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46 cruze clean turbo diesel mpg highway 1 international-class performance  it all starts with unbeatable fuel economy3  get ready for a new clean diesel technology  the turbocharged engine a 2.0l turbocharged clean diesel engine designed in italy built in germany and installed at the chevrolet assembly plant in lordstown ohio but this clean diesel doesn’t sacrifice power cruze clean turbo diesel boasts 151 horsepower and 264 lb ft of low-end torque.2 wave of technology that mixes total efficiency with impressive performance cruze clean turbo diesel offers the best highway fuel economy of any gasonly or diesel car in america — up to 46 mpg.1 with a 15.6-gallon approx tank that means you can drive a maximum of 700 highway miles3 without stopping to refill in cruze clean turbo diesel generates at least 90 less nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels in fact because of technologies like exhaust gas recirculation selective catalyst reduction particulate filter and advanced fuel systems cruze diesel emissions are below strict u.s environmental standards 17 aluminum wheel cruze clean turbo diesel in summit white 1 epa estimated.  2  based on gm estimates.  3  based on epa-estimated 46 mpg highway and fuel tank capacity your range may be less.