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technology tech-savvy takes to the road internet in your equinox.  chevrolet is the the ultimate wi-fi mobile hotspot.  fast easy reliable.  available built-in first and only car company to bring built-in whenever your equinox is on available onstar with 4g lte wi-fi provides a 4g lte wi-fi to cars trucks and crossovers 4g lte wi-fi is on too it offers great signal better in-vehicle experience than your offering drivers the ability to seamlessly quality and bandwidth for up to seven devices.1 smartphone our stronger signal means connect their smart devices and vehicles you have a reliable connection it’s to the internet.1 automatically on after initial setup and ready to connect to your mobile devices.1 1 devices must be wpa2-compliant with active onstar service and data plan wi-fi devices manufactured prior to 2006 may not be compatible please consult your device manufacturer for information regarding the wpa2 security protocol and wi-fi device compatibility visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.