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even the strongest headwinds obey it comprehensive air management technologies help enable awe-inspiring breathing braking and

zr1 convertible 200 mph plus on the racetrack is one way to get some air roadster enthusiasts your voice has been heard corvette zr1 convertible shown in sebring orange blur the heavens at will the new tintcoat extra-cost zr1 convertible is a no-compromise color with available supercar thanks to a strong structure features including the suspension tuning between coupe the zr1 sebring orange and convertible models is identical given design package its immense power and its handling prowess this car could be the ultimate example of what corvette is all

zr1 new-generation supercharger inside it generates a hurricane thanks to a massive new supercharger with 52 more capacity than its

dual fuel injection system boosts power ultra-high horsepower engines require a control module or ficm will start opening steady diet of air and fuel most of the time up the port injectors allowing them to zr1 will be running strictly using direct spray and supplement di the port injectors precise oil delivery via dry sump injection di which is operated by the spray at lower fuel pressure than the zr1 employs a dry-sump oil system engine control module as the need for direct injectors this gm-first system was that uses pressurized mobil 1â„¢ oil from fuel increases based on rpm and load the created specifically to deliver the fuel an external reservoir to prevent oil secondary module called the fuel injector required by the new lt5 engine starvation in high-speed corners dual fuel injection system includes direct injection and port fuel injection dry-sump oil system has an external

zr1 aerodynamics and downforce 950 pounds of total downforce at speed with the available ztk track performance package for high-velocity handling and

rolling wind tunnel development zr1 was tested on a moving turntable inside the wind tunnel with different yaws and headwinds and at several different trim heights all to better simulate real-world front underwing all zr1 models driving conditions the results are dramatic incorporate a racing-derived front the standard zr1 during everyday driving underwing not visible from the exterior incorporates 70 more downforce than of the car it offers the same downforce a z06 with cfz ground effects while zr1 efficiency as the high rear wing and was with the ztk track performance package developed by adding some curvature to incorporates about 60 more downforce the existing closeout panel the underwing with the same level of drag than the makes the entire front of the zr1 a current z06 with z07 performance package downforce control surface lift the low rear wing offers lower drag than the high wing for best top speed the racing-derived front underwing provides significant downforce comparable

magnetic selective ride control zr1 chassis spring and suspension rates this technology with the available ztk the zr1 chassis has the same spring track performance package has been and suspension rates as the standard programmed to achieve a “spot-on” driving grand sport and z06 the new zr1 also feel magnetic selective ride control “reads” utilizes the same stabilizer bars but has the road every millisecond and changes a completely different bushing package damping in just 10 to 15 milliseconds in zr1 started with a light and strong seventh-generation architecture that did not shocks filled with a magnetorheological require any additional reinforcement the engineering team utilized algorithms in stabilizer bushings add confidence the magnetic selective ride control and steering calibrations to make the car feel the stabilizer bushings are utilized to light and agile much like grand sport fine-tune the tire lateral load transfer street versus track the zr1

zr1 by the numbers this is the test-track top speed for zr1 this is the highest coupe with the this is the g force rated horsepower standard low-wing registered from figure ever generated configuration that zr1 on a circular this is the peak from a production reduces drag for skid pad exceeding amount of twisting chevrolet small faster straight the force of gravity power delivered by block v8 engine line speed which is 1 g the lt5 engine horsepower 6300 rpm mph top speed g force with ztk track performance package lb ft of torque 4400 rpm 755 212 1.2

engine transmissions 6.2l lt5 supercharged v8 standard on zr1 zr1 horsepower 755 6300 rpm transmission ratios 1 manual paddleshift auto torque 715 lb ft 4400 rpm 1 2.289 4.56 bore and stroke 103.25 mm x 92 mm 2 1.611 2.97 firing order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 3 1.208 2.08 fuel system dual fuel injection direct injection and port fuel injection 4 1 1.69 fuel premium required 5 0.813 1.27 block cast aluminum 6 0.672 1 cylinder head cast aluminum 7 0.454 0.85 intake valves titanium 8 — 0.65 exhaust valves hollow sodium-filled axle 3.42 2.41 intake manifold cast aluminum supercharger exhaust manifold cast stainless steel main bearing caps cast nodular iron crankshaft forged steel camshaft billet steel connecting rods forged powder metal additional engine features dual fuel injection direct injection and port fuel injection variable valve timing vvt electronic throttle control oil-life monitoring system dry-sump oil system eaton® tvs r2650 supercharger with dual-brick air-to-liquid

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