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Chevrolet, Chevy Colorado

less road more crew take your next road trip off-road experience the colorado chevy colorado i choose a crew extended or regular cab with either the rugged z85 off-road i z71 or sport suspension i choose from the new in-line vortec 3.7l i-5 and 2.9l i-4 engines i standard tire pressure monitor system available xm satellite radio i the 2007 colorado from the family of chevy trucks the most dependable longest-lasting trucks on the road crew cab 4x4 lt in victory red with available z71 suspension package and chevy accessories dependability based on longevity 1981­ july 2005 full-line light-duty truck company registrations excludes other gm

2007 chevy colorado select specifications exterior features cargo box fleetside six tie-downs daytime running lamps drl includes automatic exterior lamp control foglamps front halogen 2wd 4 x4 city/hwy city/hwy 20/26 17/24 17/23 17/23 reg cab 1,547 19 4,000 5,150 2 key s standard a available ­ not available or 1-800-950-chev 1ls5 s ­ ­ 1lt ­ s a17 2lt ­ s a17 3lt ­ ­ s models regular cab 2wd and 4x4 extended cab 2wd and 4x4 crew cab 2wd and 4x4 epa estimated fuel economy in mpg vortec 2.9l i-4 manual vortec 2.9l i-4 automatic vortec 3.7l i-5 automatic reg and ext cabs vortec 3.7l i-5 automatic crew cab maximum capacities payload1 lbs fuel tank gal approx trailer weight rating lbs gvwr3 lbs 1ls5 ssas ­ s ­ 6 1lt ssasass 7 2lt s s a ­ s s s 3lt s s s ­ s s s seating ls cloth three-passenger 60/40 split-bench with integral outboard head restraints deluxe cloth three-passenger 60/40 split-bench with recliners armrest with storage and integral head restraints