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forward collision alert.  this feature alerts the driver through the head-up display to potential front-end crash risks helping provide additional time to respond to we’ve got your back and sides and front forward collision alert avoid the crash or reduce impact speed lane departure warning lane departure warning.  this camerabased system sends a flashing visual and lane departure warning left/right auditory alert if you unintentionally drift out of your lane above 35 mph without activating the turn signal side blind zone alert.  utilizing radar automatic parking assist sensors on both sides of ss it identifies automatic parking assist vehicles in your side mirror blind zones and triggers led-lit symbols in the corresponding exterior mirrors to signal their presence rear cross traffic alert.  employing the same radar sensors as side blind zone alert it signals you of crossing traffic behind your ss when backing up by sounding an alert and providing visual cues on the rear vision camera screen side blind zone alert side blind zone alert automatic parking assist.  this ingenious system a chevrolet first enables ss to detect viable parking spaces determine approach angles and take over the steering to neatly maneuver into an available space throttle brake and transmission or gear selection input is still required by the driver but the vehicle steers itself into any suitable-sized s c ros reara le rt c i f tr af automatic parking assist automatic parking assist re ar tr af c ro ss fi c a le rt reverse parallel or reverse right-angle 90-degree parking spot rear vision camera.  when traveling in reverse at low speeds the rear vision camera provides a real-time picture of the area immediately behind your ss on the 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen rear vision camera safety features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner the driver should remain attentive to traffic surroundings and road conditions at all times read the ss owner’s manual for more important safety information.