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Chevrolet, Chevy Express

flexible even when your schedule isn t a powerful vortec engine lineup including the vortec 5.3l e85 flexfuel v8.1 award.2 i i winner of the intellichoice 2006 best overall value of the year i safety features such as stabilitrak 3 and available all-wheel-drive on select models i 2006 five 07 express star frontal crash test safety rating.4 available 15-passenger seating on extended wheelbase models below express 3500 extended wheelbase passenger van in sport red metallic extra-cost color shown with available features 1 available on select 1500 models go to to see if there is an e85 station in your area 2 express 1500 passenger vans only based on 2006 gm full-size van segment 2006 intellichoice ® inc 3 express 3500 passenger vans only 4 express 1500 passenger vans only based on u.s government safety ratings for both the driver and front passenger in the frontal crash test government star ratings are part of the national highway traffic

2007 models chevy express select specifications exterior features doors dual rear-load 1500 rwd 14 18 1500 awd 14 18 key s standard a available ­ not available or 1-800-950-chev seating vinyl front reclining buckets custom cloth front reclining buckets sound systems am/fm stereo am/fm stereo with cassette/cd players 6 am/fm stereo with cd player am/fm stereo with six-disc cd changer wheels 16-inch cast-aluminum 1500 models only 16-inch painted styled-steel with gray center cap 16-inch painted styled-steel with chrome center cap 16-inch chrome styled-steel 1500 models only a9 s a a side window weather deflector contour splash guards wheel lock kit a ­ sasaaa6 saaa ls s a lt ­ s ls asasasaaasa7 sassssassssssssssaaaa ­ s ­ lt asasasaaasa7 sassssasssssssssssssaass 1500 rwd and awd 3500 rwd 3500 ext rwd epa fuel economy in mpg city highway maximum capacities cargo volume cu ft 1,2 payload lbs 2,3 fuel tank gal approx seating capacity max trailering lbs 4 available