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332-hp 6.0l v8 with 332 horsepower 367 lb ft of torque and up to 6,200 lbs of towing capability,1 tahoe hybrid rises to every challenge regenerative braking system it captures energy that would otherwise be expended by braking friction by using one or both of the electronic variable transmission’s tractive motors as a generator braking energy is converted to electrical energy and is stored in the battery for future use to propel the vehicle one powerful hybrid the adventure continues with america’s first full-size hybrid suv chevy tahoe hybrid3 is a true hybrid with an epa-estimated 20 mpg city/23 highway and offers significant fuel savings over non-hybrid competitors yet it still offers the kind of capability you’d expect from tahoe towing hauling and driving kids around the brain of tahoe hybrid is a control module — the hybrid operating system — that monitors the drive system hundreds of times a second in stop-and-go conditions the hybrid operating system employs gas or electric power — or a mixture of both — and can turn the gas engine off when traveling less than 30 mph when you need to tow a heavy load the transmission shifts to one of the fixed gears and uses the power of the v8 best-in-class fuel economy2 it’s a true hybrid with an epa-estimated 20 mpg city/23 highway 1 maximum trailer weight ratings are calculated assuming a base vehicle except for any options necessary to achieve the rating plus driver the weight of other optional equipment passengers and cargo will reduce the maximum trailer weight your vehicle can tow see your chevy dealer for additional details.  2 based on gm large suv segment.  3 available at participating dealers.  tahoe hybrid shown in silver ice metallic.