 2017 model year

lithium-ion battery the advanced 18.4 kwh lithium-ion battery was designed to be lightweight powerful and efficient generator when the battery runs low the gas-powered generator kicks in to extend the range up to 367 miles on a full tank of gas.1 regeneration volt empowers you to put energy back into your battery through regenerative braking and a steering wheel-mounted regen on demand paddle.2 electric drive unit the electric drive unit in volt propels the vehicle with energy either from the vehicle’s battery or its range-extending gas-powered generator making it the electric vehicle with a backup plan want more info go to chevy.com/volt 1 epa-estimated 53-mile ev range based on 106 mpge combined city/highway electric 367-mile extended range based on 42 mpg combined city/highway gas your actual range may vary based on several factors including temperature terrain and driving technique 2 feature unavailable in cold weather and at or near full charge visit chevrolet.com for

1 requires a compatible mobile device active onstar service and data plan 4g lte service available in select markets visit onstar.com for coverage map details and system limitations data plans provided by at&t 2 vehicle user interface is a product of apple and its terms and privacy statements apply requires compatible iphone and data plan rates apply 3 data plan rates apply 4 siri eyes free requires chevrolet mylink and compatible iphone running ios 6 or later apple carplay is a trademark of apple inc iphone and siri are trademarks of apple inc registered in the u.s and other countries work your connections volt offers apple carplay™ compatibility 2 volt understands you if it feels like siri eyes free.4 for compatible iphone onstar® 4g lte plus an available built-in take some of your favorite compatible you and volt have an instant connection users the system allows limited hands wi-fi® hotspot.1 it provides a fast and iphone® features and put them on it’s

1 be there even when you’re not teen driver technology helps encourage safe driving habits for new drivers in a number of ways including muting the audio system when front-seat occupants are not wearing their safety belts and giving audible and visual warnings when the vehicle is traveling over a predetermined speed 2 onstar automatic crash response.1 in a crash built-in sensors 1 can automatically connect you to a specially trained onstar advisor who will help you get the assistance you need — even if you can’t ask for it advisors can use gps technology to pinpoint your location and request emergency help onstar automatic crash response is included in the onstar guidance plan2 limited service trial 3 intelligent air bags volt features 10 standard air bags 3 and a collision sensor system designed to deploy only the air bags that are needed 2 1 visit onstar.com for vehicle availability details and system limitations onstar acts as a link to existing emergency

we’ve got the safety angles covered adaptive cruise control this available feature rear cross traffic alert this available radar enhances cruise control by allowing the vehicle to based feature alerts you to crossing traffic behind your automatically follow a detected vehicle at the driver volt when backing up audible warnings as well as selected following gap reducing the need to frequently visual alerts on the rear vision camera screen are brake and accelerate triggered if approaching vehicles are detected low speed forward automatic braking if the rear vision camera the standard rear vision camera vehicle is traveling at a low speed and the system with dynamic guiding lines uses the chevrolet mylink determines a front-end collision situation is imminent 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen display to show the with a detected vehicle ahead and the driver has not area behind your volt while you are backing up already applied the brakes this available system automatically engages

wheels 17 painted-aluminum standard on lt 17 ultra-bright machined-aluminum wheels with gloss black-painted pockets available from chevrolet accessories spare tire kit available from chevrolet service and parts and all-weather cargo area floor mat available from chevrolet accessories illuminated charge port available from chevrolet accessories 17 ultra-bright machined-aluminum with painted pockets standard on

fabrics jet black/brandy leather appointments 1 light ash/dark ash gray leather appointments 2 3 jet black/jet black leather appointments 1 2 3 light ash/dark ash gray premium cloth 3 4 1 standard on premier 2 available on lt 3 requires available comfort package 4 standard on lt jet black/jet black premium cloth

standard available — not available seating lt premier lt ● premier specifications entertainment continued rear seat with 60/40 split-folding seatback ● seats premium cloth leather-appointed ● heated seats driver and front passenger includes auto-heated seats selectable automatic activation rear outboard positions 1 1 — onstar 4g lte and built-in wi-fi® hotspot 10 for up to seven devices includes data trial for 3 months or 3 gb whichever comes first ● ● ● siriusxm satellite radio 3 all access package with 3-month trial subscription ● ● ● ● siriusxm travel link 3 with 3-month trial subscription weather forecasts fuel prices and movie listings — 11 siriusxm navtraffic with 3-month trial subscription save time and gas by avoiding traffic tie-ups with alternate routes — 11 usb ports 12 two located in front storage bin ● ● — 3 entertainment 6-speaker sound system ● 8-speaker

  experience chevrolet complete care a comprehensive your comprehensive owner benefit program coverage warranty and protection program that comes includes two maintenance visits oil and filter changes tire rotations and multipoint vehicle inspections 1 standard with every new 2018 chevrolet volt lease 8-year/100,000-mile battery and voltec component limited warranty and courtesy transportation.2 and purchase simply it is designed around you to make it easy to keep your chevrolet like new — and give you 5 years/60,000 miles of roadside assistance.2 the confidence you deserve when you need it most 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain limited warranty.2 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.2 6 years/100,000 miles of rust-through protection.2 5 years of onstar basic plan 3 including select features of the mychevrolet mobile app.4 limited service trial of onstar guidance plan.5 dimensions length 180.4 width 71.2 head room front/rear 37.8 35.8 wheelbase 106.1 front