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corvette 2015 a stunning argument against the ordinary it’s been called “stunning,” “cultivated,” even “astonishing.” in 2014 corvette stingray was named the “north american car of the year.” the acclaimed corvette stingray takes on all challengers with the prowess aesthetic impact and fine craftsmanship worthy of the stingray name it’s “a flat-out sensation,” says fortune magazine corvette stingray coupe in arctic white with available features select vehicle features corvette stingray 1lt corvette stingray 1lt continued corvette stingray 2lt  6.2l lt1 v8 engine with direct injection variable valve timing and active fuel management™ dual-zone automatic climate control with individual settings for driver and passenger dedicated passenger controls and outside temperature display color-keyed console and door armrests 7-speed manual transmission with active rev matching and launch control active

performance specifications stingray stingray with z51 engine 6.2l lt1 v8 6.2l lt1 v8 type 90-degree v8 aluminum continuously variable valve timing 90-degree v8 aluminum continuously variable valve timing compression ratio 11.5:1 11.5:1 horsepower 455 6000 rpm 460 with performance exhaust 460 6000 rpm torque 460 lb ft 4600 rpm 465 with performance exhaust 465 lb ft 4600 rpm redline 6600 rpm 6600 rpm o to 60 4.0 seconds 3.8 seconds 3.7 seconds with available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic quarter mile skid pad – 1.0 g 12.0 seconds 119 mph 11.9 seconds with available 8-speed paddle-shift automatic rotor diameter curb weight stingray stingray with z51 12.6-in ventilated front 13.3-in ventilated rear 13.6-in slotted front 13.3-in slotted rear 3,298 lbs coupe 3,362 lbs convertible 3,298 lbs coupe 3,362 lbs convertible power-toweight 7.25:1 curb weight horsepower 7.17:1 with performance exhaust 7.17:1 curb weight horsepower weight distribution f/r 49/51 49/51 michelin®