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Chevy Avalanche 07

07 avalanche it s the only one that s two of a kind i a gm-exclusive midgate turns avalanche from a six-passenger suv into a full-size pickup with an 8 2 cargo box.1 i avalanche is powered by a flexfuel vortec 5.3l v8 engine standard on 4x4 models and offered on 2wd models i choose between running the engine on regular unleaded gasoline or e852 a blend of 85 ethanol and 15 gasoline or a combination of both i a removable three-piece cargo cover and lock3 able top-box storage with integrated cargo box light enhance avalanche s flexibility i avalanche has the largest trunk in the industry i the top-of-the-line ltz interior features custom leather-appointed heated front bucket seats with 12-way power i bose seven-speaker audio 4 system i available rear-seat entertainment system with dvd player i available xm satellite radio i new available rearview camera system5 and ultrasonic rear parking assist i new available remote vehicle starter system i chevy avalanche the most flexible

2007 models chevy avalanche select specifications exterior features body panels two-sided galvanized-steel to resist corrosion except the roof where it is not needed 5300 v8 flexfuel 12/16 11/15 cargo cover key s standard a available ­ not available or 1-800-950-chev seating continued rear custom cloth 60/40 split-folding bench seat custom leather-appointed 60/40 split-folding bench seat interior features climate temperature controls dual-zone manual dual-zone automatic console floor includes storage area cup holders and second-row audio controls console overhead mini with map lights door locks including tailgate power programmable with ignition lockout protection remote keyless entry and content-theft alarm driver information center entertainment system:12 rear-seat includes dvd player with remote overhead display and two wireless headphone sets mirror inside rearview auto-dimming with eight-point compass outside temperature readout pedals power-adjustable