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Chevrolet, Chevy Impala

chev y impala even in park it performs and in motion it s a thing of beauty i impala ss with a 303 hp small block v8 and active fuel i impala managementtm delivers an epa estimated 27 mpg highway impala ls and lt with a 3.5l v6 get an epa estimated 31 mpg highway that s better highway mpg than the v6 engine in honda accord lx i impala earned the highest possible rating for frontal crash safety five stars i an eight-speaker bose ® sound system and an ingenious remote vehicle starter system are available on select models impala ss in black with available bright polished-aluminum wheels epa estimated mpg 18 city 27 highway 2006 honda accord lx with 3.0l v6/automatic has epa estimated mpg 29 highway five-star rating is for the driver and front passenger in the frontal crash test government star ratings are part of the national highway traffic safety administration s nhtsa s new car assessment program

2007 models ls lt ltz ss epa estimated fuel economy in mpg city highway maximum capacities trunk volume cu ft 1 fuel tank gal approx chevy impala select specifications exterior features foglamps front 3.5l v6 21 31 3.9l 5.3l small v6 block v8 20 29 18 27 18.6 17 up to 6 mirrors dual power-remote mirrors dual power-remote heated spoiler rear spoiler rear ss-specific engines/chassis features brakes power four-wheel disc engine 3.5l v6 with variable valve timing 211 hp 5800 rpm 214 lb ft of torque 4000 rpm with federal emissions e85-capable with california/northeast emissions gasoline only with california/northeast emissions e85-capable key s standard a available ­ not available or 1-800-950-chev ls s lt s ltz ­ ss a ls ­ s s ­ ­ ­ s lt a4 s s ­ a ­ s 6 ltz s s ­ s s ­ s ss sssa5 ­ s s seating cloth front buckets include eight-way power driver seat driver-side manual lumbar adjuster and front-center console with armrest storage cloth front 40/20/40