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bill rietow lead development engineer bill rietow has raced cars since he was old enough to drive a go-kart after working on the gm racing vehicle team rietow brought that competitive mind-set to the job of squeezing more fuel efficiency1 from the powerful new 300-horsepower v6 how were you looking to improve impala essentially the 2012 was an evolution of the impala—making it even better than what it currently is in the areas of powertrain performance ride and handling and also fuel economy.1 we have the stabilitrak® electronic stability control system which uses individual brake pulsations at the appropriate moment to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle the highway fuel economy of the car is better than the 2011 model year we’ve attained 30 miles per gallon on the highway 2 the previous base engine could only attain 29 miles per gallon highway 2 so that’s a significant breakthrough in fuel economy that equates to less operating costs for the customer how does the 300-horsepower engine benefit the customer the extra power in the 3.6-liter engine allows us to go down in overall axle ratio for the customer that means they can ride along at 60 mph at a much-reduced engine speed which equates to greater fuel economy.1 also we’ve reduced the 0-to-60 time by over a second now you have very brisk acceleration to expressway speeds and additional acceleration reserve to get out of collision situations where’s the balance point between fuel efficiency and power the 300-horsepower v6 has got plenty of straight-line performance for a family sedan so it became relatively easy for us to balance the equation more towards fuel economy1 by changing things such as transmission shift pattern and final drive ratio to enhance the fuel economy of the car with your background in racing do you feel like the 2012 impala is a passenger car with the heart of a race car i think it’s a passenger car that is engineered specifically for a family-type environment but what comes through is the passion that we had from working on the racing team 1 epa-estimated 18 mpg city/30 highway. 2 epa-estimated.