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2500hd and 3500hd maximum payload lbs 4 regular cab 5 extended cab crew cab model gvwr long box standard box long box standard box long box 2500hd 2wd 9,300 9,500 10,0006 3,670 — 4,2126 — 3,473 — — 3,358 — — 3,347 — — 3,247 — 2500hd 4x4 9,500 9,900 3,538 — 3,189 — 3,275 — 3,066 — — 3,305 3500hd 2wd single rear wheel srw 10,400 10,500 10,700 4,625 — — — — — — — 4,443 — 4,187 — — — 4,308 3500hd 2wd dual rear wheel drw 13,400 13,000 7,215 — — — — 6,321 — — — 6,198 3500hd 4x4 single rear wheel srw 10,700 10,800 11,000 4,609 — — — — — — — 4,455 — 4,190 — — — 4,266 3500hd 4x4 dual rear wheel drw 13,400 13,000 6,899 — — — — 6,033 — — — 5,856 1 maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle except for any options necessary to achieve the rating plus driver the weight of other optional equipment passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow see your chevy dealer for additional details.  2 gross combination weight rating.  3 available 4th quarter 2011.  4 maximum payload capacity includes weight of driver passengers optional equipment and cargo.  5 gross vehicle weight rating gvwr when properly equipped includes vehicle passengers cargo and equipment.  6 requires available performance package note trailer tongue weight should be 10 to 15 percent of total loaded trailer weight up to 1,500 lbs on 2500hd and 3500hd models trailer kingpin weight should be 15 to 25 percent of total loaded trailer weight up to 3,000 lbs on 2500hd models and up to 3,500 lbs on 3500hd models • addition of trailer tongue weight/trailer kingpin weight cannot cause vehicle weights to exceed rear gross axle weight rating rgawr or gross vehicle weight rating gvwr these ratings can be found on the certification label located on the driver door or doorframe • fifth-wheel trailer hitch is available as a dealer-installed accessory on select models see the trailering basics for more trailering information trailering basics note towing a trailer involves all major vehicle systems of your chevy truck easy and safe trailering requires a properly equipped vehicle additional trailering equipment and an appropriate trailer it also requires loading both the vehicle and trailer properly using safe driving techniques meeting regional legal requirements and following break-in and maintenance schedules the vehicle owner is responsible for obtaining the proper equipment hitch ball hitch of the proper size and capacity required to safely tow both the trailer and the load for more information consult your owner’s manual or speak to a trailering expert at your chevrolet dealership these charts will assist in determining how to best equip your chevy truck for trailering to help you understand the charts consider these trailering factors rgawr and gvwr addition of trailer hitch weight cannot cause vehicle weights to exceed rear gross axle weight rating rgawr or gross vehicle weight rating gvwr these ratings can be found on the certification label located on the driver door or door frame gcwr the gross combination weight rating is the total allowable weight of the completely loaded vehicle and trailer trailer weight rating this rating is determined by subtracting the tow vehicle’s weight curb weight from the gcwr base vehicle curb weight is used so additional passenger equipment and cargo weight reduces this rating note the safety steps described here are by no means the only precautions to be taken when trailering see your chevy silverado owner’s manual for additional guidelines and trailering tips trailering caution if you don’t use the correct equipment and drive properly you can lose control of your vehicle when you pull a trailer if the trailer is too heavy your vehicle brakes may be less effective you and your passengers could be seriously injured pull a trailer only after you have taken the following steps trailer brakes if your trailer weighs 2,000 lbs loaded then it must have its own adequate brakes be sure to read and follow the instructions for the trailer brake controller so that it is installed adjusted and maintained properly hitches it’s important to have the correct hitch equipment if you have to make any holes in the body of your vehicle to install a trailer hitch be sure to seal the holes if you ever remove the hitch if they’re not sealed dirt water and deadly carbon monoxide from the exhaust can get into your vehicle fifth-wheel trailering some silverado pickups can be equipped with a fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailer hitch follow the manufacturer’s directions for installation but note that the hitch must be attached to the truck frame do not use the pickup bed for additional support for proper kingpin tongue load distribution and control of the trailer the hitch must be mounted so the kingpin load is placed ahead of the rear axle centerline fifth-wheel trailer kingpin loads are higher than conventional trailer tongue loads so pay careful attention to the truck’s payload capacity and rear axle weight ratings your chevy dealer can help you calculate the maximum allowable payload and gvwr required for your fifth-wheel trailering application the weight of any additional equipment and all passengers other than the driver must be subtracted from the payload weight to determine the maximum kingpin load available.