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let freedom rev the 2007 chevrolet corvette i i one legacy three models coupe convertible and z06 i total exhilaration with or without a roof coupe and convertible offer an available six-speed paddle shift with automatic modes which i allows quick clutchless up or downshifts without you ever taking your hands off the wheel top and a trunk that accommodates two golf bags with the top down in chevrolet or gm history i i convertible offers an available power the 505-hp z06 is the highest performance production car new for 2007 on coupe and convertible z06 contains a litany of exotic race technology having been codeveloped with the c6.r racer that beat i aston martin ferrari and lamborghini at le mans in 2006 for its fifth victory in six years available two-tone seats in ebony/red ebony/cashmere and ebony/titanium gray with embroidered corvette logos on the head restraints shown below corvette coupe in atomic orange metallic tintcoat extra-cost color with available

2007 models coupe convertible z06 epa estimated fuel economy in mpg city highway maximum capacities cargo volume cu ft 1 fuel tank gal approx seating available interior colors cashmere red titanium gray ebony ebony/cashmere ebony/red ebony/titanium gray beige black gray available exterior colors 6.0l v8 18 28 7.0l v8 16 26 select specifications exterior features foglamps dual halogen hatch power pull-down key s standard a available ­ not available or 1-800-950-chev seating seat driver six-way power seat passenger six-way power seats heated driver and passenger seats modified two-tone seats with crossed-flags emblem seats bucket with perforated leather seating surfaces seats z06 front bucket with perforated leather seating surfaces includes z06 embroidery and contrasting stitching sound systems am/fm stereo with cd/mp3 player auto tone control auto volume radio data system rds7 and seven speakers am/fm stereo with in-dash six-disc cd changer mp3 player xm satellite